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Oct 10, 2019
Matt Duhamel

United Capital Source review

Horrible, stay away! They led me to think I had an loan up before the final minute. Then they refused me to get an unrelated company rationale. I do not recommend. Update, response to United Capital Source's Response for my review: This is a direct quotation from my loan rep:"As long as its positive (bank account balance)and showing deposits as normal for the past 9 days, we'll be good to go." Where does it say that a criminal history on applicants runs? I was never told that a criminal background check would be run by you. You (Mantis Funding) denied me for my criminal background from 12 years back that has nothing to do with a financial crime. I am a small business owner for the last five decades and shouldn't be denied for something which wouldn't inhibit my ability to fulfill my obligation. Your underwriting process has gone too far.

Aug 11, 2019
Rosa Suarez

United Capital Source review

Hi Aaron how do you do I just wanted to say hello and let you know how grateful I am that your company has helped me a lot I know I've done the loan a bunch of times but it's taking me to where I am at today and I really like it things are just getting better and better I only wanted to give you a heads up and allow you to know that I probably will do the loan again after it is finished. Today although It's been better in the middle I can work on expanding it since I have managed to accumulate the funds to pay my monthly overhead and also utilize monies for expanding into a facility that is larger. Your superb professional and feel convinced. I really like this business, I highly recommend like no other. I'll keep working with Aaron and UnitedCapitalSource, they are the best!

Jan 12, 2000
Devin Breen

United Capital Source review

Bryan Rabanal is a consummate professional. His understanding of the intricacies of every one of his financial products and each, and furthermore the lending industry as a whole was astonishing. He assembled a picture of our targets and present business state, to drive us. The options that are best are recommended by him, and they were presented to us as he called from the underwriters. I say this since he was thoughtful and diligent, and has been careful to opt lenders out which were not the best match for our profile. He helped us attain exactly what we needed for a strategic development initiative, and I highly recommend him for his honesty, integrity, and knowledge. Bryan is an incredible asset to our provider team. Thank you! 10 stars!

Mar 10, 2018
Murray Steinman

United Capital Source review

Companies have a vast selection of sources for funding. Regrettably, not all of them are worth working with and a few are dangerous. Having run a small company on this, for the last twenty decades I am something of a specialist. Fortunately, there are exceptions, most notably, unitedcapitalsource.com. I recently found myself in need of expert assistance. Jon Baum of unitedcapitalsource.com guided me to the ideal lender and then helped me navigate an SBA application procedure through to conclusion. Each step was expected by jon, was a problem solver, and was the definition of professional. If you're currently interested in the very best, look no more.

Jan 10, 2008

United Capital Source review

I'm Pleased to recommend Brett from United Capital.

He is helpful, courteous, and professional. He understood As soon as I communicated the business' goals. I have come across representatives from other businesses who are competitive. They attempt pressuring you to devote to a loan program that may not be in the best interest of your company. Brett proved you don't need to be aggressive to be effective. Keep up the fantastic work!

Jan 12, 2001
Dr. Steve Cutler

United Capital Source review

UnitedCapitalSource and Tom Corsaro have been a massive help for me within the last 2 years. They perform as advertised and try their best for their clients. I continue to use them when I will continue to do to the future and need some funding. It is a relief to me to know that United Capital Source is there when I need them. When needed, tom is available to me and he's comprehension and professional. Thanks very much. Dr. Steve Cutler

Jan 2, 2005
Tiffany W.

United Capital Source review

United Capital has been a joy to use. They are informative and quick. They answer all questions that makes me comfortable doing business with them and give you all the information up front. They listen and learn what you want before presenting you. I treat you as a person instead of dollar signs and would say they are down to earth. They have me as a long time client. I would highly recommend doing business together.

Jan 12, 2008
Kevin McCallister

United Capital Source review

Honestly would definitely recommend United Capital Source to any of family and my friends in business! Durning a stage that was slow I was maxing out credit cards simply to help meet payroll and I couldn't! My company is back on its feet saved and now all thanks to Jake! Jake was extremely valuable in locating us the funding that is right and that I owe my life to him! Thank you buddy! - Sincerely Kevin M

Jan 9, 2009
Heather Linton

United Capital Source review

Ivan was able to get us a LOC super awesome and fast pace. He worked hard and handled my accounts. Addressed questions and any concerns I had quickly. So he did that, texting was easier for me. I will use them for company LOC. It is so much simpler and quicker than going into the bank. You dont wait they manage everything and have to waste time and provide you for what is best for you, your choices.

Dec 4, 2019
Leo Hutchinson

United Capital Source review

The young guy that assisted us was just wonderful from begin to finish. We were connected through email and telephone. Any questions we had Ivan had the replies. Very simple process, but if not for Ivan, it might have been complex, we feel. We will return, and our petition for Ivan will likely be priority for the employee we want to assist us. Fantastic job Ivan. Thank you for all you do!

Jan 10, 2003
Cristian Vargas

United Capital Source review

I own a general murchandise company and I was looking for a person to understand my business needs. Bryan and I spoke and I got the financial freedom for to the next Level. He was with me every step along the way after I got the loan. Absolutely 100% percentage professional and prepared to go the extra mile to make it function for the business enterprise. Thank you Bryan and United Capitol

Jul 5, 2019
Mario Davis

United Capital Source review

I've spoken about possibly attaining capital. Nathan was able to get me so that I can build a relationship what would work for me. He worked tirelessly and kept me up to date on everything that was happening as they were occurring. I'm happy to have worked with this company and I will be sticking out as a client for future strategies for jobs that are bigger. Outstanding customer service!

Jan 10, 2005
Nicole E.

United Capital Source review

Working with Jon Baum at UnitedCapitalSource was undoubtedly one of the best customer service experiences I have had. This company is professional and efficient with a lightning fast approval and funding procedure. I strongly recommend their services and they're my go to lender. With a company like United Capital Source in your corner it gives business owners like myself a reassurance.

Jan 5, 2000

United Capital Source review

Nick is THE MAN!

We kept getting turned down by funding outlets. The company was in a bind and Nick helped us obtain a loan to get the rest we needed to us. Nick hauled regular status updates and was up front. Literally, the whole procedure with Nick was less than 24 hours. I literally cried when Nick told me that we had been accepted. Proceed with Nick. He is THE MAN!

Feb 1, 2019
John Kaspar

United Capital Source review

UCS and bryan were wonderful. Quick to finance and painless for a small business like ours. At first I was skeptical since they needed to have view privileges to our online banking. We were able to get that setup, after dealing with Bank of America and everything was 100% above board. I guess I am getting old and less trusting as I might be with sensitive information.

Dec 11, 2018

United Capital Source review

Dont be confused with weeks & months. Concentrate on number. Specially if you are 1st timer. Case was manage by Kevin & My accounts manager is Aaron. Kevin is trusted by me . I signed, as I understood It's suppose to be 44 obligations but it is 48 on the contract. If I knew this would not do so for certain. Learnt my lesson & letting know others. Be careful.

Jul 9, 2019
Yi Peng

United Capital Source review

What a Remarkably pleasant experience with Ivan at United Capital.

I can not say enough wonderful things about him, he left the application process go smooth. I have dealt with some other businesses and United Capital is the very best. The financing, considerate, and also Really professional was fast! I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you Ivan!

Jan 9, 2000

United Capital Source review

Professional, easy and quick to deal with I am very happy with the way my business petition was managed by Jake Canino. He had been a guy who dealt with my situation professionally and quickly. He was receptive to my queries. I felt like I'd options rather than pressure. I was able to receive funded more than I imagined and was in my bank the following day.

Aug 5, 2019
Rod Berger

United Capital Source review

We worked together with Matthew Fonseca and he had been very transparent through the process! Everything which he had said and recorded came to fruition which was large for me - so many claims are made by others and then when you review the particulars. I look forward to some Fantastic collaborative venture with Matthew and United Capital Source, Inc..

Jan 2, 2019
Daniel Miller

United Capital Source review

Kevin Cedeno is a badass. I found nothing worth trying and've used loan providers through the last few years. However, after working with Kevin that I won't ever use anyone else. He understands a business proprietor struggle and is proffesional. His candor and honesty is refreshing and you'll know he's a specialist from the very first conversation.

Jan 1, 2006
Edgar W Haggerty Jr

United Capital Source review

Bryan was fantastic. He was extremely thorough in explaining the app and I felt he was really interested in my circumstance. He followed when I had questions and responded to ALL my texts and phone calls. I could not have asked for a smoother transaction. Thank you Bryan for all your help and I look forward to working with you again! Ed Haggerty

Dec 10, 2018
Robbin Nicoletti

United Capital Source review

I have been working with Bryan and he's made the procedure for borrowing money from my company very simple. The company is very professional and they help you every step of the way. I can't say enough great things about Bryan. I feel this company is very easy to work with and I'm extremely happy with everything they have done for me personally.

Sep 11, 2018
Izzy Rowles

United Capital Source review

Bryan Rabanal is an exceptional person. He really listens to the business needs you have and caters to all those needs. He is the reason that the loan process was so smooth for our company and the reason we will only look to United Capital Source for funding, we felt our best interest was in mind although the whole procedure and after!

Mar 4, 2019
Nidya Garcia

United Capital Source review

George Rusinak made me feel that I could trust whom I was speaking to about business earnings, files, etc.. It will continue to be an exceptional experience and had been. In unitedcapitalsource.com Inc., you will find true professionals like George prepared to assist one's small company grow. Thank you so much! Nidya GarcĂ­a de Roche

Jun 12, 2018
Berna Schneider

United Capital Source review

I go back to Thomas Corsaro. I believe he has coped with my loans 3 times already and always listens to what I want. I definitely recommend this organization but speak with Thomas and most importantly try. He will push to make a deal within a week and is quite responsive. Thank you for helping our buisness, Thomas requirements!

Oct 5, 2019
Sonya Ward

United Capital Source review

If you are searching for funding for your business I encourage you to get ahold of Nick Sims in United Capital. Nick worked very hard and made the process easy for me. Nick worked hard, he narrowed it down to a few banks that he thought would be ideal for my requirements and let me pick which offer I wanted. Thank you Nick

Jan 8, 2005

United Capital Source review

Nick Sims, and the entire staff at United Capital Sourcemake this a process that is simple. Being a small business operator, and over extended on personal credit the majority of the time, makes it difficult to get funding with a more"conventional lender". United Capital, had under 24 hours were financed in by me.

Aug 11, 2019
Charles T.

United Capital Source review

Nathan was fantastic, he knew I had never done anything like this before and was quite patient, as I took quite a while in deciding. So there was no pressure on the way. And his offer remained consistent, yet another company I was dealing with seemed to modify the parameters. All in all, very solid!

Jan 10, 2001

United Capital Source review

I have a cleaning service business and had a nice experience. He's proficient at being practitioner, available, and after up efficiently as well as presenting information about potential alternative funding options. Over all outstanding customer service. Thank you Bryan & United Capital Source.

Jan 10, 2001
Deborah Testerman

United Capital Source review

This is the 2nd time utilizing united capital for financing if my small business! You want something and have emergencies and they have been easy and wonderful to work with! From acceptance process and the reply to having the funds quickly! When needed, definitely will use them! Thanks Alex!

Jan 10, 2000

United Capital Source review

Got Lucky on my call when Nathan Drebin and I Attached.

Nathan was professional, succinct and available or responsive throughout the procedure. I can honestly say I was amazed by how the deal went. Nathan is strongly recommended by me to anybody needing to do a company financing trade.

Jan 12, 2007
Kem Frasier

United Capital Source review

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin Cedeno in United Capital.

Not only was highly professional, Kevin went above and beyond to acquire financing. I highly recommend Kevin Cedeno to any company who's in need of funding for their enterprise. Kem Frasier, Your Counseling Service LLC

Jan 11, 2008
Elena Gowe

United Capital Source review

Ivan was great! I would recommend for anyone searching for business capital. Friendly, quickservice that is both informative and easy to understand. Can't say enough great things! Be ready to be thrilled with Ivan's attention to detail and willingness to work hard to acquire the financing!

Jul 3, 2019
Luz Navarro

United Capital Source review

Bryan was excellent and wonderful to use, he helped me get the business funding needs. He stayed along with this procedure until it was completed and was always accessible. Thank you Bryan for all your help and look forward to working with you. I would recommend you to anyone. GOD BLESS!

Apr 10, 2019
Andrew Greene

United Capital Source review

Bryan called me and that I was uptight about the whole process before speaking to him. He was professional and right up with me. We spoke facts and he didn't try to sugarcoat anything. I appreciated it , he helped me and we are on our way now to bigger and better stuff! Thank you Bryan!

Jan 5, 2009

United Capital Source review

I have a company and needed some capital. This company is the best in what they do. Applying for a loan is a painful experience, this was pain free! Bryan R. was completely on it. I'm glad I found them. I decide to test them out with all the reviews they'd. I needed to write myself.

Jan 11, 2000
Robert Fiersuk

United Capital Source review

George Rusinak is the person at United Capital as far as Im concerned. He never gave up and went the additional 5 miles for me the loan that was best which I desired. He is always upbeat and on top of his game I was happy in the end. Made a new friend was finished. Thanks George, Rob

Nov 10, 2019

United Capital Source review

United Capital source (Aaron Gower especially ) has been my saving grace in helping my company grow within the previous 3 years! Their funding has enabled me to include additions, remodel and open 2 more businesses! I I would highly recommend them to anybody Searching for some capital

May 11, 2019
Amy Hamilton

United Capital Source review

Danielle Rivelli, The VP of Sales at United Capital Source is Wonderful!

She made the process effortless and so simple. She listened to our business needs and came up with options to fit those needs. Are fantastic for small companies! I highly recommend Danielle and her staff!

Jan 12, 2000
Jose F Soto

United Capital Source review

We highly recommend UnitedCapitalSource to some business We are in the next round of financing with them, Rep. Aaron Grower is a really professional and he worked hard for our Business we greatly appreciate his efforts along with his strong abilities to help us. Thank you Aaron Grower!

Jan 11, 2009
Al Crespo

United Capital Source review

Kevin Cedeno was great. Did he make the process painless and smooth, but he made sure my needs had been fulfilled, he found that the product that best match my needs not only the first item that crossed his path. He was constant in ensuring I was taken care of and in a quick fashion.

Jan 6, 2008

United Capital Source review

My experience using Nick Sims was excellent, He was always available and he kept going when the tough got rougher. Until it had been complete he was always accessible and stayed on top of this process. Thank you Nick for your hard work. I Suggest Nick and United Capital to anybody!

Jan 9, 2008
Ernesto Ganaim

United Capital Source review

It was a pleasure and excellent work with George Rusinak. He assist as much as anybody. Due to his attempt that is higher and quick the procedure was fine, smooth and simple. Thank you so much. They are not available from the testimonials although I will provide you 10 beginning.

Jan 9, 2000
Gary Scott

United Capital Source review

This is my third time with UnitedCapitalSource plus they're head and tails above the rest. Aaron Gower kept me informed throughout the whole (short) process and got me funded quickly. The other companies make guarantees that are great but none can deliver like UnitedCapitalSource.

Jan 7, 2006

United Capital Source review

Thank you Jon for your help. You'll be quite happy working with UnitedCapitalSource. They're everything an entrepreneur needs - honest, dependable, and go the excess mile to help. Try this company first and save yourself time they are amazing and will help your company succeed.

Jan 3, 2003

United Capital Source review

What a pleasure rusinak! He's the actual deal when it comes to getting you financing for your business! Professional and courteous! I strongly suggest working with united capital source and george rusinak if you want working capital for your small business! Thank you again!

Jan 8, 2002

United Capital Source review

Here is the most amazing 24 hours in banking I have ever experienced. George Rusinak went above and beyond in helping out our business and doing exactly what he said he would do. A great experience, I would highly suggest George Rusinak and his associates. Thank you George!

Jan 10, 2007

United Capital Source review

Making the world of financing easy, efficient and dependable. There take the approach of getting things and then their job is completed. Working with Nathan was different and that I felt confident that trust and support would be preserved. Would happily do business again!

Apr 11, 2019

United Capital Source review

I can't say enough good things about Aaron Gower and unitedcapitalsource.com, they have been wonderful! First financing, and class customer support! I've been using them for over 4 decades, and that I can count on them for the business financing! I recommend them HIGHLY!

Jan 4, 2007
Lynn Carr

United Capital Source review

Nick was really helpful in helping us to attain funding, although we couldnt achieve deal, he did his best in attempting to help us. If our situation varies we will definitely call him again. He is excellent in working with companies. I would recommend him to anyone!

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