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Jan 11, 2006
John Metro

BlueVine review

Throughout the last 3 years my company has been on a growth that is fantastic . Although exciting, growth comes with its share of challenges and isn't all simple. As any business owner would tell you expansion it may be crippling if you are not hyper-aware of your own finances. Increased energy costs, wages, market volatility, and inflating accounts receivable to name a few. Accounts receivables is a beast that until you've experienced it you simply don't understand. Whenever your payroll and expenses surge because business is booming you require concrete money. Short of owning a bank account so you are ready to act when the orders that are huge struck, you need financing choices set up. Selecting lenders is hard, it is not just about who will approve you to get financing. You are in danger of paying if you make the mistake of ending your due diligence. I took the moment, researched, asked a lot of questions, and I landed at BlueVine. Was I worried when I took the leap? YES? How do I feel about the choice now? I made the option that was perfect. Their technology is exceptional, customer service is high grade and current with higher level service industry criteria. Finance remains fund and there are perimeters and strict policies, that is not flexible and is going to be the case with all finance solutions. I highly recommend Capital. To provide a'shout out' I wouldn't be able to supply such a compelling review if it weren't for all of the dedication, eloquence, and hard work put forth by my rep Stephanie D., her experience and informed helped me to circumnavigate A/R obstacles with major brands which had not been so engaged and conscious could have been quite complex scenarios for my business.

Jan 11, 2019
Danyelle Rosebrough

BlueVine review

In January I had been approved for a line of credit not knowing that there was a lien put on my business assets. I didn't begin using the funds or so later, so lien was put before utilizing any funds. We discovered the lein was set, after going through an expansion bargain. I contact Bluevine who sent me a letter of subordination in July for the other creditor to review. In October we were subsequently told to submit a subordination letter ourselves which we did. I called to follow up and was told that Bluevine is currently refusing to sign that the subordination agreement and that I needed to come up with the money before they'd discharge the lien. As that is currently placing my expansion bargain in danger We've called and emailed Andrew several times without a reply or call back and Andrew from BLUEVINE acted as he could care less. Pay we'll go away and us our money is what he told me. Sad. Because they NEVER explain you this read the small print. We would have never moved with BLUEVINE. Not professional at all with not calling and answering back your clients. Now I'm stuck.

Jan 8, 2008
Kevin Bachman

BlueVine review

Blue Vine keeps quite a little leverage over you as a client that isn't originally disclosed. The company claims not to store your lender log-in credentials used to initially confirm you as a qualified borrower. My initial arrangement was a 6 month charge line draw which could be accessed as long as I was inside my credit limit and making the agreed payments. In my instance , I changed my flex credit arrangement with my account and Blue Vine was put on hold within one month. My account was put on hold when Blue Vine dropped the access to look over my shoulder with my bank log-in credentials. A telephone call with a representative verified that they needed updated log-in credentials to monthly statements or your own lender to raise the hold on the funding that was qualified that was initial. After paying the loan off and promptly realizing this, the release form to close the account was. I'd classify this business as a creepy creditor using a web presence that is clean that is strangely.

Jan 9, 2004
Wojtek Zarzycki

BlueVine review

We've been working with BlueVine for almost a year and they were able to put a 7 figure factoring product together for our business that is growing. Ashley Hayden has worked in the beginning and has been exceptional in understanding our company, working that we've encountered at providing support and excellent. I've had the pleasure to work with Sewar Nasser and her prompt responsiveness and professionalism have shown me that has invested heavily in their personnel, something unique in today's digital age. I would strongly recommend the business to both small and large company which are currently looking for a streamlined experience that integrates with their own accounting software, eliminating the headaches of traditional factoring solutions. It is a business I'd have invested in, had an opportunity arisen, since I could see it growing and dominating this industry area.

Dec 11, 2018
Trace Talley

BlueVine review

As soon as I found Bluevine it seemed like an ideal solution but it was FAR from that. My first contact was not too good at communication, did not tell me precisely what the info given to my clients would be. I was NOT HAPPY. We got the bill financed and then they switched my account rep without telling me. I was trying to close my account BUT THEN I STARTED WORKING WITH STEPHANIE D. what a change and upset! Works with me to get invoices factored and stephanie is proactive, keeps that I FUND THEM! Stephanie D is the best. If they change my rep there will be trouble. Abandon me with Stephanie and all is great! I'm quite happy with the service which I get from Stephanie and will currently utilize Bluevine more frequently (we actually only have 1 client that we need it for). It's what I needed it to be in the start!

Jan 12, 2007
Barbara Waldron

BlueVine review

I can guarantee you I've had my share of daily payment loans that are bad and my last one was a doozie. Now that I have had the joy of working together with Bluevine on multi-million dollar jobs, I could honestly say, they are the sole lending firm that didn't lie, or even attempt to mislead us. Not merely did Bluevine keep their word, they stood by us when we needed them the most. NO fast talking lies. NO agenda and NO hidden fees. Sewar Nasser and lacour Miller are straight shooters and are instrumental. They took the opportunity to understand our immediate requirements and never pushed me over extend myself so that they can earn a buck. I can honestly state, Bluevine has made a customer for life.

Jan 9, 2003

BlueVine review

I was actually blown away by how transparent and simple the procedure was. I qualified for a massive field of credit and was funded the same day. In my enterprise money flow is everything. I had this and a short-term loan was the perfect solution. I would never have thought an online lender could be effortless. It helps if that's you and financials and I have a business and you want a short term solution, highly recommend. As was Zachary who I initially spoke 21, nikki Pena has been a complete joy to work with and explained everything perfectly. Both were very professional. Really happy as I know I'll use it for several years to come for cash flow alternatives, I found this service.

Jan 9, 2000
David Allburn

BlueVine review

Big law firm calls in noon today, providing 5-figure fee if we can place three consultants on a plane this day to reevaluate FBI fingerprinting at a city all day. We just got back from doing this in Italy a couple of days ago which emptied my money reserves. The law firm had its customer's acceptance, but it couldn't push it through its approval cycle before tomorrow, so I clicked my account. Greater than 4 hours later we were purchasing the most costly last-minute airline tickets (BlueVine's) money could purchase, and also my away-team is headed for the airport. The customer thinks we're magicians. We're not, but I know some BlueVine guys who are.

Nov 3, 2019

BlueVine review

That is my experience with Bluevie. It's the loan approved in my life. I employed around 2 pm and approved around 6 that same moment. My advice was: 1 ). Two years in business two. Fico score: about 700 Application was very simple and took over 5 minutes, they did not ask a million question, not my house info. The only hiccup was the software for uploading bank statements, they have been uploaded but it kept freezing. When I called, they had been received by them. There's no way anyone can have a bad or negative opinion unless there is something wrong with paperwork or their enterprise. I could not be any more happy, thanks again bluevine.

Jun 9, 2019
Mike Odman

BlueVine review

The specialists in question are Jonathan Young and Alfred.

Both went well and above beyond in a combined effort in explaining the financial options that were available to me all to help me and my company. The procedure was just a few simple clicks. The fantastic news for me personally, it will only cost me an arm, instead of an arm and a leg. So I have two legs, and I owe it all to Bluevine. In all seriousness, I can not start to thank both gentlemen for helping facilitate these reassurance and enjoyed a procedure. Thanks and well done boys. We go. And the next time I move , it's likely to be about a gloomy vine.

Sep 10, 2018
Steven Menotti

BlueVine review

We've had nothing but a great encounter with Bluevine. Working with Bluevine has helped my business grow into a multimillion-dollar business. Working together with Pegah Saeedi (previous account supervisor ) and Sewar Nasser (our existing account supervisor ) was nothing but a blessing. They always go above and beyond when it comes to assisting in the financial growth of our company and servicing our accounts. Being able to work with Lacour Miller and have access to him through telephone or email about everytime of the day has actually made us feel like our company matters and that we are more than a client of Bluevine - !

Jan 9, 2004
Jeffrey Johnson

BlueVine review

I've had the opportunity to use three different account supervisors in my experience so far at Blue Vine and I have to say that Sewar Nasser has impressed me the most. She's been tremendously helpful, is extremely knowledgeable pleasant to deal with. Sewar is a class act and she knows how to deal with individuals. I thought my last account rep, Nick Kujawa was good. However, Sewar seems to have a unique quality in her conversational abilities that set her aside. Sewar is a valuable asset to your company. And to tell the truth, I really don't say this about too a lot of people. Jeff Johnson Independent Media Services

Mar 10, 2018
Robert Letskus

BlueVine review


I reviewed Bluevine and was happy to get financed. Now that I have paid off my loan I want to share that draws were efficient fast & simple on their stage. When I asked my payoff, Shannon (the Director of Service ) was amazing and has been a complete pleasure to speak to. She followed up promptly and delivered the payoff immediately! That is very much appreciated by me. I strongly suggest Bluevine and their employees (inc.. Mitchell Sapoff my loan officer) who made this a great experience. Once I am in need of funding again, I am coming right to BlueVine and anyone reading this should.

Jan 1, 2009
Ethan Wood

BlueVine review

BlueVine really saved my stress level this winter. Brief summary as I understand PPL reading will be in similar siutations: We operate a company have year round sales team. We need capital from the winter on occasion. When did not offer us a line of credit, even with credit and justifiable term cash flow coming in we were really caught off guard. BlueVine offered stress relief that was immediate. They assigned Roy Nuyda as my sales rep and then he walked me thru the way in which the line of credit works. We were able to make it thru the xmas season and back into reserving months. Thank you BV

Jan 9, 2005

BlueVine review

Bluevine is an excellent company to use. Using utilize their factoring product, as well as, their credit. Claire is simply the ideal customer service representative on the market. She's workable, a customer is late with an invoice and constantly follows up in a timely manner, she works with me so we could collect the funds that are outstanding. It is built on trust and obviously, ensuring as a customer we also perform our responsibilities that Bluevine will continue to provide exceptional services. Ibelieve their solutions and've been with them since 2015 an significant part what we do.

Mar 8, 2019
Alex D.

BlueVine review

BlueVine is simple to utilize, and they access your bank accounts to make a decision. They offered me more than what I needed, so it really helped my organization. OnDeck also tried, but they seem to rely on your business credit report and my program was refused by them since they stated the business report was thin though my company is 10 years old and makes over a million in earnings. This was not a problem with, and the only negative is that they are a little too aggressive once you get approved, but they'll also offer you a much better deal if you draw money.

Jan 9, 2008
Chasiti McCann

BlueVine review

We have been working with BlueVine for a couple of years . Our account manager, Sewar Nasser, is wonderful. She supplies understanding when we are postponed on getting documentation. She offers friendliness that is unmatched to a level of professionalism. Despite our delayed answers, she's quick to react to us. We recently had the chance of working with Drew Schneider. I must state his thoroughness and professionalism speaks volumes. BlueVine is doing an amazing job in regards to hiring workers who provide a experience for their customers! We'll continue to do business!

Oct 11, 2018
Dave Hart

BlueVine review

With a couple of lenders and banks we've dealt over time and I must say the differences between them and was apparent immediately! We submitted our information and it seemed like no time had passed when Nikki contacted us! She had been a joy to manage and not only was able to get us a fast acceptance but she was totally AMAZING in explaining and walking ! I instantly felt quite relaxed and most of all,"informed" about the particulars. If other businesses has staff as great as Nikki they may be just a fraction as great as! :--RRB- Thank you! Dave

Jan 9, 2007
Bob Selfridge

BlueVine review

This was a boon for our Company. We've been working with Bluevine for two years now. Lately, our biggest client forced us from Net 30 to Web 90 (yes 90 days) payment term. The staff at Bluevine, specifically our account manager Claire and underwriter Ashley, assists us in obtaining the funds we needed when our cash-flow"stops" for a 2 month delay due to new provisions or clients are simply delayed in obligations. We are now, in no small part because of working together with our Bluevine staff for solutions and feel confident that they are there for us since needs arise.

Jan 9, 2000
Tanya Zaffuto

BlueVine review

Eugene L. provided me with a fantastic experience! I had some questions for BlueVine and when I called, I had been fortunate enough to talk with Eugene L. He was professional and courteous, and also his understanding put my mind that I had discovered a fantastic option for us. I applied online and Eugene followed up to make sure my experience was smooth! Once I was approved, he made himself available to answer some more of my questions and provided me so I know what to expect. He made me feel like I mattered and I very much appreciate the support I received! Thanks!

Jun 4, 2019
John Burgos

BlueVine review

Hello everybody. My name is John, I own an Export business in Miami, FL. I typically don't leave any reviews however BlueVine it has been part of our positive growth in our inventory. I thought it was another company like many others that they ask a great deal of advice and then at the end they decrease the line of credit which you're requesting. In 1 day the funds were deposited in my company accounts and well, I use on the line of credit I was surprised! That line of charge helps us a great deal! BlueVine is a boon! Thank you Bluevine for the chance!

Jan 10, 2005
Mike Murray

BlueVine review

We got a call out of the blue with somebody from vine stating that they can help us with all the loan. My wife didn't want to apply for the loan since she Have a inquiry on your credit report and did not want her credit run. He told her he would contact her immediately. Two minutes later the company sent a letter of denial as well as the individual who called"Jeremy"would not get on the phone. These individuals toy with peoples lives and think it's a joke. Was an explanation on whatever the problem was,'' We did not even get that, so we could work

Sep 10, 2019
Ralph Küpper

BlueVine review

The income verification is a joke. We had far more than 10k per month revenue and support asserts it's less than 10k although the statements from the bank directly contradict that. When pressing the matter only empty phrases and explanations that produce no sense. Additionally, support informs me it's 10k a month requirement, while the web site says 100k annually (which is 8. 5k a month). It doesn't require that much to produce the number accurate and doesn't speak to get those numbers wrong. Glad they aren't the only ones and not doing business.

Sep 10, 2018
L Bishop

BlueVine review

We have had nothing but a great experience with Bluevine. They did a comprehensive evaluation happen to be easy to utilize and when setting up us. The site is very manageable for business owners and simple to utilize. Our representative, Sewar Nassar, follws upon each progress we submit. She continues to assess our needs and follows up with us to see if we need anything. I enjoy working with her and she makes sure are requests are processed. This was a tremendous support to our company and we wondered why we didn't do this sooner than we did.

Jan 9, 2007
Michael Curcio

BlueVine review

Our business needed money 6 months ago and made it so easy to apply and recieve funding right from my computer. The conditions where very straight forward. We paid back the original loan and today I called in talking to Jake F. and in 5 minutes we went over the new provisions and the funds will be in my account the following day so we are able to buy more inventory for the holiday purchasing. I provide BlueVine and Jake F."10 STARS" if possible for customer service and also for helping me grow my business! Thank you so much!

Apr 12, 2018
Bill Combes

BlueVine review

I've been a Bluevine clients twice now and both experiences have been great. Before this season, another service was used by me and they were just not transparent like BlueVine. It's important to present a repayment program. I also want to thank Mitch S for his help in my LOC with Bluevine. His job and meeting with me really helped in getting underwriting to look into my background and help out. Bluevine has 100% helped our company get through some tough times when we needed some cash. I have recommended them on several occasions.

Jan 2, 2004

BlueVine review

I was hesitant to pursue factoring. I researched and spoke with several factoring firms and my anxieties were only supported. Then came Bluevine Capital and their team of specialists. A group that understood that my industry from soup to nuts and knew. Once on-board they assigned Bluevine account manager Michael Miller to people. In handling our accounts great care has been taken by him and that he feels like a part of our team. I thought this sort of support and partnering went outside in the'80s! Thank you Michael and Bluevine!

Feb 1, 2019
Wayne Catalano

BlueVine review

I never believed obtaining a Business line of credit could be so easy. BlueVine is the actual thing. Helpful, Friendly, easy to qualify and I was fortunate to have Rachel Volin help me in setting our lineup up. In showing us the way to get funds when required once our line was put up she did a Terrific Job. Could not have been more useful. In case your time of all the red tape your own banks put you through in getting a Company line of credit and want funds quickly, you own it to your self to check into BlueVine.

Jan 8, 2005

BlueVine review

After my loan was accepted whenever you do and there's not any type of support get to talk to somebody there its with a a nasty attitude. I got hung up on. Also after my entire process approved and was done charges which I was told that I wouldn't get were got by me. And today even though I pulled some money and repaid I am getting give my private bank codes and ask to do more. VERY BAD AND UNPROFESSIONAL. Never believed it would be like this if not I would of never done it and wasted my time and cash.

Jun 11, 2018
Adnane Charchour

BlueVine review has been helping my business for over 1. 5 decades with short term funding. Although their underwiting has been difficult occasionally and their fees are on the high side (such as all short-term lenders), I would still highly recommend them for almost any business enterprise. In this period of time, I had 3 Account Managers, plus they were terriffic! A into Sewar Nasser, my current Account Manager: thank you for every thing you do at Exous! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Aug 1, 2019
Mike Farha

BlueVine review

I have been a client of BlueVine for over 2 years, among the very best funding companies. For instance, Account Manager Sewar has gone above and beyond to keep our business fulfilled. She is more than happy to spend the opportunity to discuss any questions and always has a great attitude. Sewar brings advice and support. I also love that she supplies coaching. Her interest in our business along with her functionality keeps room for business development and partnership with Bluevine.

Feb 8, 2019

BlueVine review

Very fast and effective service. I was pleasantly amazed. I'd applied through PayPal for a similar form loan and they took and eventually sent an E-mail to me stating they do not fund our kind of company? What a waste of time. My application through BlueVine took 3-days! And that I received 2 offers. They understood that the financing need we had. I will certainly recommend them other companies like ours. Their loan walked through the procedure and rep Dulce Vale was specialist.

Feb 1, 2019
Ruben Sutton

BlueVine review

The Ashlar Group has worked with Bluevine for over a year now and found them to be the financing company we have worked with in terms of price. Our connection with Bluevine assisted our business grow by 50 percent in the previous 6 months. Their web portal takes little time to execute and is easy to use. Our accounts supervisor Sewar Nasser reacts to our requests and is highly professional, conscientious. I'd refer Bluevine to any business searching for funding services.

Jan 5, 2004
S A Abbas

BlueVine review

Liberty Capital Group has been a joy to work with for my business credit line that is recent. Rosa Douglas with her initial contact has been very professional and helpful ind directing me to the Funding Advisor. Joan was exemplary from the manner that I was treated and kept step by step all the way through the completion of this financing process. I would recommend its own staff and Liberty Capital Group for their business financing demands to coworkers and friends.

Aug 7, 2019

BlueVine review

The process was fantastic. The technology platform is user friendly and provides excellent feedback and resources together with the amortization schedule, etc.. Accessing funds is simple also. I just didn't enjoy the"salesperson" that contact me following the acceptance. The individual was from New York and unfortunately very much match the"salesperson" stigma. Not listening or answering queries and being pushy to access funds and accepting among the supplies.

Jan 9, 2000
Seth R

BlueVine review

I was particularly impressed with and its superb level of customer service. Sam S. was very receptive to my needs as a BlueVine client and's services were very helpful related to short-term financing needs for my law practice. I love that, when posting a review like this one business owners might trust the view. I am careful when expressing such an opinion. The customer service provided by and Sam S. was really exemplary.

Jan 6, 2004

BlueVine review

New relationship which has not gotten off on the ideal foot (perhaps the left foot? ) ) . Draw was rescinded. Had no idea as to why called my sales person who, rather than knowing why, called me back to inform that they had entered the draw information using an incorrect bank. Really? Kind of like swinging and missing in a slow softball throw. I will provide the routing number that this may be seen as a temporary glitch and we can get on with business.

Jan 9, 2007
Cindy Halvorsen

BlueVine review

We have been working with Bluevine for a couple of years now and have been very pleased with the support and attention given to our business. Most of our clients are on extended payment terms therefore that this has allowed us to manage our cash flow efficiently. Our representative Claire is responsive and administratively that is a user procedure. I would recommend Bluevine for all your factoring and financing requirements. Cindy

Sep 1, 2019
Larry Michael Garcia Sr.

BlueVine review

We began using the early part of 2018, and they have been excellent. We have put thousands upon their method threw and it is streamlined that our A/R's it is not even funny! We deal with the authorities, and if you do authorities contracting you know how long it can take to get paid, but with Bluevine we turned our cover cycles from weeks to days and alone have helped our company so muchwe appreciate Bluevine very much!

Jan 12, 2001
Vivien Jallade

BlueVine review

It's simply the very best service on the market, not because cable specialy for your human management of situations; although the founds the day and they manage to answer to your demands very quickly. We had to confront lately some serious delays issues with our principal client, it had been difficult and I had the chance to own Ashley and Sewar with me during all this period to support my business, so that I suggest Bluvine.

Jan 9, 2008
Kasey Kahl

BlueVine review

Had an encounter with vine that is blue and my representative Mitch S. We did need the Line of charge but as very fast growing business owners it will come in handy. This procedure was. We credited and had been accepted in under two hours. Very excited as we continue to grow and expand, to use them and satisfied with this organization. We have definitely found the correct company to partner with when it comes to funding.

Jan 1, 2019
Chasiti M.

BlueVine review

We love

As a business, it is important to be able to variable invoices when our our invoices have terms of more than 30 days normally. Sewar Nasser was a god send. She is our accounts manager and consistently goes above and beyond to help us. I couldn't ask for a much better account supervisor. She's set a new benchmark for customer service. We're thankful to have the opportunity to use her.

Jul 8, 2019

BlueVine review

Trusted Partner BlueVine has been our trusted financial partner for three years. After going through a period of growth we lately suffered some severe losses due to embezzlement. They have shown more flexibility than I thought was possible out of a financial organization. Ashley H. was completely incredible at helping me browse this very difficult moment. Ashley and the Total Team are the GREATEST!

Jan 9, 2007
Toni Schmidt

BlueVine review

I've had the most amazing experience with BlueVine and Sarah Casanova was my Sales Development Representative. I had one phone call to Sarah, Friday and literally implemented about 8pm during my Quickbooks account and she'd my Credit Line and I had my first withdrawal. My cash flow problems are at ease and I have a cushion and it is all thanks to Sarah. I strongly recommend her and BlueVine. Thank you Sarah.

Jan 3, 2007
Julie Chase

BlueVine review

We were able to get funds via, but the procedure was somewhat confusing. I got a message that we had been approved, but couldn't add the site and our accounts. I explained the procedure and talked to a support person who was very helpful. We had to wait and then could use the site. The website experience requires schooling and is very basic. Nevertheless, we appreciated getting the funds fast!

Jan 10, 2003

BlueVine review

This procedure was so much more easy than I ever imagined! As a company, we had some money to get us over a small cash flow crisis. Eugene was professional, honest and very knowledgeable regarding the process. He had been patient when I needed to make up my mind and understanding. When we decided to accept the offer, the money was available much quicker than I ever imagined! I would recommend them.

Nov 6, 2019
Rebecca J. Gilmartin

BlueVine review

My experience with Crestmont Capital has been good so much, painless and quick. The representatives I corresponded with, Allan and Bruce were very nice and friendly over the telephone, which made the process easier. I managed to get qualified in two days. All documents were able sent thru your financial institution and to be emailed compared to other companies that need that you get on the internet.

Jan 12, 2008
Johnny Johnson

BlueVine review has been a great business partner for our company for a number of years. Their business procedures for providing services are best in class. Troy Patterson and others who have helped me in the past, my representative have been always outstanding! I highly recommend BlueVine, since they will quickly win over your confidence and continued business. Johnny Johnson Mindstar Aviation LLC

Apr 8, 2019
Tonya W

BlueVine review

My first contact was Adam at SBG. He took the application in the morning and I would like to understand that day that Bluevine had approved my companion for a LOC or even loan. The LOC was chosen by me. We finalized the paperwork and logged into Bluevine's super user friendly site in order to complete the transfer and monitor my action. I usable and had funds showing the next day in my bank.

Jan 11, 2007
Ken Zigrino

BlueVine review

In attempting to help us resolve a problem that would delay an closure, I want to provide a distinctive. She brought it to the proper people for resolution and gotten into the core of the subject and has taken a complex and somewhat odd situation. The problem remains somewhat stern, but this isn't a reflection on her attempts or commitment to serve her clientele. Way to go Taylor!

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