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Feb 10, 2019
Gabriel Beale

Value Capital Funding review

I would like to take a moment to recognize Value Capital Funding as a steadfast and premiere business capital provider. Having partnered with Value Cap. On more than one occasion, it's refreshing to see the amount of significance this institution places on the wellbeing of the constituency. I will personally ensure that any client will be treated with all the warmest welcome and the maximum degree of experience. It is rare directly and furthermore, that I'd place my name directly recommend engagement in such a manner. Having worked directly with the brokerage team on projects, I can vouch for combined years served at the business and the degree of proficiency. As a customer, I challenge you will find attention to detail or expertise, customer service. If you're considering ValueCapitalFunding for your business requirements, do yourself a favor and experience the difference"Value" makes. You won't be let down.

Sep 9, 2019
Ori Benyamini

Value Capital Funding review

I have had the joy of working for the greater part of the year with Ferne, Barry and Jeff. I have to state I have never worked with such an attentive and caring group. Not only providing the sort of financial products available from the marketplace from lines of credit for debt consolidation. But I have never met a team that truly has the customers best interest in mind as my buddies! Look forward to continuing to do business together!

Jun 1, 2019
Christine Malsbary

Value Capital Funding review

They went above and beyond to support me to get funding as a business owner with no established record. I recommend them highly or could not be more happy. Ferne in particular was extraordinary. I felt as though I had someone in my corner. It has allowed my business to expand and grow and was a wonderful experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Brazen Beauty Movement, christine Malsbary

Jan 10, 2004
Anthony Powell

Value Capital Funding review

I worked with the team Value Capital Funding on a Promotion Endeavor.

Not only were they nice and easy to work with, they are so knowledgeable about their business, that I know they could be a fantastic help to anyone looking for their solutions. They will explain the process in easy to understand language, and guide you every step of the way!

Sep 9, 2019
Eric T.

Value Capital Funding review

Working with Value Capital Funding was a choice for my enterprise. The group was quite knowledgeable about the options open to me. I could not believe how quickly they could get me the exact funding amount I wanted! Not only was this process fast - but Value Capital Funding was very transparent with me the entire way.

May 10, 2019
Arnold L. DDS

Value Capital Funding review

Value Capital Funding refinanced my debt and lowered my payments tremendously. They made the process easy and that I provided only minimal documentation. Everybody I worked with was affectionate and professional. I'd use them again without hesitation. Thanks to yours in my business! Arnold L. Dentist New Jersey

Nov 9, 2019
Laurel S.

Value Capital Funding review

I've been working together with Value Capital Funding within the past year or so. Their staff is educated about financing products and extremely organized and procedures. They make the financing process easy from begin to finish for all parties and also understand the requirements of the customer and lender.

Sep 9, 2019
Harrison Brown

Value Capital Funding review

Enjoy the pleasure of working with Ferne and Barry.

They were very responsive and helpful and supplied us with the documentation in order to evaluate the loan , as lenders, needed. They had the creditors interests in mind and that I hope we are able to work together a lot more times .

Jan 4, 2004
Richard Hellings

Value Capital Funding review

Jeff was excellent to work with as was our underwriter Andrew and Steve. Professional and easy to use was in assisting us expand our company what made it a gratifying experience. Thanks Value Capital Funding Rich and Jen Hellings Mama McDonough's Irish Bar Hillsborough

Jan 7, 2003

Value Capital Funding review

A flexible, friendly and engaged firm that works closely with their clients. Also Value Capital Funding prices are sensible and"budget friendly" fo businesses beginning their entrepreneurial journey. I would work together again with future funding requirements.

Jan 3, 2008
Norhside Nephrology

Value Capital Funding review

Very Professional and Deliver what they assert in the stated time frame. If required, will certainly use their services . Special mention to Fern Kornfeld for making her prompt response everytime and the process easy. Thanks.

Jan 9, 2007
Alex Navarro

Value Capital Funding review

Jeff Kornfeld was who I had the joy of working with. He was always available when I called in and managed to get my questions answered. He was helpful and very genuine. Highly recommend Jeff and the Organization. Alex

Jan 11, 2006
MMC Multimedia

Value Capital Funding review

Value is a superb resource. We had strict dates to fulfill our endeavors and Barry came through for the equipment value, with a single to spare. No delays, no gimmicks. Straight shooter. Reply and services

Jan 9, 2003
Mike G.

Value Capital Funding review

The crew at Value Capital Funding provide a great client experience from start to finish. I would recommend them to anyone searching for assistance in finding financing for their business.

Jan 10, 2004
Adam ziffer

Value Capital Funding review

I Enjoy working with the team at Value Capital Funding.

They are useful and very responsive. Plus, they always have great merchandise to assist my clients and me.

Feb 10, 2019
John N.

Value Capital Funding review

Worked with the VCF team and had a good experience. The group has been available via phone when required and was very responsive to my questions.

Jul 10, 2019
customer T Hughes

Value Capital Funding review


Simple to access line of credit and payback often and early when I desire or pay instantly accessible and Only the payment again

Jan 10, 2004

Value Capital Funding review

Experience, walk me through everything I needed! I'm very thankful! I recommend them 100 percent

Jan 1, 2008
Seth McMillan

Value Capital Funding review

Nice people to Use who Comprehend Conditions that are complex

Sep 11, 2018

Value Capital Funding review

Thank you for your professionalism and quickness!

Jan 7, 2007
Chris Vanuch

Value Capital Funding review

Great experience, communication that is enormous!

Jan 6, 2008
John Kowatch

Value Capital Funding review

Great service up and Fast honesty

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