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Feb 11, 2018
Kristin Sloan

Torro review

Copy and Pasted from my agent that GoTorro tried to censor:"Go Torro offered the traditional banking scam of this"bait and switch". Their funding was costly, but because of the nature of our enterprise, we still turn a profit and can manage it. We trusted them to carry out their promises they made during the sales process, but the terms changed as if it was their intention the whole time. We spent to get a measly $20,000 plus it changed at the last moment. DO NOT trust this company with your energy or time. After dealing with them, I cannot imagine that the majority of these reviews are not composed or simply from shell accounts. EDIT: This company reached out to me and asked me to eliminate this review, further adding to my hypothesis that they are controlling the reviews. Secondly, I want to draw your attention to how they are actively advertising that they are working a bait and switch right on the first page of their site where they publicly reserve the right to alter the conditions"Minimum and maximum loan amounts, rates, fees, terms and collateral requirements are subject to certain guidelines and may change without notice" Please don't waste your time on these crooks, visit a bank, visit household, visit friends, use the much better societal financing programs on the world wide web, but do not waste your time . EDIT FURTHER: I am an agent of the business that was granted leave to talk to this company in respect financing. It should be rather difficult to trust a company giving money that has of #ScamFinancing within their blogposts hastags to you. Second, the companies assertion that they would not fund someone who left a bad review is a lie because they called about not doing this, AFTER they lied. FURTHER EDITS: This company has reached out to TrustPilot in an effort. If You're wondering why I'm one of those very few poor reviews, it is probably because other critics have been silenced."

Apr 2, 2019

Torro review


Please do your self a favor - do not prepared the reviews that are good. The business is placing in their reviews which are FAKE. They promise a loan CASH, of 3 years, 0 percent speed to get an fee which is high but for money its ok. They claim they can get cash loan even if credit that is bad but really they need you to deliver a guarantor. What they end up doing is go online to Americanexpress. Com and plug in the guarantor details as the card holder for 0% CC. This is of course something I will do myself and free. Then whatever they get out of Amex is exactly what they give you. Obviously this is just for NO cash and 12 months. This is but a regular 0 percent CC that anybody can open. They also stated that this loan is going to have an expansion. Another lie that they knew about. LISTEN BEFORE YOU SIGN WITH THEM - ALL THEY DO IS OPEN A 0 percent CC ONLINE. It takes 2 mins plus they charge $4000 for $4000 CC line! I am review site, post on each blog and of course going to tell everyone I know, dispute what they charge me notify the CC companies they open with them. Now they say I didnt while I have two witnesses that were on the phone with 21, know the terms. IF ANYONE ELSE HAD A SIMILAR SITUATION AND FOR THOSE WHO ALREADY POSTED ABOUT THEIR SIMILAR INCIDENT WITH TORRO, LETS GET TOGETHER AND FILE A SUIT AGAINST THEM! YOU CAN EMAIL ME AT - [email protected]

Oct 11, 2017
Wind River Stone Scapes

Torro review

Dan Leppala has been a very representative for Torro. The net gave me leads for business money lending & I talked with probably 3 different businesses. When I read about Torro location in Salt Lake City, Utah, I decided they would be the most dependable & trusted because we are living in Wyoming and we could create a person visit, if needed. The other firms made me feel very useless & poor, after an inquiry was made constantly referring to the responses in my credit report. Dan never known to some of those reports. I know they exist. Dan consistently made me think he worked towards trying to find the best financial loan, regardless of my credit history. He had been always in touch with me personally, but did not over-power me e. g. 5 telephone calls in one minute (as did the other lenders) It is a miracle Dan did secure a financial small business loan for me and my husband, Larry. We will make use of the money and I am excited about a financial future with Dan & Thank you very much. You have literally allowed us to keep our business and our workers are extremely appreciative of a paycheck every Friday. Inc, Phyllis & larry McCullough Wind River Stone Scapes

Jan 8, 2002
Jennifer Booth

Torro review

I can't thank and/or rave enough about Torro and Andrew Anderson ( the partner we were assigned). My Husband and I had been in need of some assistance in obtaining some funding for a New Business finally and we want to open/work until we retire pass onto our kids. In the first call we had with Andrew, we understood we'd"Found a Friend in him!" -Store would day. He actually made us feel he was willing to do all possible to try and make it happen for all of us and as though our needs/wants were legitimate! He's been on top of every query, concern and/or information/advice needed. Up to now, has always followed through on what he says he is going to do for us. If your looking for some aid funding a business or whatever your heart desires, please consider working with Torro and their Associates. We highly suggest that you request to work with Andrew Anderson, as mentioned previously, he has done by My Husband and I. I hope that Torro is aware of what a Gem they've with Andrew and recognize and realize it. Can not thank him Torro sufficient for all he's done this far for us and our soon to become Business!

Jan 5, 2017
Holly C.

Torro review

After feeling as though I was being thrown into a sea of bizarre predators to acquire financing by other businesses that felt more like"wolves of wallstreet" compared to"funds of mystreet", I found Cameron and his team did everything when they guaranteed they promised, and also did it. On Point! Torro made this process easy and comprehensive. I am so happy and really, it was's professionalism, patience, and ability to guide me. I would not hesitate to consult any client, business partner, friend, family member, or anybody to when they had a demand. Torro helped me the entire way, also made the process easy to comprehend from start to finish, and saved me tens of thousands of dollars. I am so glad that I followed my gut and waited one day for to respond. Finest decision I've made so far this year. Bill Gates said,"The inventory and accurate value of a Business walks out it's doors every evening." With people like Cameron in as the"face" of this business, the brand and what they offer is priceless in my book. Thank you!

Jan 8, 2005
Reality Vape Las Vegas

Torro review

This company Lied to me and told me anything I had to hear to apply I told Charlie pulver I do not want a credit based loan that he told me it is a loan based on company bank announcements only and only need 5k a month at Deposited them later I had been denied and I asked Charlie why he responded to many charge off and late payments on my credit bear in my credit is clean without any char Goff's, or late payments I asked Charlie lurker if he was even looking at the credit form the Experian that gotorri uploaded I told Charlie please stop and take two minutes to seem he did not know what he was talking about and that he simply replied o well u where denied I do not know why! Super unprofessional and gotorro well tel u anything to get you to apply even go as far as plan out lieing now I have 2 hard Inquires since I told him do not run my credit but this company makes you have two hard inquiries 1 from gotorro and 1 from experian credit dreadful company Wouldn't recommend to anybody's have mails for proof what I am saying is true and we'll share them with anybody who would like to see

Nov 7, 2017

Torro review

Dan in Torro was excellent. They got me financing when it seemed almost impossible. Sure my business made money but I was a victim of identity theft which put down my credit rating to some non 500! I wasn't sure they could help but they BAM and pulled ! I'm now able to move forward and take my restaurant! Thanks Torro, thanks Dan! P. S I know you have probably read reviews and testimonials like these and think on your own; ha that's good and all but that will not work for"me". You go ahead and give it a shot! To only then experience"collapse". I went on to try it myself to just experience the same crap and also have read these kind of achievement reviews/testimonials. My advice, Just keep moving forward and learn from your"drops" you will make it! However, in the event that you don't give up. Oh and btw falling SUCKS! However, when you eventually win. Oh man those drops become awesome conversations!

Jan 9, 2005
Daniel Perez

Torro review

I'd speak to a lot loan company they promise me they could give my company a loan I request before they operate my personal credit there for certain they will say yes I do not have bad credit I owe a lot in my individual credit I been using it to run my company. I discovered Torro I speak to Chad Herrin I explain to him my situation about my private credit I advised him was great I owe a lot money he explained send him my bank statements to see what he would do before conducting my private credit in the end he was the sole firm that offer me loan with large amount thank you so much I'm using them in the long run I know where fee think with more cash we might have more stock then we can purchase more make more money. I'm calling him to get my shop that is 3th thank you so much. Chad will pick up my call and answer my question. I be honest his 1000 percentage in customer services. The very best

Jan 11, 2009

Torro review

Joshua and alie are awesome the Loan Process was easy not stressful and they both took the time to explain things Joshua Morales is a real professional in this industry and I feel very fortunate to be part of the Team and everything. I Wish other New Business Owners know that it is likely to become a Start up Company and you actually have options for operating capital and business lines of credit if you dont give up and perform exactly the most efficent item and that is telephone Torro to get qualified Thanks Josh Morales Sincerely Jason Dean along with the entire Dean Family FREE BIRD TRANSPORT I. N. C.

Aug 8, 2019

Torro review

I had an extremely positive experience with Chris. He had been always communication to me, encouraging, and very optimistic,. I feel he was really instrumental in helping me to get a loan for my company. I would highly recommend this company and especially working with Chris because it seems he went out of the way to attempt and get me the kind of help that I needed. Everyone I talked with the company what is respectful and professional. I felt comfortable because everyone was very knowledgeable and this gave me confidence. I was glad I picked on oral to use and if I want assistance in the future.

Jan 5, 2003
Sally Clawson

Torro review

The best thing about Torro that makes them stand out from the rest is that they call their clientele. I put in a request to get a loan and got a call from Chris Ruffin the Following Day. Firms, say no internet or send you a letter. It is very important to get to know us what our expansion needs are and small business owners, and Torro took the time to do that. Chris was patient considerate and clear about the steps. He gave me suggestions and tips and that I was funded in two days. Thank you, Torro! I look forward to a long relationship with you and your funders.

May 2, 2019
Bryan Ortiz

Torro review

It absolutely was my first instance adquiring a business loan for the small landscaping business and I can tell you Chris Ruflin at Torro did a phenomenal job of getting this deal done. Not only did he fight to get me the best rate and money, he stayed on top of all and walked me of the way. The level of customer service, attention to detail and understanding which Chris brought to the deal actually made the deal happen although I had been accepted by other platforms. Overall very happy with his work and look forward to working with Torro and Chris again later on.

Jan 1, 2007
Buddy Calvert

Torro review

New to lending and many have shown that they only care for closing the agreement,not building a relationship with there customers for the advantage of the progression of there business. Over the last week has gone above and beyond with communication and working on what works best for me personally and future of my business. Building a connection is something I have wanted to do for sometime, I believe I made the ideal decision by reaching out and educating myself to make my buisness grow in the ideal direction. Thank you C____ from -Buddy

Dec 11, 2018
Adam P

Torro review

I was recently in need of a bridge type funding to cover business expenses for a short period and I was surprised at how, and the staff, helped me through the process and continued to follow through all the way to the end. I especially wish to compliment Brayden Salaz, my Funding Administrator, through this process. What a pleasure it was dealing with this particular professional young man. He kept me informed updated, and essentially led me to some decision. Thank you and Brayden for working with me at a thorough and positive manner.

Aug 7, 2019

Torro review

Discuss working with time NOT being in my side. Chris Ruflin was 100% instrumental from start to finish with my little business loan. Not merely did he execute and follow through with everything he said he woulf because we had 2 minutes and 32 seconds left on the clock in order to receive through my cable prior to this Holiday weekend, but we broke a record! Chris, I'm confident we will continue to work together as I develop my business in the future. You are now (whether you want it or not), my silent partner! LOL! Mari D. 8 D. A. Y. S.

Apr 10, 2018
John Bruchhagen

Torro review

Rick was the only person to spend the opportunity to really find out what my venture featured and who I am. We spoke twice for. Every lender I talked with was concerned with software and getting off the telephone, Rick needed to know about my past, me, and my vision for the future. Not only was the service amazing, but the deal he brokered for me was far and above any other offer that I received. I thank God I got in touch with him and look forward to my future because of him and Torro Funding. I endorse and recommend them 100%.

Jan 1, 2001
Marcy Noelte

Torro review

My company needed some funds and was in a bind. I reached out to Chris Ruflin at Torso Funding not certain if we'd also qualify. Chris was incredible! He was honest about the situation in the hand, professional and reassuring through it all. I am sure he is a busy man, but he made my company a priority. Communicated through out the procedure and pushed on the financing tgrough. I strongly recommend Torso Funding. It will be among the transactions if you can ask Chris. Thank you, Chris! Is really much appreciated!

Feb 3, 2018

Torro review

First time with business financing out of personal investments. Extremely pleased with the process. Hayden with Torro was a true guide that never left our side during the whole process from start to close. Questions were answered and support supplied with courtesy which had been handed to us with ethics. With fast closure and their support, March 2018 is going to be a revenue month. Thrilled to have a credit facility that I know will enable an exponentially expansion year for 2018. Kudos to the crew at Torros.

Jan 5, 2002
Binoj Joseph Matthew

Torro review

I was looking for traces of credit based solely to open a clinic and spent some time with some loan companies. After shopping around, Torro was the sole company who had some idea how to move, what was demanded in me, etc.. The staff at Torro is thoroughly professional they find a way to make things happen! They have my gratitude and I would recommend Torro without any hesitation. Kudos to Shaun Andrus Rick Mele and Hector Ayala for their responsiveness and productivity. Thank you! B Matthew

Jul 2, 2019

Torro review

PLEASE READ MY REVIEW BEFORE YOU DEAL WITH TORRO I Will save you a Great Deal of anger and money.

THIS IS FRAUD! They will start a 0% CC for you and charge you 10 percent for that. Log into Americanexpress. Com and do it yourself. They will tell you stories afterwards. ALL THESE POSITIVE REVIEWS ARE FAKE. I CHECKED AND SAW THEY ENTER ALL! Matt Slagowski in their firm is the biggest liar. Only after I watched of his records and ready his Bio. Assess him and see who you cope with

Jan 4, 2006
Dr. Anthony Clayton

Torro review

At first I felt like I got around the run and brief attitudes from a couple of the accounting repetitions I thought about canceling the purchase. I was placed on hold multiple times for more than five minutes only and another time. I wouldn't be leaving a 5 Star if it was not for Dan Leppala and Cameron Montgomery in sales going over and beyond helping me through this whole procedure being available for help and questions. Additionally, Melissa Grochal was really pleasant and useful .

Jan 7, 2000
Sherri L Henson

Torro review

I have been in business for 12 decades and over the course of that time worked with several lenders. has been the best experience by far. I worked with Scott Cluff and he was amazing. He did not give up in my document once we hit some roadblocks. He battled hard for us to get. Mr. Cluff kept me updated every step of the way and was friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this company and notably Scott Cluff for anyone that needs funding their situation!

Oct 8, 2018
Raul Castaneda

Torro review

I'm a new client with Torro funding. Long story short is I haven't so good credit. I spoke with Eric Christensen and he had been straight polite and ready to assist me. I was skeptical at first when it came down to getting the loan I heard exactly the exact same thing I'm sorry we need to wait and since everyone told me yes yes yes. I called Eric and I had been funded in 1 afternoon. If you are in need of fast cash please call Torro and ask for Eric. Thanks

Jan 11, 2001
Jose Rocha

Torro review

Great company, great staff, Eric C. helped me throughout the entire process making it look so easy, the application procedure took 2 days and the funding significantly less than 24 hours, provisions were fairly straight ahead, so thankful a provider is out there to give small businesses a chance when you want it most, so pleased with this business, I got a term loan and a line of credit right after I got the term loan, simply amazing how easy it was, once again thank you.

Aug 8, 2017
Alejandro Peralta

Torro review

They send me the exact agreement papers to my e-mail and it states:that the retailer authorizes company and its affiliates to apply for charge cards on behalf of the merchant and or company. I asked a lawyer and he says that is not okay to a company to do that,'' he never heard of any reputable loan company asking such a thing,if you sign you're giving this people permission to do anything they want with your credit and there's nothing you can do about it.

Jan 3, 2007

Torro review

The procedure for underwriting and the aspect itself was not bad - was the absence of education and proper disclosure as to costs and fees. All these essential components, namely how much the advance could cost, seemed to be obscure and the final result is that the funding has price me tens of thousands of dollars. The process reeks of predatory practices set up to defraud working business people looking for interim fudning to cultivate their enterprise.

Sep 11, 2017
Good Deeds Home Health

Torro review is the best company ever! I had the best experience ,It was so smooth they stock by my side every step along the way! Being a business owner with not so perfect credit no one wanted to give me a chance,but Torro did! And my rep Eric Christensen was he went that extra mile to assist me and that I am so thankful for that. Torro gave me an opportunity when nobody else could. I'd refer this business to anyone. They are the ideal.

Jan 7, 2006
Dominique Bobineaux

Torro review

Frankly, the process of being financed was a breeze. The payment plan along with the underwriting fees is a entire rip off and pricey. I desired the funding but at $ 98 to repay and had been in a rock and a tough place, it sort of defeats the purpose of getting the loan. And of course that the payments start straight away, after getting the funds not much breathing room! But was great and very professional during the entire experience.

Jan 9, 2002

Torro review

Well impressed with this particular business, they got my loan in my account within a day, so no long wait and that which was really easy to do, I did not need to wait for some forms, just follow the emails that they send and it is really fast. Credit score is not good so the interest was large, but I was happy with that since I really don't believe would have got any better elsewhere. Overall I was well chuffed! PS Thank you Andrew

Jan 1, 2008

Torro review

Everybody has been extremely friendly and helpful. I am only somewhat reserved about having numerous credit cards. I hope it does not take so long to receive my credit back. I originally didn't know because I was after money for building build-out the line of credit was going to be charge cards. Everything was explained by them about the telephone. I am hoping the friendly support proceeds as I try to work through getting cash.

Aug 4, 2019
Harold Burks

Torro review

Chris was very thorough in working together with me to procure financing for my company. The process was explained by him, which options were a much better fit for my needs, and what documents were needed. He answered all my questions and helped to easily guide me throughout the procedure. In addition, he gave supplied advice on how best to continue with additional funds as my future needs develop and change.

Jan 10, 2007
Jacqueline Knight

Torro review

Working with a client to get them out of your terms that are horrendous. You promised cards in the name of the business proprietor , instead you put them. Then he was plagued by you until he consented to authorize your charges of $ 8000. You've committed fraud . Your reps have lied and I mean to ensure that this strikes the State Attorney's Office asap. I am sure there was some email fraud in there as well.

Jan 5, 2006
Jaiden suarez

Torro review

To start with I want to thank Eric accepted! We're a struggling business in the initial 2 decades and rely on timely payments from our clients and in business. We were going to be short for payroll and Eric and the staff over there helped make sure we can continue to keep our staff and our business running until our customers pay us. I highly recommend Torro for your loan needs! Thank you Eric!

Jan 11, 2009

Torro review

The customer support at Torro is amazing! They functioned efficiently and effectively to get me financed. I had worked with another funding company who did nothing to assist me get financed and were unprofessional. Torro is the complete opposite. Funding began in under 24 hours when I fulfilled the requirements. I appreciate all of the work that they did for me and my business. Thank you.

Mar 11, 2017
TJS blinds shutters and shades

Torro review

Thank you again. I will be truthful with you you guys have been the best people to work with. And you guys never seem to be irritated when I phone and have a question or email with a question you guys are just great and I appreciate that it makes me need to do business with you all even more and to top it off makes me want to recommend you guys to anyone who ever needs busines financing.

Jan 10, 2000

Torro review

Excellent, quick, professional and easy. I'm a busy guy juggling everything life has thrown at me and I don't have time to jump through a million hoops. The stuff that Cameron and the Gotorro team required upload and was straightforward and easy to acquire. Our telephone calls felt more of a buddy to buddy kind of conversation. Couldn't have been happier. Thank you Gotorro!

Jan 9, 2009

Torro review

From my first phone call to Torro to the very end, nothing was unexpected. Everything was explained in detail. They were a rip off although I'd reached out to other companies for a loan for a startup business. With, I received more financing. I would definitely use again and have referred. The staff is professional, quite knowlegable, and friendly!

May 10, 2018
Kierra Inman

Torro review

Great experience! These guys are quick! They grabbed us thing. We were straight forward about timing limitations. Not only did they deliver but they conquer the other businesses. We're now working on another program for even better prices. People would like to know who came through for us and when I look back on this in 10 years, I'll SAY TORRO! They're ROCKSTARS!

Dec 1, 2018

Torro review

The syndicated line of credit is not really worth and simply useful . This is them. I was expecting and waiting for this to be greater, but I have obtained the instructions that are to take balance transfer/cash progress checks. This is NOT a business line of credit a compilation of personal credit cards. You can apply for these cards by yourself and save thousands.

Jan 7, 2019
Kevin Worthington

Torro review

Daniel has got to be the worst person to manage. We needed to submit our loan 4 days and after that calls to ask when we were going to submit it again with a docusign once you told us you couldn't do anything to us, so he hangs up on us then won't answer the phone. They worker I will take my business elsewhere and so if this is the type of individuals should you.

Jan 7, 2000

Torro review

When I contacted Torro to assist me with obtaining funding I had no concept of what they really did. In the end, it was one. Everybody from the call to the end of the procedure was friendly and helpful explaining each step to me as time moved on. I look forward to a continuing relationship together and I'd be happy to recommend to other people.

Jan 6, 2001
822 Flips

Torro review

Torro is wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. My agent, Chris went well above and beyond to get my business loan approved. With underwriting to make this happen, he worked hard. These funds will go a long way to help grow my business, and has opened doors if no one else could consider us for funding. Thank you Chris and Torro! Kim 822 Flips.

Jan 6, 2008
Sean Koz

Torro review

Awful firm, lies from the beginning. Worse than a payday lender. Lending at its best. Companies like this is why individuals and companies are in debt. Charlie isn't the best to deal with and likely doesn't sleep at nighttime. Hounded the loan to be accepted by us rather than said fee's or the best way to pay off loan early or see account activity.

Jan 11, 2000
Chris Brown

Torro review

Chris Ruflin was amazing! Worked with us in the beginning to make sure we got it quickly and got the financing. We are a business that is new and this was our first time each shooting financing and he made the procedure as painless as it can be. The remainder of the team was great as well they were efficient and effective. Would highly recommend.

Jan 6, 2004

Torro review

I've had the most wonderful experience working with I spoke together, Lynda Holmes, Andrew Anderson and rick Mele were nothing but friendly, informative, and useful. I felt like all of my questions and concerns were answered perfectly to my understanding. I would suggest them to anyone who is in a pinch to fund their small business!

Jan 6, 2009
Elwyn Ewald

Torro review

Very professional treatment with the people at TORRO with special hats off to an extremely talented and well informed person named TRISTAN BURTOFT who provided me with useful alternative ideas for how I could find the loans to get my businesses who travelled from his way in an honest attempt to help me reach our mutual goals in speaking together.

Jan 4, 2008
Jae K Bong

Torro review was really useful, fast and made my loan processing smooth. I was happy with my loan with They gave me options to get my loan and has been rapid. Dan Leppala was my agent in handling my loan request, and he had been friendly, and professional. I would recommend working with Dan Leppala at Toro for you company loans.

Jan 1, 2000

Torro review

Quite misleading in their emails and telephone calls. They maintain stating they can get you a loan. Then the loan that they get is at 30%. Read all of the fine print so you are paying interest as their fee is taken from the loan. Read this, you don't receive the loan that is complete, however you pay attention to the loan that is complete.

Jun 5, 2017
A Plus Plumbing and Heating

Torro review

I strongly suggest asking for dan he was awesome and gave us his cell phone number so that we could reach him after business hours with any queries if you would like to get a business loan. To me that was consideriing we're in different time zones. Thank you Dan for being an Wonderful person we will be calling you for our loan that is next

Jan 4, 2006
Fred Hammonds

Torro review

Tristan has been outstanding with transparency and communication regarding the details of getting a loan with My wife and me want to start our own company and achieved to multiple lenders for financing and Tristan was the one to call and email when he said he would. I appreciate the good customer service you have given us.

Torro Business Loans

You can rely on Torro to help you get the capital you need quickly and without any hassle. If you are outside of or direct funding criteria, our team of knowledgeable finance advocates will connect you to a financial product that’s right for you. Torro gives you access to the biggest names in business lending. We also have a vast network of private investors and independent brokerages who specialize in a number of industries. With our experience in business consulting and finance we have found that business owners searching for funding are usually lacking the knowledge of what is required to obtain business capital. Our goal at Torro is to be the bridge in positioning business owners by working hand in hand with you through the funding procurement process. Although Torro provides innovative technology, and industry experience we’ve found that what sets apart from large institutions and robotic underwriting processes is our Team here at Torro that take the time to communicate, ask questions, and position our clients for success. We are proud to invest in the American Dream in helping small businesses like yours succeed!



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