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Feb 11, 2018
SR Brown

SnapCap review

The business loan experience we have ever had. We completed a complete application, which comprised uploading thee months of bank statements. We had been told that we should receive a response within 24 hours. No followup was got by us. After two weeks emailing the account executive, and not getting an answer I called to request a new account executive. The senior account executive will call me back within two hours with a response and noted that she had been sending our file to underwriting straight away. She never gave a reason to me. Also, the following morning she called back but sent an email. Again awful customer service that suggests a dramatic lack of professionalism. Initially, we chose to go with Snapcap since they are a Lendingtree business. Big mistake! I find this surprising that the leadership at Lendingtree has any notion of the sort of people that they have conducting this operation. When we called Snapcap after not getting a response for more than two weeks that the account executive answered the phone like I had been phoning her dorm room and upsetting a party. There was a bunch of individuals loudly participated in personal conversations in the background. I could definitely hear their discussions. I couldn't believe that the folks with whom we've sent our confidential business details are currently running this place like a garage startup. We have been in business for over 13 decades and have never experienced anything. Luckily we had obtained a six-figure small business loan from a different lender that was reputable and were not desperate for the cash. I would advise any little company to steer clear from Snapcap. Com and seek funding elsewhere. Even the runaround, lack of professionalism, and a lack of the requirements of small business owners aren't worth you wasting your own time.

Dec 10, 2015
Superglass Gainesville

SnapCap review


If you've not read an overview please see mine. Times have changed more rapidly than anyone is able to keep up with. Time is Money! If you believe CONVENTIONAL LOANS get the job done, You will soon be out of business sooner than later. There's NO WAY any of the so called SBA Lenders are going to give you a loan which helps YOU! I had attended seminars,functions,spoke to creditors face to confront Y E A R S! All the while attempting to conduct household my life, my small business. Well you can stay the status quo, when all options were really no choices I thought like you did once you bought your business or you can take a chance. & years ? 8th going pretty nicely. Will have to expand. My loan officer/consultant turned down me the 1st time but took the time to"Explain Why". Here is what we are searching for,here's what you need to do, you're near but we do not feel comfy. She had been fair. Told me she'd check back in a month or two. Guess what? She Did! I was financed within one day. Another step is being taken by us . Are the prices competitive? NO but what's a two. 5-3. 0 percent rate from your regional bank mean IF YOUR NEVER GOING TO GET IT!? Have BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, AND a business plan In case you have been in operation. Take some opportunity. If you are currently seeking to start a business and have no clue what to do, Well perhaps you should go somewhere else. Our CPA thought is was consistent. Told me we can write off the interest,build business credit,employ 1 to 2 employes. With the forecasted revenue generated we would be fine. If you're using these funds to bail yourself out(my opinion. BAD IDEA) I know company. The 21st Century company is understood by me. These people worked . Yet they worked with me. 5 STARS. I will be back Shawn Laffey

Jan 9, 2006
Deborah Stewart

SnapCap review

When I got this loan at Snap cap from my sales person that this was going to be the best thing moving I believed. I've been with different companies but this was the most easy procedure that had ever experienced. I wasn't able to receive the quantity of money which I needed. I had been told by my salesperson at that time call back in a few months and to take the loan and determine what could be done in order to get what I wanted. So now it's been two weeks and after phoning four occasions and the same sales man not even bothering to come back some of my calls I eventually catch him on the phone and he tells me that my memory is bad and that he never told me . I wouldn't do business with them because they are only interested in one shot deals and not maintaining long term customers. THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT! If he didn't recall the untruth he had toldhe should have taken the duty and not have blamed his inability to recall what he had stated. Hope you find that this review of the company Snap Cap helpful.

Dec 2, 2015
Sierra Falso

SnapCap review

We reached out to after being turned down from our bank for a small business loan, even after proving to the bank that we were in fact a super solid company doubling our revenues for the past four years. We also are debt free and get our gear out directly with no liens. We had a little influx of capitol to get us and cover some huge insurance deposits and make some need improvements. came to the rescue, but not without jumping through some hoops which were to be expected. It did take a little longer than advertised but it may have been due to the fact that we are a business version they had not worked with before. So it took a little, but not more than a week, to receive them. We are currently looking forward to a mutually beneficial and long relationship with SnapCap. I strongly recommend Ben Whitman along with the whole team. I truly believe things get or they really care and feels when unexpected obligations pop up, which we can build for success.

Jan 7, 2003
S Williams

SnapCap review

I used online and received an email. Great so far! I replied, no reply. I wrote two more times, no response. I called. She neglected to answer at that time I got a real person and called the main line. I had been searching when I told him his co-worker's name, he called out to her. I suppose they are in the exact same office area. Apparently she told him she"was not available" since he then came back online and said"she's not in." When I told him I just heard him talking to somebody who called by her name, he explained,"that I can help you." I relayed my advice and loan request again, at which time he said that our Company industry (nonprofit)"isn't our favorite" business, but"we'll put your application through to underwriting." Ever since - almost 3 weeks ago - I've heard nothing. (I'd call once again a few days ago. ) I'd imagine this would be unacceptable to anyone, not just me and my company.

Jan 2, 2008
Steven L Wilson

SnapCap review

Snapcap came up in my Facebook feed one day when I was looking for financing to continue the growth for my business. I filed a small form and the following day I was connected with a representative by Snapcap who I felt really wished to assist me Austin Prusak. Sales calls have bombarded me from different companies and I believed that's all earnings forecasts. Mr. Prusak helped me understand Snapcap was different from the other firms and managed to get me accepted at a higher loan amount with better repayment terms compared to the other companies. I am very happy with the final result, giving me some relief on allow me to put money into my own company and how to smooth over my cash flow. The funding process was smooth, and without lots of the stipends the other companies required. I recommend using Snapcap if that is the sort of financing your company needs to use at this time.

Jan 2, 2005
John M. Allegro

SnapCap review

C. Moynahan.

Was the loan officer I have ever spoken with regarding a loan that is possible. He was a great listener and very receptive. His focus was on the client and their specific needs. He followed up the phone in addition to every mail with me. I was not expecting that kind of service. He was clear and consice which helped me through the loan process. Although my loan was outside of their business lending extent, he took the time to refer me to somebody. Colin would be recommended by me . He's very communicative which makes the loan process seamless. I've done business with bank loan officers through time, not one of them come close to Colin. Because my experience with Colin was really convinced I'll do loans together with them later on. That's actually tough to see in the company enviroment today that we have.

Jan 1, 2006
Basil J Mignacca

SnapCap review

I was attempting to get modest amounts of money without a success for more than 2 years from local banks Before finding Snap Cap! We do . 5 million per year and the banks would give nothing to us! So I'd given up on the possibility of developing my company. until Snap Cap. Their ad states that you will get your money. And we actually had our money (10 times that which we'd asked from a local bank) in 22 hours and the cash was within our actual business checking account in less one day! Every customer service person with whom I dealt . Greg, ceyda and Larson was knowledgeable and helpful! I strongly recommend this company! And if you make your payments on time you'll be refunded a substantial amount of the interest that you pay! Following 6 weeks!

Jan 8, 2007
David Wagner

SnapCap review

I've experience with a various short term lender, the experience I had with SnapCap was far superior. I really could tell the call they had been professional to form. The lender I used was unorganized and scattered, and you never knew who would answer the phone, or if they would even answer in any way. They even billed me error for 5 times well after the loan ended (which was reimbursed but it took a week for them to figure out why their system malfunctioned) Eric in SnapCap was quickly, organized and very pleasant to manage, and consistently answered or returned my calls quickly, with funding as promised and much more realistic fees than that I had from the previous lender. It's my aim to work in building a long term relationship here.

Jan 5, 2008
Kimberly Williams

SnapCap review

I've been looking for a charge card to replace the one I have from my regional bank. I have also been considering starting a small business but did not think I'd be eligible for a small buisness loan. I was told by A buddy about com. I was sold after checking them out online! On either the small buisness loan and the private credit card there's an introductionary advertising where there isn't any transfer fees on the credit card and there is no ARP and 0% Annual Fees for 18 Months! There qualifying requirments are so much better than that of your lender and what's done online! I could think about starting my small buisness where it was just a dream!

Nov 4, 2016
Alexis DeFreitas

SnapCap review

I have been working with Colin at SnapCap for close to a year now, I contacted him to find out if we could look at financing options that were new to keep our business growing. Withing 5 minutes of sending the email I was called by him. He called me back the next day and had gone beyond and over what I'd asked him to see whether he could perform for us! He was able also do something that no one else could and to work together with his underwriting division. I would recommend them to anybody. Thank you Colin for all your help and being a part of our company that is growing! Alexis Owner of Blingin' Buddha

Jan 3, 2000
Lynne and Billy Loa

SnapCap review

Great employees on the front line. Are exactly what makes a business stick out. Two workers that stand out are Colin and Greg . So I did not have to waste my time going any 21, they were personable and useful asking the ideal questions. After realizing I already had a loan to a business similar to theirs Colin suggested I go to get a 0% interest credit card because of the people in similar situations did exactly the same thing. Even though he wasn't going to make any commission off of me. He went out of his way. Cap'd be highly recommended by me. Fantastic folks to deal with and reasonable rates

Mar 3, 2016

SnapCap review

We are a growing roofing firm here in the south and our industrial sales are skyrocketing and with that payroll for these jobs has changed into a necessity. It is still in processing although our existing bank has agreed to extend us a field of credit plus we needed funds . The team and ceyda there in Snap Cap made as promised terms and the funds that they stated they would. After approval the capital were instant and there are no areas, what was explained and the process was smooth. Thank you and thank you Ceyda, Greg, and Keith Snap Cap

May 3, 2015

SnapCap review

We have been in operation for 10 years with growth each year. Recently hitting on money flow bumps. We approached Ben at SnapCap and he really made the process easy. We desired to be conservative with our very first loan with The thing that is nice is that we were supported by Ben and was very clear concerning the repayment schedule. I am still amazed how professional and simple this process was. I would recommend to any business which needs funds. I'm looking forward with SnapCap in the future. Thank you Ben!

Oct 11, 2015
Laura L.

SnapCap review

We worked with Eric W. out of SnapCap and that he was awesome throughout the entire procedure. He was super nice and always there when we had him. He made sure we understood what to do. We got funded quickly with no issues. I think that it took 2-3 business days from the program to getting the money The only downside for us was adjusting to the repayment withdraws, but after we understood what to anticipate it was a breeze for all. We will definitely be using again in the future!

Jan 3, 2001

SnapCap review

We've been in operation for going on five years and never had to take out a loan but last year our landlord increased rent and eliminated cheap heating so we had to move our enterprise and many large inventory the overhead fresh expenses placed us in a rush. We researched Snapcap and found them to be professional, easy to utilize, and they just saved! We want to especially thank Keith and Franklin but know many helped behind the spectacle. We do recommend Snapcap if you need financing. Maggs

Aug 11, 2018
Improvement PROS

SnapCap review

This company doesn't adhere to what it says online. It's a exact same day but the rep told me is within one day. I submitted my advice in all 3 days ago lender statements to them. Ihaven't heard back and've called my rep numerous times. I have emailed and have not heard back. I spoke to somebody and call the customer service number and they said they'd allow him know to call me. Never heard from him. Each of the reviews about how wonderful this business is very misleading.

Jan 5, 2009
Heidi Wood

SnapCap review is for opening the company I have always wanted to start precisely what I need. I've had 2 patent businesses look at my creation and they say it should really take off. SnapCap, I'm sure would loan me the money to get the company off paper and onto production. And when I need to cover some unknown need, would loan the money for that too. It is and the forms are simple to read and understand. I would definitely look into this company!

Jan 9, 2001

SnapCap review

I was just typing the application in (didn't even submit the documents nonetheless ), but representative has already called me back and following short conversation I was pre-approved. Underwriting process was smooth, funds were transferred in less than 24 hours. Snapcap team works fast. Rates are fair and they provided me. Pretty pleased with my experience overall. Will use this company again if I ever need funding that is fast.

Oct 11, 2015
Kieran Mohammed

SnapCap review

Simple experience from begin to finish. I provided them with the information that they needed, they responded in an efficient way and in a few times ( because of a weekend) my cash was in the account. The payment structure is easier on cash flow as well and the expense of the cash is reasonable. Looking forward to financing my business chance . Much easier than working with the traditional banks ( in my area anyway). Hat tip!

Jan 2, 2009
Salvatore Mucciolo

SnapCap review

Franklin M. was my loan officer. He went above and beyond in helping to navigate the process. Professionalism his allure, and dogged efforts to help were amazing. Some of the facets of the process were somewhat challenging and stressful, however, Franklin made it work smoothly and was always available to assist even things finalized and if we waited for approved. Simply put, Franklin and SnapCap are amazing!

Jan 3, 2003

SnapCap review

SnapCap makes the entire process of qualifying for funds fast and simple. The entire group, by Ceyda, my representative that is committed, to the people on the underwriting group, are concentrated on making certain I know the repayment provisions before funding happens, and friendly. I never feel pressured or rushed, and I don't worry about funds showing their process being simple and straightforward.

Jan 5, 2008
Bobbie Jo MacGraw

SnapCap review

I think one of the main issue is that which others have to say about their experience. In today simplicity of shopping it's easy to taken. There are lots of great deals to be found online. But sometimes you have to check to see if anyone else has had a negative experience with a company before you buy. It saves a whole lot of grief and time to check first. You are given a source by trustpilot.

Oct 1, 2017
Paul Pugh

SnapCap review

After applying for financing thru Snapcap, they were unable to get me the funding I needed. Since I use much of my money intake to buy stock, my deposits reveal than my actual income which in turn lessened. I can understand anyone desires financial proof that I'm actually bringing in amount however, I feel they didn't think about any thought thru Square's sales is reported by my actual sales.

Feb 8, 2016
Don Duffy

SnapCap review

I'm a"seasoned veteran" now doing business in an age when the qualities listed above are no more to be taken for granted. I was delighted to discover all of the above in abundance in my dealings with Margaret Meredith at SnapCap. This was my first exposure to SnapCap and its funding version. I couldn't have been impressed by the way Margaret/SnapCap ran their business ! Don/Manufacturer

Jan 10, 2006

SnapCap review

Awesome Support - Super rapid results. They find the perfect lender so there's no stress in trying to apply to multiple lenders, to meet your needs. 1 application, then you receive multiple offers from lenders. In reality, Snap Cap obtained a loan approval for over double what was initially asked. The funds were deposited within a half hour, When the application was approved!

Sep 3, 2017

SnapCap review

I Talked with Robert on the phone.

He was patient and took the opportunity to listen to me and understand what my new business needed. Robert gave me some helpful advice about what lenders consider, Though I wasn't able to get qualified for financing, due to my time in business. I feel like I'll have a far better chance of being approved while the timing is right.

Jun 11, 2015

SnapCap review

I wanted some funds quickly and came to the rescue! I knew a bank would require too long, but was able to get me funded the next day! Big shoutout to MacKenzie and Greg who guided me they were quite clear with I appreciated that they took the time and how the loan would work. Its great to have a relationship with a company that I can trust.

Feb 6, 2019

SnapCap review

As a small business owner I will honestly state Snapcap was a complete joy to work with. The loan process was straightforward and transparent. My options were explained and my expectations were far surpassed by also the final outcome. Snapcap will remain as my lending spouse for any future financing requires which may arise later on. Very impressive

Jan 2, 2004
Kim Nicholas

SnapCap review

Entire process was efficient and quick and simple. It did not take much and the various employees involved in the process are extremely knowledgeable and quick to reply. They were patient and made sure I knew until we jumped although it took me a while to comprehend the numbers. They made it a pleasure although this is. Would recommend

Jan 1, 2006
Heather Flannery

SnapCap review

I can not tell you how refreshing it was to work with people who were willing to create my financial crises, their emergencies. Their mindset was one of transparency, real helpfulness, speediness, and efficacy from our interactions. Thank you! I'll continue to do business with this company if and like I have short-term funding requirements.

Jan 8, 2016
David Freeman

SnapCap review

The response to my application was considerate and prompt. The exact same day The majority of the follow up was treated, but restraints completed over the weekend. The first thing Monday morning I was in the last stages of approval. This was a way to acquire funds for me and when I wanted it to to advance my business, was there.

Dec 3, 2016

SnapCap review

I looked in the people working 17, when I went into their website. I was surprised to see other than the people their mascots ( I adore them ) happy folks have to be there, fantastic surroundings The process was on time, useful, concious, and responsible. They helped me and I am grateful. I'll do it if I want it enticing you Snapcap staff

Jan 3, 2003

SnapCap review

Having worked in customer service myself for years I understand that the taxing nature of the job when it comes to dealing with customers like myself. Robert was wonderful to talk with. He was fine, educated, and super patient. Really appreciate still being personable, how honest and helpful he had been. Thanks, Robert and!

Oct 4, 2019

SnapCap review

Chris Crumley was great to work with along with his counter part too Chris. This is our first time utilizing SnapCap and as a business owner was very delighted with the quick procedure. We will continue to partner with SnapCap as we proceed forward building the relationship. Thank you! Jennifer Lohmann BCS ALL PRO - Property Services

Jan 3, 2004
Ally Dir

SnapCap review

I've had encounters to get small business loans with a number of companies and have had to jump to get exactly what I had. This was my first experience with SnapCap and I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the process was with helping me pick the most appropriate loan for my circumstance and they were. I will be moving to them.

Jan 6, 2008
Patrick Hall

SnapCap review

As a small business owner searching for approaches to gain funds and grow, I had been skeptical of on-line lending. My expertise with Snap-Cap, and especially my loan officer far exceeded any and all client service I had ever experienced, although my expectations! The honesty, help, and followup I experienced has built for me

Feb 12, 2015
Barbara Palmer

SnapCap review

From the moment my husband and I until we obtained the funds from our account applied, we were supplied with support. Drew and austin were great. Austin took the time why we chose to open a childcare center and inquire about our business and to develop a relationship with us. I would recommend snapCap to all business owners.

Jan 6, 2004
Kevin Anderson

SnapCap review

Being a relatively new business, attempting to manage the pains that are related and expansion can be difficult sometimes. I happened across snapcap, via google and the process was personable quick and personal. My customer service rep was exceptional, extremely prompt and efficient. I will do business and would recommend.

Jan 5, 2008
Karen Dilger

SnapCap review


Com help small businesses grow and thrive right there in their Communities. Everyday is opening. Snapcap. Com can help with all their business needs Small or Big. Snapcap. Com has loans to satisfy your needs. They are able to make your fantasy of having a Company a Reality. Snapcap. com

Jun 5, 2019

SnapCap review

Snapcap is excellent super fast disbursing the funds that are essential and to deal with. Which means a lot to some little company and hassle free. Even after being in business for more than 36 years from time to time you need additional working capital. I've found this really is the location to rely on.

Nov 5, 2014
Kimberly Schofill Whitten

SnapCap review

I've done many reviews in the past and I that my voice is being heard. It provides me an opportunity to give my feelings and ideas about thoughts and various things. More companies should utilize this outlet to get the opinions of the folks that may or may not like product or their organization.

Jan 3, 2006
Tiffany Mitchell

SnapCap review

I didn't expect SnapCap to be different to other lenders but their customer service was. Chris was fast to answer my questions all. If he did not pick up on the ring he would call back 5 minutes 21, every time I called. I could tell he had a genuine interest in my company and it is growth.

Jan 5, 2006
R.j. Colwell

SnapCap review

SnapCap truly understands the special needs of small companies. SnapCap recognized that my business was not and my baby, and my dream just some other number. I would definitely recommend them within the"big" banks and other, impartial financial institutions who are"all business, no heart."

Jan 8, 2004
Kjell Ottesen

SnapCap review

This is by far the best service and functionality I've received from and lending firm! Professional and courteous, ready to help and move fast. Austin kept me up and the expressions and deal was better compared to my previous creditor. I am excited to keep working with Austin and SnapCap!

Jan 5, 2007
Darren Kraemer

SnapCap review

No provider compares to the prices, terms and service of! I was so glad I found them! No tricks, hidden charges or gimmicks. They have the closest thing to a bank loan without waiting time and the long protracted paperwork. Best and Fast loan out there. Thank you SnapCap!

Jan 3, 2006

SnapCap review

Initially I was skeptical of lenders but I spoke with Colin at SnapCap and he was so professional. I never anticipated this kind of smooth process to get approved for a business loan. Everything was done and I thought that was amazing. This couldn't have been more suitable. Thank you!

Jan 5, 2006
Jon Haley

SnapCap review issued me a business loan quicker than the banks might. It allowed me to put money into a time sensitive business enterprise. The site was easy and navigable and the man on the phone was extremely helpful and considerate. 5/5 stars. Done and Done.

Jan 5, 2008
Gavin Klima

SnapCap review

It's fast, it is simple, there's absolutely no hassle. A lending platform for today's business leaders. The new era format where they calculate a lending solution that gets you if you need it. My guess is that this will become the new industry standard for small loans.

Jan 3, 2003

SnapCap review

Austin was really beneficial. He walked me through every step of the snapcap procedure and made it easy. When something came up that he was accessible and explained things. I didn't anticipate this kind of service. Was way better than dealing with my bank.

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SnapCap can facilitate business funding up to $1 million in just 24 hours and evaluates applications based on recent business performance. SnapCap's hands-on concierge service paired with LendingTree's expansive lender network guarantees you get the best possible business financing available. SnapCap and LendingTree have provided over $1 billion in funding to small businesses.



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