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Jan 5, 2009

Shield Funding review

I contacted Sam Baitz 10 AM PST and I only got $35,000 in my account 5/17/18 11 PM PST. It is 5/18/18 1:44 AM PST and I'm pleased to write this review for this company. Do not think since I do not that I have an ideal company and resume. I just believe that they're simply a rare. My deal was organised in a manner I feel like it would help my company and that both and my company would end up helping each other out. This is a thing for this business. Firms in the industry needed me feeling that it's a one way road. I've read and experienced lenders which take advantage of companies, particularly those businesses lenders understand would have a hard time getting approved everywhere. Give them a try and do not wait. After I applied I did but mercifully, I pushed through. I had a sense they're different. I now consider them a long-term associate of my company as their deals are structured to ensure you both wind up in a winning situation. I would never hesitate again to do business I want funding. Other lenders will only think of themselves and abuse the situation when dealing with firms seeking non-traditional loans. I never believed that with Shield Funding along with the expertise and results that I had would back up this claim. I feel that with my situation, I got the best deal that everyone could have offered me. I am talking length of terms about quantity of cash, and rate. I believe I've received the best deal in terms of these three facets given my situation. This is the reason why I am excited with what provide will come next time. Thank you Sam for help and all of the patience. I appreciate it. I'm anticipating a very long business relationship.

Jul 1, 2019
Mari B Howe

Shield Funding review

Great Experience!

We started out searching for much more capitol and also a" consolidation to get rid of places and qualify for more capitol. Sam and Jacob took some time to listen and think of a personalized program for us. Whike of the sources just lead us down a rabbit hole and wasted our time. They actually put a"reverse style" consolidation togeather for us. Several phone calls and emails back and forth with Jacob OVER CHRISTMAS for the job. Jacob and sam also met to discusscustomize and work with their investors! We are no currently paying down multiple places and aligning ourselves to use our own cash and accountable Capitol funding at a" one stop shop" environment. Places are currently falling off and next phase is being got by Sam / Jacob for Capitol! Eventually a real solution instead of piling patch funding! Thanks guys for follow up/ alternatives / and creating a relationship of trust and caring. GOOD FOR! Buiz the way it ought to be! Jim n Mari bta llc.

Aug 1, 2018

Shield Funding review

As a business owner I'm always too busy to write reviews like these, but I make an exception for shield funding because they've been a worthy key to furthering the success of our enterprise. Being in the restaurant business above all it's been difficult to get funding, even after being in business and having places and credit that is pretty good we encounter our fair share of challenges. After managing an SBA lender for four weeks and getting the runaround I achieved to shield funding literally on Christmas Eve, not only was there someone available to talk to me on a Sunday on Christmas Eve I had funds in my account nine business days afterwards. Not only was the procedure fast it demanded a fraction of the paperwork I had submitted to the SBA, and I obtained the same terms I went to make it through the SBA lender. I'm never going anywhere else!

Jan 1, 2008
David K

Shield Funding review

I was hesitant to do business with a funding company as I get hundreds of solicitations a month from them. Companies pitch heavy and take part in unethical strategies even in their sales pitches. Sam at was honest through the full process. I told him what I was searching for and he paid attention. He didnt sell me about doing billions and is the ideal. He got me exactly what I delivered on time and was looking. I believe the part of the deal is to be truthful and tell the customer they do not have to take any offer. Sam treated me like I was his brother and never forced me. I would strongly recommend talking to Sam about funding even if you don't take a loan.

Jan 4, 2008

Shield Funding review

As a small business owner in North Carolina we were in need of working capital for a project that is new. Creditors has ever been stressful, time consuming, and degrading. I had been skeptical about calling funding sources discovered thru an internet search, but quickly felt at ease within minutes of talking to Sam Baitz with He was never judgmental, recognized our requirements, and listened to me. Within two days, Sam presented terms and me several options and had our loan accepted. Two days later, the capital were in our accounts. I would highly recommend Sam Baitz for all of your funding requirements.

Apr 1, 2019
Jennifer Acosta

Shield Funding review

I worked with Jacob from, he was excellent to work with. My company is growing and that I needed capital to keep up. Jacob helped me find a fantastic deal and I had been financed within a few days of calling him. He had been making sure I had all of the documents and information which were required to speed the procedure up. All my questions were answered by Jacob and made the process easy, although I was skeptical initially. He made it sound simple in the beginning, but he came through with a bargain and I received the funds I had straight away.

Jan 5, 2001

Shield Funding review

ShieldFunding is a state of the art company with service that will not stop until your funding finished. We were lucky to get Sarah as our rep and she is one of the hardest working people cut communicating and I have met. She had been very informative and accessible of each step in the funding procedure. Sarah is also very honest about your situation and we were blessed to receive her as our rep. If any one out there is thinking about using ShieldFunding you have came to the ideal place. Thank You Again Sarah!

May 9, 2019
David Kirby

Shield Funding review

I came to this business when no one could guve me a chance. Ariel is quite comprehensive and was simple to work with. He understands what it is like to be a small business owner and functions in your behalf to secure funding for you. Ariel assists you through the process and is clear about everything. I would highly recommend using this company to secure your funding. I'm excited about a long term relationship with Ariel and also this provider. David Kirby A-1 Hauling and Trash Removal

Jul 9, 2018

Shield Funding review

Justin Smith in Shield Funding Has Been outstanding!

He was very easy to work with, very professional and great attitude. I appreciated he had been in getting back to me. Justin worked hard and fast that I wanted for my buisness if others turned me down. I recommend Justin and Shield staff to some buisness owner looking for a quick affordable funding program. Thanks to Shield team for making this happen for me. Justin your man!

Mar 4, 2018
Lakeside Memorial Chapel

Shield Funding review

Sarah Green was awesome throughout the funding process. Although we dropped one deal she was able to coordinate the next one the same day that resulted in more funding. She also stayed on top of everything and communicated during each step with us. We're so thankful that we found Shield Funding and would work with them later on on our job. Blessings for you Sarah!

Jan 5, 2009
CA Paralegal Service

Shield Funding review

Sam Baitz of is Your best!

He remained in contact throughout the whole loan procedure and had been honest with me. This is my first mortgage with Shield and I'm likely to continue doing business with Sam. When Sam says 100% - he means precisely that - they are considerate, professional, honest and prompt. Highly recommended!

Nov 3, 2019

Shield Funding review

Thank you so much Jacob for getting me funded! I must state doing business with you had been the calmest and most smooth encounter I ever went through. You got me BEST rates! You went above and beyond your own limits to help me! Thank you. You made it all possible and took me! I will recommend folks to come and get loans together with you.

Nov 1, 2018
Alexander . Rivera

Shield Funding review

Securing business capital and funding, is by far one of the most difficult items ive been a business owner until I met Sarah at Shield. She made the process so easy that me shocked. I had my offers within each day, along with my funding the next. Will do business with them again the loan I have now is paid off.

Jan 7, 2006
Traci Morin

Shield Funding review

Ariel worked very difficult for my business. I am in an almost impossible position after my divorce, and the offer was never given up on by Ariel. He saw it all of the way through to make sure we obtained the financing we had to be able to provide the inventory we need for our clients. So grateful!

Jan 1, 2008
J. Holt

Shield Funding review

One of the simplest funding bargains I've ever been through. As questions came up, jacob stayed with us and explained everything in fantastic detail. Funding was speedy and it felt like I had known Jacob for several years. I look forward to more opportunities to do business, as required, later on!

Jan 8, 2006
Jerry Zigler

Shield Funding review

Ariel was incredible. He will pick up the phone and ask how your day was but he'll cut stage in a very professional manner. He was not fake, told me how it is, and got me an approval of anybody else in a couple hours. I called him Monday afternoon and had funds in my account by Wednesday. Cudos!

Jan 5, 2009

Shield Funding review

I had a positive experience with Shield and notably using Max Leher who worked with me. He was simple to get in contact with and answered all of my questions. I never felt like I had been"bothering" him and I really appreciated that. Can do business with him again John McGregor

Jan 9, 2008
Kari Calderon

Shield Funding review

Ariel was amazing! He was attentive, thorough and useful. Any pleasure to talk to! He made me feel confident although as though anything and never left me laugh! He has a massive future ahead of him and that I wish I could deal with him all the time in my business enterprise!

Jan 1, 2006
Darius Powell

Shield Funding review

I was in need for funding for my truck. I call Shield funding on Sunday, Sarah returned my call sent me the application that day and asked me several questions. The next day she call and explained that I had been accepted and the funding will probably be in my account the day.

Jan 1, 2003
Renae L.

Shield Funding review

The first time we used them it started off Rocky, however we came back for another time and Sarah and Joe were very helpful and made everything run smooth. I would highly recommend Shield Funding. They have been excellent for us and our funding requirements. Thanks Sarah!

Jan 7, 2006
Barbara R.

Shield Funding review

Sam and Sarah are phenomenal! They are very professional and comprehensive. They are very dedicated to get you exactly what you need very expeditiously and get the job done! I've had two accounts with them and I strongly recommend their support to anyone needing!

May 4, 2019
Wendy Gonzalez

Shield Funding review

Sam is great to use! Very professional and made me feel as though he went out to make this procedure that is a fast and effortless! All of the people I had been in contact with at shield are Fantastic Look forward to do business with them in the Wendy

Jan 3, 2000

Shield Funding review

We had an fantastic experience working with Sarah and her team at ShieldFunding. She provided us with a few great deals, was helped in answering any concerns and timely and questions. We would recommend Shield for small business funding needs.

May 2, 2019

Shield Funding review

Once walked through the process, answering all my questions and helping me each step of the way, I was relieved. Sam created an experience that could have been overpowering feel super easy and simple. Thank you Sam/Shield Funding!

Sep 5, 2018

Shield Funding review

Shieldfunding is an excellent selection for your business funding needs. To Sarah Green you are amazing. Very reliable helpful, kind and fair. Thank you a lot for your help Sarah. Im so thankful that I discovered Shieldfunding.

Oct 12, 2018

Shield Funding review

Hanna was a joy to work with she made my own loan process so easy. Stressful free you're lucky to have her on your staff. God Bless Her . If needdd finds, I would recommend all my business friends. Thank you a shield funding

Jan 5, 2006

Shield Funding review

Great Service with Quick Results!

We worked with Max in Shield Funding. He was obtaining us exactly what we had for this loan and fast with replies. We will be delighted to use him today and in the long run.

Jul 9, 2018
Allen Woolsey

Shield Funding review

When I contacted Shield, the procedure was painless and simple! Sam contacted me directly and the procedure was once more smooth and painless. He communicated well and had no hidden agendas. Thanks again Sam!

Sep 1, 2018
Eli Vital

Shield Funding review

Before ShieldFunding, selecting a go was just like throwing darts. You never knew where you went to hit. We send over 80% of our files to ShieldFunding and enjoy quality rates and premium service. 5 stars !

Jun 8, 2018

Shield Funding review

Jack is the most honest guy! He helped my firm secure the funding required in a timely manner, also worked hard to find the best price for my organization! I am looking forward to working with him.

Jan 12, 2007

Shield Funding review

Jacob was among educated people, proedessional, and the very polite I have had the pleasure of working with in quite a very long time. I highly recommend Shield to the Business Funding needs.

Sep 4, 2018
Bud Mullaney

Shield Funding review

Very Honest Gentleman.

I have had trade and he's a man of his sentence. Would not be scared to urge him As a judge of personality 1. Good family man 2. Man of the word

Jan 4, 2005

Shield Funding review

They're fast, very responsive, dependable, and amazing. I was given many different alternatives and payback structures by them. Sarah and Carine in particular were amazing.

Jun 6, 2019
Devin shockley

Shield Funding review

Jacob was great maintain the operation light and to work with made matters easy. Little stress came with picking your group for my funding. We will he performing business!

Jun 2, 2018
James Wong

Shield Funding review

Sarah out of Shield Funding Has Been the best.

She was cool. And allow me to get a loan with terms. It was simple and she had my back. Very sincere and caring.

Jan 11, 2009
Randy Williams

Shield Funding review

Hanna, provided every way to finance my company. With of her attempts I got funded and my company is on its way. Thank You so much and Hanna the Shield Funding team

Jan 9, 2005

Shield Funding review

Working with I'd say a Simple process and Really reliable and Maximum tries to go above to get you what you are needing and does what he can for Individuals

Jan 11, 2019

Shield Funding review

Jacob is wonderful! He is an excellent communicator and negotiator! Works with clients in getting the best deal possible. We're thankful and blessed to have him

Jan 5, 2000

Shield Funding review

Jacob was easy to communicate with and time efficient. He worked with what my company needed and got me a deal I'm happy with. I would certainly recommend them.

Jul 8, 2019
John V Hodge

Shield Funding review

Ariel was thorough, well versed and aggressive in his approach to funding my business. He chased multiple options until we found the best fit for my situation.

Aug 8, 2018

Shield Funding review

Thank you Max.

You were an unbelievable help. This was really seamless. Looking forward to working with Max and in the future.

Mar 9, 2019
Wanda Boone Aka Boss Lady

Shield Funding review

Jacob definitely knows the product and is amazing, professional. Customer service is thanks small business owners like you are appreciated by myself

Jan 6, 2008
Small Business Owner

Shield Funding review

Managed to procure funding of the needed amount and settling with other offers from other companies. Look forward to working with Max at the future.

Sep 4, 2018

Shield Funding review

Sarah was a huge help, she made it an process. It turned out to be a turn around to the funds. Unlike the nail biting encounter through a lender.

Nov 3, 2019

Shield Funding review

Shield funding is the best of the best! Their customer service, response time and funding limits are unmatched. I recommend the group and Jacob!

Jan 4, 2000
Kimberly M Fulmore

Shield Funding review

Jacob at Shield Funding made the experience easy. He was upfront and thorough when walking through the funding procedure. I would recommend him.

Jan 4, 2006

Shield Funding review

Sarah kept her promise when I'll get my funds and also did a great job getting me Accepted in a timely Mather and did everything she Can

Jan 7, 2006

Shield Funding review

Max was great to work with! Responsive and prepared to follow my requirements. Looking forward to a long term relationship with this company!

Feb 5, 2018

Shield Funding review

I wanted funds and Shield Funding delivered. They could get me 25,000 even having a bankruptcy discharged. Sarah was really nice and useful.

Jan 3, 2005
Amirhossein Noorabadi

Shield Funding review

I've a special thank to Mr. Sam Baitz.

He is a professional and always available to assist and locate a suitable financial solutions.

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