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Feb 4, 2016

SenecaOne review

My first time was good. This time it started out good,then it moved off kind. Getting paper work began ok, then it wasn't what they desired, if it had been summited to the insurance company. The insurer said that they had the wording done differentwe did that. We got no issue, our court . Went to court,although we were in court the person who was said that they could have had a faster order to get things done sooner but he didn't have that newspaper. The insurer took its time getting their paper work done. About 1 1/2 months after eventually got sent to get the orders singed. So we were advised, the move was approved by the judge, we were just waiting for the insurer. It was wanted by in which the insurance company, when all of the paper work was completed how. I singed it in my end faxed back it, judge got it and it sat on his desk for a week. At the mean time I needed to telephone the clerk of courts with no response. A week later we had to visit the court house to find out if the order was signed and it wasn't. Needed to call Seneca a single lawer to get things going, got voice mail. Finally about hour arrangement was signed and back into your workplace. Then a few days after the cash got to our bank. We had to get papers notarized this time after the time. I believe that the absence of communication between Seneca One and insurer was a problem this time. I hope into some one else, as you do have good people working for you, or that this dosn't occur again. I believe there is a training section in order here. To make sure this dose not happen to anyone. Thank You.

Jan 12, 2007

SenecaOne review

I thought they were making me chase after my money. With the progress I was told something but when it was time they did not want to do exactly what they said until they gave it to me and I almost backed out . And when I eventually got the cash my life insurance thy obtained for me was taking longer than anticipated so they said they continue to the 1000 then they would give me an additional $1000. Would not give an immediate answer to me when I inquired how long would it take attempt but the lady said it should only be a couple weeks at the most. Almost a month later and I'm waiting and I begin texting the woman and she do not return to me. So I start texting slot and she was ignoring me and I got frustrated and mad saying tht that they obtained their money they were to assist me. All I wanted was for her se and to test how it was gon na na be. I texted several times during the next few weeks and she woul DB answer just a few times saying"s he was on the road, or out of town or I will heck and return to me tomorrow" and many other excuses. I got fed up and wanted that they just give me the $1000 they were holding the other $1000 wasn't wanted by me. That woman was really rude to me and it made me repent utilizing Seneca one. On a positive note the opportunity to get approved from the courtesy but getting them to honor their term. So I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone.

Jan 5, 2004

SenecaOne review

Some time back I predicted senaca one and I had help. They place me threw to this man called very first thing I thought was they just want my money and will say anything to receive it. But that was not true this time. Ari and I've became great friends through the years. He is a very helpful and honest with. Me and him have an awesome friendship and I would trust this man with my life. I have a son and we would have froze last 18, if it wasn't for him. If anybody travels threw senaca one I expect that they can get in touch with him cuz he is hands down the best agent I've had the joy of working with and I also have a friend that was fantastic. Thank you ari giberman you are the man my brothaa lol

Feb 8, 2015
Franchesca Leber

SenecaOne review

I applied to get a settlement out of you and you took several hundred thousand dollars and never gave me any money. I will speak to me personally or have been waiting for more than three months and no one returns my calls. Is that it takes a while for the transaction which I do not think because my funds were previously got by you. Where's my money. It seems theirs was received by others but I guess I am one of the misfortunate one that you may take advantage of since you do not even return my calls.

Jan 3, 2017

SenecaOne review

I thought the business as a whole would have their customers best interest in mind. That was not the case. Approximately 5 months to fully complete my trade it took. This was not the agents helping me but the people who mind the company's fault. The two agents helping me throughout this whole fiasco were excellent and I believe them to be friends, but I'll think twice before considering Seneca One for monetary aid.

Jan 11, 2009

SenecaOne review

Their process takes quite a very long time. They had to postpone court 5 times since they didn't have there paper work. I started my transaction in April and it's November not funded. I did one with a different company that only took from the day I talked about the phone to them to start the procedure till it was financed. I won't ever use Seneca Yet . I feel as though they are a corporation of crooks.

Jan 3, 2003
Janessa Barrier

SenecaOne review

Seneca One is by far the best firm ive ever worked with. They get the work in a manner that is timely and done. They helped out my family more than they will probably understand. I will recomend this company. My agent was the very best! Big shout out to my life saver Ari G. Your the best in what you do and you should be promoted! Lol. Thank you for all Seneca One and Ari your the best!

Jan 2, 2002

SenecaOne review

Probably could have gotten more elsewhere but my rep is a fantastic guy. The business treats me okay. Only issue I had with them ios every time a supervisor called and made it sound like I was in some sort of trouble because I had been missing calls out of my rep. I didnt read in the arrangement where it said I have to answer calls from anyone at seneca. Aside from that they're a company.

Feb 4, 2016

SenecaOne review

Disorganized and we loved Kris and although everybody was friendly, there was waiting troubles. Such as filing in the wrong county. Always needing 1 more paper to sign. Always saying just. It took more than 6 months, needed to resign everything a few times. Then we would have pulled out if it was needing it. Always had our hopes up and crushed. Will never go through this headache.

Jan 2, 2002

SenecaOne review

At first I had been told that I could get everything done and was made promises they did upward hold the bump in the road was that the amount of waiting upgrade or I had to do with no telephone call. But they made it right and keep in touch with me. I'd recommend people to utilize Seneca for any of there requires keep the good work up Seneca One

Feb 4, 2016

SenecaOne review

Poor communication skills, after my court date and That I Had Been Accepted, it was all but impossible for anyone to talk with me about when I was getting my money, I was told 7-10 business days, when in reality I Had Been given 3 desperate checks a month after, I should've trusted my gut and went to jg went worth instead,

Jul 10, 2016
Tawanda brown

SenecaOne review

Fantastic support goes a long way and makes a difference, the individual that help me through the paperwork's practice was exceptional very patient and really understanding that is knowledgeable thank you CK. I was always kept updated and informed on what that had been done the transition was quite smooth.

Jan 9, 2000

SenecaOne review

The people who work for this business have to get fired this company is crooks, they talk to my preferred when you have questions, they are to talk to you and you like your stupid you rip off. They do not return calls, and that I have emails to prove this. This company is terrible to individuals

Jan 6, 2000

SenecaOne review

In the beginning everything was great. Once everything was processed and the paperwork was signed and completed it became another story. I'll just say this. I am still waiting to get my money's balance. I should have believed the newsletter I purchased back in March.

Jan 8, 2008

SenecaOne review

I am quite happy with Senica I was treated good by Ashlee if she didn't understand she found out and I really feel like we was able to answer any question I had and became friends she was friendly. I would recommend you guys to anybody.

Mar 1, 2018

SenecaOne review

I work an Seneca one an they were very fair an trust worthy. When I need answers I could call them without a problem. An in the end everything work out great. I would send them any one with hope. Adrian Ellis

Jan 2, 2004

SenecaOne review

Very good folks to work with got the task done would be 5 out 5 stars but I did not receive my Check Advanced Just like I had been told I would be getting other then that good people trust worthy no scams at all.

Feb 12, 2016

SenecaOne review

From the day I predicted, my service rep was polite, informative, & was always available to answer any queries or concerns that I had. My trade ran smoothly & I would utilize Seneca One when I needed to.

Feb 12, 2016

SenecaOne review

A company that is good to work together, to be certain. My account rep was knowledgeable, and helpful . I am pleased with the results I've would suggest them, and received.

Jan 3, 2000

SenecaOne review

I've always been satisified and I've worked with Seneca One three occasions and also my representative Ernie was terrific! (even in the midst of having a baby!)

Jan 2, 2003

SenecaOne review

Firm has been dealt with by me,s Seneca 1,the most fair and trustworthy I have dealt with. Helped me along with my loved ones,I will never forget them,ty ck.

Jan 6, 2000

SenecaOne review

We've done a lot of trades with Seneca one. Each of which were easy and very easy. Their team is quite pleasant to utilize Ari and CK! Thank you!

Jan 5, 2003

SenecaOne review

It took to get my money. I havent received my 6000. 00. Which was posed to be here of may the beginning it is now may 14

Jul 5, 2015
Haley Lockman

SenecaOne review

Well taken care of. Great representives about getting you your money as quick as possible and they really care.

Mar 1, 2017

SenecaOne review has honesty and ethics. They treat you like you are a real person, rather than a few.

Jan 6, 2004

SenecaOne review

I'd really like to supply 5, but sending improvements once a day arms particular hour. ridiculous

Jan 5, 2009
Ellen Stacy

SenecaOne review

Extremely beneficial. Answered all questions I had and didn't feel like a couple of!

Jan 4, 2004

SenecaOne review

The people are easy to work with and kept me informed at all stages of the trade.

Jan 1, 2007

SenecaOne review

If we need anything they're there, they do a good job with their customers.

Jan 4, 2016

SenecaOne review

Yes I would recommend this company and Mike Ryan's Team was great!

Feb 10, 2015

SenecaOne review

Team of people and they work for you!

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