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Jan 5, 2004
Cody Adams Plumbing review

It was a real blessing that I was contacted by this company. My husband and I own a small plumbing company and as most small companies know you own your own up and downs so far as income. Well it appeared as though everything was hitting us at once. I tried reaching out but their provisions were ridiculous! They tried to make you feel like they have been doing you a favor by providing payments. Um NO! I wouldn't need you if I could make payments that are daily! All I could do was pray and God answered my prayer. I got a random call plus I got a fantastic feeling about it. I read things and did my research. Of course I continued to plead and the doorways were opened for everything to happen! The only negative issue is that we applied during the authorities closed down so it took longer for the procedure to go through but that has been outside of the control. Needless to say we have a little breathing room. Hallelujah! So my main question was. "Is this company legit?" Well from one company owner to another, Yes! I hope this helps you and have a blessed day!

Jan 4, 2009
Kimberly Castro review

I am a veterinarian in Florida and a practitioner. About five years back I had a clinic fire that compelled me to maneuver and basically start over. I've fought over the years to some point last year where I believed I was going to lose everything I worked hard for. Then I answered the telephone one day, and that I usually never do, and it was Laura McKee from the office of Richard and John Ponte. From then on it was just like I had been wrapped in angels' arms! Over the past year as well as their staff have gone above and beyond the call of duty to get me the financing and let me catch up with a few debts and keep some working capital to the slow season. They are comprehension of the frustrations of a small business owner and when I would lose my cool, they kept theirs. For saving my small business, I owe everything to Richard and John Ponte and their employees! I frankly don't know what I would do with them! They have left such a mark on my life I feel I've friends forever! I'd tell thr word to let them do the same for you! DVM, kim Castro

Jan 9, 2009
Christine Traina Murphy review

The SBALoanProgram.

Com is a great program. Although they weren't able to fund our company the procedure was streamlined, and the employees were helpful to get us through obtaining all of the information submitted. They do request a fee when paperwork is filed -- never fear however, we were reimbursed the fee when our loan has been declined. There was NO RISK whatsoever! You just don't find businesses which run with ethics that is these kinds of these days! They did clarify why we were diminished so that we can work on the problems and we will be re-applying with them. I personally work as a business adviser and would highly recommend SBALoanProgram. com!

Feb 10, 2018
Denise Can Assist Inc review

Provided that you get your files to them the procedure is simple & quick. It was complete, approximately 8 weeks for my loan. The downside is that there are but it is important that the borrower know them. Another odd thing that occurred at my final is that my loan came back for about $50K vs the $100K I was told I had been approved for. Even the closing loan officer did not understand this had occurred. I needed to reach out to him to ask him what was up. I think this should have been disclosed in the procedure for my company planning purposes while I realize it's totally based on factors linked to my viability.

Mar 10, 2019
Kamal Bubi review

100% honest - not only did the loan change my life/business, even when Mr Oliver spoke to me months after we were approved, he could hear the simplicity in my voice. The fear of dropping my business and home was gone, the company has grown - . Bills are being paid on time and I have. Mr Oliver is helping us with a loan to further the company. Not just , but the entire team worked hard to make the procedure as painless as possible. June Caldraone. Jessica Melendez and many other I won't ever meet on the market. Thank you Ponte Investments

Jan 8, 2004
John Provich review

This is definitely the most professional group of financial people we have ever encountered in our business livelihood. The whole procedure was very easy and with no bureaucratic red tape. Everyone was diligent at every step of the process. We had access to everybody involved to answer. We appreciated access to the staff. We felt protected we had been dealing with specialists in their field. We're comfortable with the staff during the entire procedure. Everyone kept us completely informed and focused.

Jan 1, 2004
Kyle Stolldorf DBA Pieces Unimagined review

Bank after bank did not'get' my tax returns and I could have write-offs that have a business that is flourishing after just 3 decades, and equaled losses. SBA loans'makes it', and ensured me, nudged me to get newspapers in time (and helped answer questions that I did not have enough time to study. Because I am busy at my job!) . I have consolidated loans, simplified banking, and have working capitol. and peace. Process took just under 8 weeks . Thank You SBALoanprogram!

Feb 10, 2018
Kids Are US Academy LLC review

Thank you SBA for Dealing with Kids Are Us Academy in Las Vegas!

You have made such a difference in lots of people's lives. The loan which we obtained has made it possible for my own company to remain open , my workers my clients to continue going to work and for my children/students to remain in pre-school and childcare. We're so grateful that your staff and services were fast, efficient, and professional. I recommend your lender and services.

Jan 5, 2004
Michael Gwasdacus review

1 day a woman called Kayla Littlefield called my office and told me concerning this system. My dealings with Kayla were exceptional! The motivation and conversations to help me were second to none. I'm a business owner and we search for assistance. Kayla is an excellent employee and you are blessed to have someone like her. They were people involved that were competent. I truly enjoyed my venture. Thank you Mike

Feb 10, 2018
Scott Killingsworth review


Com is a superb organization to work with. I was very skeptical and was close to blowing them. They did an excellent job for us, and in 22 times we had our loan funded and approved. We had attempted to store our loan proposal to more than eight banks they said no. Nobody took the time to know that our business untell sbaloanprogram is met by us. com. Thanks to everyone that assisted us!

May 7, 2019
Reality Carpet review

The big banks don't loan to small companies although I wanted to expand my company. The SBA gave me precisely what I needed at a great rate of interest. The procedure was definitely complex, the paperwork somewhat daunting, however, the people there held my hand the whole way. They were quite beneficial. And today it is done, I have my loan and my company is growing. The SBA loan application is a great spot.

Jan 4, 2002
C. G. review

This business continues to harass my office by phoning with a"Name Unavailable" 940-514-8404. First the rude man asks for"Rob" he then asks for who owns the organization. I then ask him to remove us from his record and he says that he just needs to talk to the owner. Disgusting representatives. Just go to the government run website WWW SBA. GOV. that is the real location to obtain a Small Business Loan.

Mar 9, 2019
Patty Gray review

Jonathan Ponte has been an absolute pleasure working with throughout the process. His attention to detail and making certain that people were proactive throughout the entire loan process was executed. Patience and his manner in dealing with us was exceptional! What could have been extremely stressful rolled off. He responded to me personally. I knew I could rely. I would highly suggest Johathan .

Aug 11, 2018
Paul J review

I would like to spend some time to express my most sincere gratitude to this company! Especially Ms. Kayla. I would call her throughout the process, on weekends and after hours and she always replied! Very understands what she's doing and sweet! I am in no manner paperwork savy but the patience is appreciated. Thank you for changing my company for the 12, to this business.

Jan 5, 2001
Masami Builders review

We highly recommend this firm. The entire ordeal went smooth and we believed taken good care of the staff, they were constantly in communication either telephone call or email. Without the aid of these people we'll probably never had managed to get this kind of loan, that has been a boon to the of our business. Dates of financing loan were fulfilled. Thank you involved.

Dec 11, 2018
Troy Harris review


What a blessing. After years of not obtaining the fund's I had for my organization. Sba came through with flying colours! With helping me, what a wonderful their team did. They feel very comfortable and significant. They worked with me To ensure I had everything needed. The two Kayla's were incredible! I would certainly suggest this. Thanks so Sba!

May 12, 2018
Bock Transport Inc review

This is the next SBA Loan as well as also the experience was not too encouraging. I wrote directly to Mr. Ponte with some concerns I had. With this second loan which is still in advance, Kayla was excellent. She was prompt in sending the petition. Responding to my timely. The second phase is in progress, I will assess what that experience will be.

Jan 5, 2002
A & F Auto Transportation Inc review

Sbaloanprogram is actual they had funded my business month. 000 and that I thank them for their service,during the process they were professional and kind. My advice to the app I think that the fees they've billed from been accepted to procedure and to the final are too large,other than that everything is great and I look forward to work with them.

Jan 4, 2019
Vincent Cooley review

Aside from my home town personal bank that I have been with for over 35 decades, this is the best experience for processing a burden and dealing with paperwork. Kaylas, Ashley and alicia were Great! To operate with. They made this loan venture an extremely pleasant procedure. Do not attempt anyone go to Sbaloanprogram. com now

May 9, 2018
John C. Montgomery review

Here is. Professional and very easy to work with. They supply a simple checklist. If you are organized and have all files readily available, this should take them you. I would advise that you understand what your D&B profile resembles as it's very important to the process and approval. - John C. Montgomery

Jan 8, 2001

SBA loan application ROCKS! AAA+ Very professional and educated guys, they know what they doing. No bs. We tried to work with several other"lenders" on the market and all of them was a total waste of time. Thank you guys for making it happen. Will come back to you. Andrey Mikhay with Superior Logistics

Jan 8, 2001
Ron Harding review

When I was solicited to apply for this loan, I was quite cautious, but I'm glad I followed through with it. I needed to submit a whole lot of documents and it took to be financed. Overall I'm really satisfied with the end result and the process.

Jan 3, 2008
Matthew Rubin review

Kayla and Sue worked really hard to put mine, although SBA loans aren't easy to get. The paperwork seemed intimidating but Sue helped me there and everything was pushed by Kayla through for this stage on and obtained it financed. Cheers!

Jan 4, 2008
Marcos Quijano review

You men have a partnered up with folks! Richard Ponte over at Ponte Investment is AMAZING & made quick, & the process so simple, hassle free! My only regret is that I didnt know about you. Thanks for the assistance & task you guys do!

Feb 10, 2018
Margarita Logistics Enterprises LLC review

I Had Been ecseptic about the initial phone call but I Am glad the I Lasted when I ask as a Set of Validity listen they send me a email when good in about 6 Months That the rest is story the simple requirement of papers and What

Aug 8, 2018
Tim Rhodes review

Everyone that I dealt with was professional and very courteous. They responded back to my questions immediately, and were quite easy to follow. It was a wonderful pleasure working with everyone. I would strongly recommend them!

Jan 4, 2008
Ronald and Shelby Mitchell review

From start to finish the adventure was accommodating professional and caring. Does one encounter a organization with these qualities. They are strongly recommended by me to other people in need of reasonable financing.

May 9, 2018
Elbowroom review

The entire at SBA LOAN PROGRAM TEAM did a job,getting my Company not 1 loan but 3 loans they did everything they promised,and went over and beyond my expectations Thank you James,Sue,Danielle and John

Jul 11, 2018
Heath S review

My experience was great. Kayla was very helpful, she understood what is needed ahead of time and what was wanted. There's a lot of paperwork to be turned into! She saved time. Very kind and educated.

Jan 8, 2008
Susan A Normand review

All employees were courteous and professional. Once I supplied the documentation required, this loan took no time in any way. I was happy with how simple it was to get this taken care of all.

May 9, 2018
Keith Anderson review

The loan process was very fast easy to go through. The leanders we helpful remained in contact and while filling the program out. I would strongly recommend doing business together.

Jan 5, 2001
All About Staffing review

SBA Loan has been very easy to use and they have been quite helpful. All I have spoken to their are quite nice and smart men and women. Jonathon is who I talked about the most.

Jan 4, 2008
Gilman Gallery Inc. Darlene Cohen review

This program is saving Small Business in America! The program provides a chance for a business supply jobs, to grow, and prosper. The consultation and support is excellent!

Dec 9, 2018
Bran review

Very detailed with information needed and was a procedure after all of the documents were submitted. Helped our business from bankruptcy. Thanks pointe investments

May 11, 2018
M Delaney LLC review

They were transparent about the loan and honest up front. Timeline was just as they stated it'd be. They create the borrowing experience easy.

Jan 4, 2008
Denise Keniston review

Our SBA loan has been a huge help to our business. The firm that is servicing was helpful and actually stepped up for us. We're really happy

Feb 10, 2018
Butter Cake Shoppe LLC review

So helpful for the growth of my business! They were patient , and also the process was fast and simple! Thank you a lot for all that you do!

Jan 5, 2001
Bowties 2 Blue Jeans Catering Company review

The expense of securing an SBA loan is pricey. 12000 was compensated by me on a 150000 loan. About 8 percent before the interest starts!

Jun 11, 2018
Gray & Green Laboratory review

We were advised to turn prior to the end of September in all of our paperwork to prevent an additional charge. It saved us some cash.

Jan 5, 2005
Stott Trucking Inc review

Everybody was easy to deal with. Answered all questions. Was as easy as submitting the files and they took good care of the rest.

Mar 10, 2018
Anthony Guiterrez dba AG Construction review

The folks I dealt with were professional and expedited the process, I would recommend them for anybody searching for an SBA loan.

Jul 8, 2018
Me1960 review

The SBA loan went through great and I was happy. Things moved through easily and were quite professional. I was very satisfied.

Jan 5, 2005
Kingdom Trucking review

A new place Within my company has Started for Presenting I Had Been Only dump trucking able Employ new hire

Dec 12, 2018
Rocky's Miatomotive review

The team is knowledgeable and seasoned with the loan process. They have been available for queries and accessible.

Jun 11, 2018
Speak Easy Rehabilitation PLLC review

They were professional and honest. They made themselves available in a timely way. I appreciate their effort

Jan 5, 2004
C And M Fuel review

Everything went well very happy with the process than what I believed but what went the way they told me.

Jan 3, 2000
My Turn Trucking LLC review

The SBA loan application is a great application and I have already recommended it to a few of my friends.

Jan 3, 2003
Jamba Juice franchisee review

It took way too long. Costs were DOUBLE. The positive was that my home was not required for security.

May 12, 2018
Andrea Oismueller review

Fast, professional and exceptional for small companies. Do not miss out on a great opportunity.

May 11, 2018
MAW Logistics LLC review

The process is a bit lengthy but the people are very helpful and patient when I'm not Business Loans

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