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Dec 2, 2019
Donna Lambeth

Redstone Capital review

David Starner is really the most wonderful man. He helped me throughout the whole process and kept in contact with him to let me know how things went. This gentleman and the full company are the top of the field he managed to advance me funds to hold me over, when I got into a bind before finalization of procedure. I recommend them to anybody seeking to procure funds out of an annuity settlement.

Jan 2, 2003
Isabelle H.

Redstone Capital review

Redstone was an wonderful set of representatives. They made matters simple for me, completely going over every detail of my situation while enabling me to know all the legal lingo. As a result of the team of attorneys the entire process was made that easy for me personally and much easier it was actually no hassle at all and in the end the annuity payoff I sought was granted at no time.

Jan 9, 2004
Jessica B.

Redstone Capital review

It's my honor to use Redstone. They get you the cash you need in time. They have the best workers working for them. They make you feel comfortable giving your information that is private to them since they make you feel like you been knowing them for several years. My experience has been great, and to everyone seeking to acquire help with bills or anything, I'd advise Redstone!

Jul 12, 2018
Richard K.

Redstone Capital review

The skilled and private treatment by everybody at Redstone was a joy to take care of. I've sold before with different companies and was treated as an ignorant class snowball in their mercy. JG Wentworth being the worse! Should you require advanced financing, do not hesitate calling Justin Green at Redstone. It's YOUR money. Yes, enjoy getting it. Telephone Redstone!

Dec 4, 2019
Hunter A.

Redstone Capital review

I was treated very well anyone who has the isssue as me to visit this corporation is highly recommended by me. I appreciate the way Justin handled me and he had no difficulty. Over all I had a wonderful experience with this company!

Jan 12, 2004
Walter B

Redstone Capital review

Customer service is top notch as usual and Justin Green is Very Easy to work with and goes above and beyond to make sure you Know the process and everything always goes smoothly thank you all so much and happy holidays

Jan 7, 2002
gucci Phong

Redstone Capital review

Hey I had a fantastic encounter with Justin,and David they helped me out. It was a procedure. The lawyer that represented redstone did a great job too. I recommend these guys! 5 STARS from me. Im in NC

Jan 10, 2005
E. Wilson

Redstone Capital review

I think this company is a great! I just wish I'd discovered it a whole lot earlier! I can not thank them enough for making my life so much easier! Thank you !

Jan 11, 2006
Dennis J.

Redstone Capital review

In a time of need we put our confidence in his staff and Justin green 4 times and he hit homeruns . Respect and love to get redstone capital.

Jan 10, 2004
A. Green

Redstone Capital review

Overall good experience. Justin went over and beyond to help meet with my needs and to make me comfortable.

Jan 9, 2003
Regina A.

Redstone Capital review

A pleasure to use. Fast and easy process. Everybody is incredibly enlightening and friendly.

Jul 12, 2018

Redstone Capital review

Had a nice experience,I am glad I made the decision on working with redstone.

Jan 10, 2003
Angel J.

Redstone Capital review

His team and justin was wonderful. I anticipate working with. Soon!

Jan 9, 2003
Terrance Singh

Redstone Capital review

Customer support by Justin would suggest the company to do a trade.

Jan 3, 2008
Priscilla F.

Redstone Capital review

I had a Excellent experience

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