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Nov 5, 2019

Rapid Finance review

My dealings with this business wasn't the experience which other reviewers have experienced. It started with the old"bait and switch", an offer was created that changes (for the worse) when it came time to close the deal. They offered the typical excuse-take up this money today and then we'll have the ability to offer you better prices in your loan and additional money. Borrower beware-that is a lie Remember this can be money that is expensive. I was charged a fixed"variable" of 1. 43. That is 43% on a 12 month loan. I paid them back so the rate was higher. They took 21% just my sales, however, the taxes collected on those sales and the credit card tips that were accumulated too. That ended up being closer to 50% of my total credit card sales. After collecting their money, the loan then they distributed to me. This meant that it took 2, occasionally 3 days for me to get money. Obviously in this installment there was no way for me to"overlook" a payment or to become overdue at all, and yet for some reason they have red flagged my company as a hazard to other creditors (more on this later). It is also important to keep in mind that they don't report positive payment history so this"loan" will have no positive impact on your business credit score. Ultimately, after paying off the loan I reached out to them for that better deal on a second round of funding (which was the sole reason I was ready to pay the exorbitant rate in the first place) only to be informed that my business does not qualify for prospective funding-despite the fact that my sales are up over 30 percent over last year, my personal credit rating has increased over 100 factors to the mid 700s, and my own business paid off them with no issues. To add insult to the whole situation, when I approached a different lender I was told that Rapid Finance is reporting my business as a risk which is causing me to just receive expensive offers for funding. Make certain you understand what you are getting into here. Any promises they make (even those created in writing) are suspect in the very least, if not an out and out lie.

Jan 2, 2007

Rapid Finance review

Fantastic experience with Jasmine Jamil, Business Advisor for Rapid Finance.

She and I talked at length, through a time, assuring me personally that we were making the right decision entrusting our financing needs to rapidfinance.com. Having dealt with some very extreme and abrupt calls from other finance firms, I could honestly say, using Jasmine Jamil, I felt like I had been speaking. She not only comprehensively explained our existing options, but also took the time and interest in understanding each facet of our company to make sure rapidfinance.com would be able to help us in the future with consolidations and immediately furnished us with accurate details of our future options as well. I know if she thought for a second it would lead to nothing less than growth for our organization she honestly wouldn't have led us into any taking on any new fiscal responsibilities. We were hoping to get a little bit of breathing room with our capital, nevertheless, Jasmine Jamil had better and larger thoughts for us. She subsequently advocated for us, expedited the procedure and we'd secured the funds we needed from the minute we first talked in under 48 hours. Every time I needed to speak to her, and she jumped on our behalf through all the hoops, she was available immediately. I cannot urge rapidfinance.com more highly. Call rapidfinance.com straight and request Jasmine Jamil! I wish I had this information sooner! 10 STARS!

Sep 11, 2018
Marjan Svetko

Rapid Finance review

Typically, I am not spending time on testimonials. I am based on a single believe as they are professionals that everybody should bring their own livelihood excellence. But this time, I decided to do an exclusion to the one that overpasses my expectations. Mary is a phenomenon in this market, constantly smiling, always alert, always following up and extremely fast. She is honest and she's my trust as I used to say. However, as you know, trust begins at the foot of the elevation and a hill depends upon the person you face. I am the type called"Everest", so, she is climbing, climbing, climbing and climbing, and always using the identical smile and vitality, and Rapid Advance could be proud of her because she is the only one I know out of Rapid advance employees and she's the unique reason why I'm giving to Rapid Advance the maximum rating. Best Regards to all the staff and also to anybody who reads my critique, I'd like to let them understand it is an honest company with vitality and positive energy, yes, go ahead, apply to them in any case you'd love to have a great financial experience who follows you occasionally like your bank usage to do years ago when individual faces have been still on the surface of Earth. Thanks.

Nov 7, 2019
Brian Reder

Rapid Finance review

I greatly enjoyed working for especially and this company, Billy Cribbs. In reality, I can't recall an occasion where I'm left so thoroughly impressed as I am with Mr. Cribbs along with his firm. He was so efficient, helpful, honest, and accurate. I recommend Rapid Finance and Billy Cribbs to everyone and anyone. He honored his committments all concerning timing, amounts, and the procedure. I was thrilled at the level of detail that they consider when making conclusions --that's likely they have the best rates in town--but they were neither intrusive nor overly interrogative. Literally. So, if you are trying to find a rapid financing situation and want to pay reasonable rates, go here. It had been just two days, from beginning to end and I'm thrilled. It is a frightening market out there in terms of fast funding and after speaking to someone, that I wanted to have a shower. Billy Cribbs and rapidfinance.com make you feel respectful, professional, and follow-through and their honesty are commendable to say the least.

Jan 2, 2003
Arlene Cook

Rapid Finance review

I was pleasantly surprised with the amount of customer service Connor. He went in not only seeing my loan process through, and making sure that I was comfortable with my loan amount, and monthly payments, he made sure that I had a direct line of contact throughout the entire practice with him. If he wasn't available, he would provide a contact man, and made sure to call to tell me. In addition, he noticed when reviewing my merchant statements, my cc trade fees were large. He found me a merchant chip which not just deposits next business day when I told him that I also have a 3-day merchant deposit delay. Needless to say, I was grateful! Connor saved me a mean of about $100/mo, just in cc trade fees, which was a service he did not have to urge and/or supply since my loan was approved. He could've simply moved on to the next client, but chose to impart his company knowledge, recommend a more cost effective support, and supported me. Connor is highly recommended by me without a doubt!

Jan 1, 2003
Veronique Evenhouse

Rapid Finance review

Two years ago I was contacted by RapidAvance right in the time that I needed cash flow for one of my companies. As I didn't know anything about the company, I was doubtful, but after doing my due diligence, I decided to give them a try. I could not have been more happy with the procedure then (though wished I had gotten better rates). This time, I reached out to them as money flow was needed by me again but now for my business. There again, my business advisor Mike Mouss affirmed my reaching out. Mike was extremely receptive (always minutes away from answering my calls or e-mails), also he left the process go as smoothly as the first moment. Whilst remaining professional, he was also friendly. Within days, funds have been in my account. Rapid progress lived up to their title again. It was days before I got the money. It is impressive how quickly they can find the funds available once you qualify. I would recommend RapidAdvance and Mike Mouss.

Jan 9, 2003
Mike P

Rapid Finance review

This was my first time and I am so thankful to have called Eric at RapidFinance back after my initial search. I was impressed with how patient he was from the start. His attitude was professional, personal, and it was very clear that he wanted to help my business. He started a search after learning more about my company. Throughout our whole procedure Eric was easy, honest, and accessible to work with. I wouldn't hesitate to contact him. I feel really fortunate to have discovered him from the beginning. Upon our initial phone call I did not feel the need to reach out to other business's to help me. I am quite excited to have found the opportunity for my business to be connected to RapidFinance and Eric. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any person or company looking for finance help.

Jan 1, 2008
Erin Carnes

Rapid Finance review

I worked on a loan for the business with Jordan. I have gone through a loan experience three days of business in the last 8 years and have never had a much more personable and professional experience with a service provider . Not only was Jordan friendly but he went over and beyond assisting me with jumping through hoops to find the funds transferred and approved. There was clear and consistent communication at every step and hurdle. It made me feel more secure in knowing what happened and to have questions and my own questions answered without ridicule. RapidAdvance is a firm that provides financing at prices that are doable and should you get to utilize Jordan you ought to consider yourself at great hands!

Jan 3, 2008

Rapid Finance review

Never took a loan for our enterprise, didn't need to, but it was time to grow and that I was very reluctant and wary, but went ahead and I could tell you, I was pleasantly surprised, the team functioned very effectively, a little greater rate than anticipated, but they did not pressure me and everything was informed up front, and it had been my decision to move ahead or not, also got financed within a day and a half. If you are nervous with so many offers, and a small business out there, you'll be OK, attempt to negotiate a little, but you are working with honest people. That's my experience up to now. Joel Rosenthal so is great to work together were the team's other members , and was working with me.

Jan 9, 2005

Rapid Finance review

Owning a restaurant can have ups and downs for all people. It was nice for payday advance organizations to exist for some of us. Companies would take me on week long rides telling all sorts of crap to me that they knew was impossible, but tried to keep my business. Once I dealt with Rapid Finance, that was it for me with the other companies. Mary Sadik has been my go to person for many years not only because she's super professional and nice, but we don't argue over the speeds for weeks or days. She gives me the cheapest speed. I understand this because it can't even touch. She is very great to use and I hope her and RapidFinance will be part of my professional career for years to come.

Jan 8, 2007
Marcela Newell

Rapid Finance review

I honestly recommend Benjamin Schreiber that will help you. I was out of my company and choices really needed help to keep forward and he did everything possible to help me. He kept in contact with me throughout the entire process afterwards. Hes made sure everything went well and has ensured me I can contact him at any time which I have and hes reacted straight away. I could not be happier with my choice of expecting him to help me. The process was simple and he made sure that I understood everything. He made sure to answer all my questions and concerns and explained everything I had. Thank you Benjamin for your help. Benjamin Schreiber | Business Advisor RapidFinance ®

Jan 8, 2004
Kathy Smart

Rapid Finance review

David Hermaz Made My Day!

David was easy to use and so polite, it was just like dealing with a close friend! Very little paperwork was required. I did my research and checked other lending companies offering small business loans, Rapid Advance has the best prices and almost zero fees. In fact, they paid a loan off I had with a competitor, so that I just have one payment to make. I sent him this afternoon I was able to cover my bills instead of type by date and then pray that we would make it thru our slow season and my documents late this morning. David was a dream to use. I would recommend this company to anyone searching for a simple way to get money today!

Jun 11, 2018
Theresa Mosely

Rapid Finance review

Launching a business is a challenge and of the stipulations with getting loan from banks makes it increasingly challenging for businesses that are new. Mike Mousse and Rapid Advance has attracted my company through very,very hard times I had no where else to turn to Mike Mousse has been very prompt in returning calls,whatever information was needed that he will quickly contact me and I got the loans in such a short period of time. If it wasn't for Mike Mousse and Rapid advance I do not believe my company would have survived to be honest and I know whether I need capital later on I could predict Mike mousse. Thank you mike mousse and Rapid Advance I Can't Recommend you

Jan 9, 2007
Sids auto

Rapid Finance review

Hello my name is sam shihab proprietor and operator of course centre in helendale ca. I was contacted this morning by my credit card process Business and they offerd me cash advance offer they wanted to schedule a 20mn phone to get me started I needed some quick funds to cover my existing high interest loan as well as some shop supplies I recalled mike mouss who had help me to get fast cash advance and I m very satisfied with his efforts but now I send him an email within a few minutes he replied got me the cash advance that I wanted in less than 2 hrs im a repeated client and will use mike mouss at rapid progress for all my company needs thanks mike Show quoted text

Jan 6, 2004
George Francis

Rapid Finance review

Literally any cash advance lender available on the market's greatest time wasters. They're horrible to use if you're a broker. They price your deals in a calculator and it does not even encounter a single underwriter until your client has signed the agreement to the progress (which could take 1-3 days for done). Afterward, every single offer is killed by them. I tried to fund 20 deals and they have murdered every single one. Afterward because their"offers" are so good it screws your connection with your customer because the next offer isn't likely to be as powerful as Rapid's invalid provide and your client will no longer trust you. They are complete garbage.

Jul 8, 2019
Kathleen Weber

Rapid Finance review

This has been the very positive lending experience I've ever had. Mike Mouss is awesome. He was quite clear and he got back to me IMMEDIATELY once it was sent by me. I had been working and I could tell he worked . He was concentrated on our loan. We exchanged mails in rapid fire, and also the funding was approved and wired at under 24 hours! I was in the worst situation of my life and that I absolutely needed a miracle. Mike Mouss is a miracle worker, and he couldn't have been effective, more tender, and kind. I really can not say enough. Tonight I will have the first good nights sleep in quite a long time. Thank you Mike! You are the best!

Jan 5, 2003
Kenneth Davis

Rapid Finance review

I only wanted to provide Jordan Buchanan a review because he did such an exceptional task to get my company capital. I have to be honest, I had been skeptical and worried. Worried about giving more than all of my info - and time. And, skeptical if it might or would even get near going through, however, he was right there every couple of hours checking in on me and giving me new info and getting new advice from me I can tell he was definitely playing the go-between match, but you want someone like that doing that for your benefit. Thanks Jordan and thanks Rapid Advance - this was my 2nd success with them and I am now a fan forever.

Mar 9, 2019
Amy Mericle

Rapid Finance review

Working with Yonikka and RapidFinance has been great!

Earlier this year, we tried to work with Yonikka, and with our business, none of her banks functioned at that moment. We happened to check in with her and we are so glad that we did! She has banks that are willing to work together with our industry, and she managed to get us the funding we needed within just a few short weeks. Our interest rate is really good given the length of time that we have been in operation. Yonikka gave us some advice on when we ought to aim to refinance in order to get our rate lowered. Thank you Yonikka!

Nov 9, 2019
Peter Tran

Rapid Finance review

Unbelievable how quick and easy it was to get funded. This is not my loan with Rapid and will not be my last. I spent less than 5 minutes throughout the funding process - . I'm sure he worked tirelessly behind the scenes and I did was ship more than. The interview procedure with all the underwriter was simple and quick - took 3 minutes. In reality, the time tried to decide on which choice was best for me since they financed mepersonally, but made sure to provide me 4 choices that that I could select the one I was comfortable with. I 100% recommend Mike Mouss and Rapid Finance!

Jan 9, 2005
William Dinkins

Rapid Finance review

Adam was effective in communicating which is key in business. He listened to exactly what I call my own business and managed to reassess my last year of business and also see a positive growth. He did not influence his initial proposal that did not tighten my surgeries so much that I worked to just pay the loan off and not expand and made sense for both companies. I understand I will be working with the Rapid Finance group again as my business expands and more capital is needed. Terms proposed to me by anybody when my bank would work with me personally. Thanks again, Adam!

Jan 10, 2008
Mo Eslami

Rapid Finance review

Is how impressed I was with Rapid Advance. Jordan Buchanan was my consultant. In the very beginning the process was painless, streamlined and simple! After assessing more than one creditor for capital for my business, Rapid Advance had the best rates and terms, and Jordan made the process super easy. He kept in touch throughout the entire process with me and is knowledgeable. The whole process from initial phone call from Jordan to real funding was right in hours. If you're searching for financing, you owe it to yourself to check out Rapid Advance and Jordan Buchanan.

Jan 7, 2006

Rapid Finance review

As soon as I started doing research with other finance company no one was responsive and useful since RapidFinance and working with Nick Cook was a bonus in my character, He was so helpful, friendly and knowledgeable, wasn't pushy or annoying, he answered all my questions and watched it that I got everything I was asking for. This guy deserves promotion or a major raise. For sure this firm got a gold worker. Rapid Finance worked to help my company grow and I am so greatful that they where there for my enterprise. I will definitely recommend Rapid Finance. Thank You.

May 11, 2019
M Koss

Rapid Finance review

I worked with AJ Matos & Joel Rosenthal to obtain a business loan. Joel was lead on the loan process and AJ stepped in at Joel's direction upon a sudden lack. Both Joel and include communicating, AJ were specialist and didn't overwhelm me with strategies. We compared 3 creditors and Rapid Finance was the very best in terms of process logistics, monthly and closing out-of-pocket savings. It seems great to have excellent customer service during and to use a lender that is respectable and following the approval of our loan! Pleasure doing business with you!

Jan 3, 2001
Hope Konzelman

Rapid Finance review

I had such a great experience dealing with Dominique Da'Cruz at rapidfinance.com. One of the dozen finance reps I have talked to at different lending classes, he was the only one that was upfront from day one and gave me plenty of specific answers and rates/ranges/options of worst and best case scenarios for my situation without making me donate blood and all my bank account passwords! Dominique was very professional, very frank, and helpful during this most stressful moment. I love his ability at follow-through that is competent without ever being pushy.

Jan 1, 2005
Rae Valerio

Rapid Finance review

Anna Enwia Senior Business Adviser in RapitAdvance is responsible for this 5 star review! After reviewing my program it literately took less then 24 hours to acquire funds. Than was Impressive! She contacted me within 30 min. She had 3 funding possibilities out there for me. I settled on a single and I signed the contract. The next day, 8'm rolled up and cash was there. I'm not saying this will be true but I understand she reacts quickly and efficiently. Term are manageable I urge. Telephone her Direct: 313-230-0094 | Cell: 586-863-7566

Jan 6, 2003
Maria Fabiano

Rapid Finance review

Sam O'Leary is A M A Z I N G!

From the instant we first spoke I could feel that caring and has been focused about how she can assist me and my objective. Sam is Thus FOCUSED, Caring, Supporting, Positive, Upbeat and Professional, she cares about being of service. Truly an Asset to rapidfinance.com and would be a mentor within the company. I will refer Sam to everyone who is looking to attain their goals and I know that Sam will take care of them. I am glad She'll be with me to develop my business with me and I Have found Sam -

Aug 1, 2019
Dr. Deborah Goldsmith

Rapid Finance review

I've used Rapid Advance previously and had an experience and decided to use them . My Senior Business Adviser is Mary Sadik. I can not sing enough praises for determination, dedication, professionalism, understanding and the hard work she supplied to acquire that loan for my own practice. I know that business owners will check out websites for information before making a decision. I can say that you will be fortunate to possess Rapid Advance's Mary Sadik functioning for your benefit. She doesn't give up! She makes it happen!

Jan 4, 2005

Rapid Finance review

Nicholas Cook was an outstanding spouse who communicated through the process with me. His assistance in directing me to the funding stage was not just amazing in the turn round but he made sure I understood in achieving my funding goals for my 35, all that was demanded. 1 Thing I must offer praise to him for is your phone call thanking ME for allowing him to assist me in my financing when in fact I am. To this day no one has ever called me after the fact to thank me when required, personally and offer assistance. Mr. Cook

Jan 4, 2007
Joe Severini

Rapid Finance review

I had a loan for stock to help my business grow, while waiting on reimbursements. I'm now able to keep all the way up and never have to turn into a customer. Nick was amazing to deal with and helped me got me the loan within two days and figure out the best choice! He was really very thorough why and when describing how everything worked and what everything costs. I asked him when 50 questions and he was right on top of all of these. I would advise RA and Nick . Thank you for the service! Joe

Jan 9, 2004
Rico Foz

Rapid Finance review

I've worked with other small business advisors/lenders before and no one - as in NO ONE - has been as useful as Mary (Sadik). She is quite comprehensive (without being pushy), responsive and efficient. With guidance and her knowledge, I felt very safe to entrust to her info she needed for my company. Because of these, companies were referred by me . If anybody is looking for a professional business adviser, there's just one name I will always advocate - MARY SADIK OF RAPID FINANCE!

Jan 8, 2006
Christopher Cannon

Rapid Finance review

We worked together with Jasmine Jamil to obtain funding options. We desired a longer term loan and at less then 4 days we had the sum we wanted , the terms we wanted, and the funding deposited into our bank. Jasmine stayed in contact once daily, and did not"blow up" my phone, email, and text messages. I love hard work, her work ethic, calm and friendly attitude and Jasmine. Rapid Finance was able to provide us a multitude of loan options to satisfy our requirements. Thanks again.

May 3, 2019

Rapid Finance review

I reached out to Mike Mous at Rapid Finance because my business needed some money to cover our Spring clothing inventory. We got an endorsement with a low interest rate and a payback period within 24 hrs. Mike even did a free promo video for the business which will help drive company to my site. I highly recommend rapidfinance.com and will seem no where else if my business needs financing in the future. Thanks a lot Mike for your experience and your very professional service.

Jan 8, 2000
Made Store

Rapid Finance review

Darren Aliff and Rapid Finance worked a miracle for us!

We had been stuck in a bad loan that was seriously straining our enterprise, Darren stated he would help but that I didn't think him, two weeks after that bad loan had been paid off and we had been given a far superior loan with terms that were readily attainable for us. Darren was kind and made the process so easy and we are really thankful for him and Rapid finance. We will use rapidfinance.com in the future.

Jan 10, 2005

Rapid Finance review

I Can Not say enough about this company and especially Shawn I had a Good Deal of concern about the Procedure, Distinct avenues available my business is growing and I Wanted information Shawn was the Man that Supplied that info He was N't pushing me me into a product He Advised me of what Had Been available,he listened to what I Wanted long term I would highly recommend Shawn and this Firm to help your company grow like they have mine Sincerely Darryl Fixxmyhouse

Jan 3, 2006

Rapid Finance review

5 stars is not enough! Nick Cook is definitely the very best. I have been in business a long time and have negotiated many bargains. Nick made this. I'd suggest a title change from rapidfinance.com to"Blink of an Eye" Finance or"Snap of a Finger Finance. Mr. Cook had their money in my bank so fast, I was completely shocked. It is so refreshing to know there are companies out there which have people who know what they are doing. THANK YOU, NICK AND RAPID FINANCE!

Jan 9, 2008
George Conway

Rapid Finance review

Connor Neme was a massive quantity of assistance in securing short term financing. He was very pleasant and work to get. Connor worked with his underwriters to present their queries are answered by the records. To go the extra mile has been valued. I would not hesitate to recommend rapidfinance.com to get short term packages. At the close of the transfer of capital in my small business account I felt the Connor was a buddy along with my best interests in mind.

Jan 9, 2007
Matt L.

Rapid Finance review

I honestly am not a review individual howeverI wanted to ensure that Mary Sadik, my go to at Rapid and her organization and you need to learn how lucky Rapid would be to get somebody with Mary's customer service skill and knowledge to relay how important each and each of her customers are. Absolutely Request her should you work with Rapid as she's truly a godsend. Mary - Thank you and also the constant follow up ensuring I am comfortable and happy using capital.

Jan 2, 2007
Tim Sullivan

Rapid Finance review

We had to combine some debt that was immediate to free cash flow for AJ Matos and new product launches up and the whole team at RapidFinance came through. The entire process was seamless and turnaround and financing has been fast. AJ did a fantastic job being considerate of my time keeping me apprised every step of the way and working behind the scenes getting the task done. Excellent customer service and terms that are superior for what we were looking for.

Mar 8, 2018
Jon Fritz

Rapid Finance review

Landon found that the solution that I so, so, so wanted, also took my case, a very difficult one! As a result of HIS work, I've already increased my yearly revenues (I run a small law firm in a little town in the middle of nowhere) by thousands within a couple weeks. As far as I am concerned, he's brilliant. And he's fun. I look forward to working longer in the future, as my revenues increase and my company growth needs growth. He'll be my first call!

Jan 5, 2003
Carmen Perez

Rapid Finance review

Mike Moss is the best. He got me financed within a single day! I've been dealing with rapidfinance.com for the past two years and they always deliver. Their Transparency is loved by me I understand its being distributed and the loan is breaking, I've got access to the data at any time. Mike Moss is obviously very diligent available and prompt along with his answers. Rapid Advance I speed you with 5 stars. In my book you've earned it. I suggest you.

Nov 7, 2019
Rich Harris

Rapid Finance review

Our experience with this company has been outstanding. At a field where not all of the players are meticulous, Rapid continues to be discreet, professional, and reliable. I love partnering with Rapid to adapt our small business growth. Their service folks are outstanding throughout. I had the pleasure of working with Mary Sadik. She was prompt, knowledgeable, professional, and patient, and actually seemed to understand my business needs. Thank you!

Sep 4, 2019
Jenny Keller Cope

Rapid Finance review

I can't say enough about the character of the customer service in Rapid Advance. On financing for my small business, I have worked with Mary Sadik for many years. She has taken the time and always provides advice and counsel. She consistently goes above and beyond in my behalf. This is a partnership I have come to rely on if cash flow is tight. I am so thankful to have a person of her caliber working with me to keep my business moving forward!

Dec 9, 2018
Richard Hiraga

Rapid Finance review

Mike and the group at RapidAdvance have been great partners to work with. After a customer put us RapidAdvance assisted us continues to assist us wit funds to maintain our business moving forward. We have now funded our loan that was third and also the process with the help of Mike has been seamless. As a new company it is important if not crucial to have lenders like RapidAdvance when banks have such policies when lending to companies.

Jan 3, 2008
Francis Martin

Rapid Finance review

I am a first-time client with RapidFinance. Michael Hakun was quite professional and clearly summarized the procedure. He kept me informed on the way via telephone and E-mail every step. All my questions regarding the repayment and loan terms were answered to my satisfaction. The closing process went smoothly and the capital arrived without any problems. I'm looking forward to working with Michael and RapidFinance again in the future.

Mar 1, 2019
Leonard Vazquez

Rapid Finance review

Time Wasters No Call back awful experience Brad and Jeff would not return my telephone, They and stay Away! A Hand full of Companies that wont promise and under Deliver. Jeff and brad conceal behind there Business structure excuses like our Company has to many Restriction! They are TIME WASTERS if your searching for a fantastic company that is speedy forget about these guys! String you along For more info and papers for no reason!

Jan 4, 2007
Brandi Clark

Rapid Finance review

Samantha O'Leary is the BEST!

She was professional and friendly. Sam took the extra step in ensuring exactly what I wanted is what I never had such an experience I'm Letting all future clients know if you're currently reading this Samantha O'Leary Is the loan professional you require! P. S. Sam If You're reading this review I want you to understand you helped us to get our prospective restarted I'm Forever Thankful.,- Brandi

Feb 11, 2018
Joan Hallman

Rapid Finance review

Mike Mouss and RapidAdvance was very beneficial. The process was quite straightforward and quick. I would advise RapidAdvance to anybody in any enterprise. This is my first time working with Mike and RapidAdvance and he made me feel comfortable working through the procedure. I will definitely work with them again later on. It's easier than going through a bank, the procedure is quicker and easier. Thanks Mike and RapidAdvance!

Jan 6, 2008
Shelly Spackman

Rapid Finance review

Our company has been in business for years. Working with Darren Aliff was the positive experience we've had. He is very detail oriented. He went over and above to assist us get approved, and of course how easy and informative he had been. I can not say how much we valued his expert service. The turnaround time was remarkable. We will definitely use his services and Rapid adVance in the future if necessary. Thank you Darren

Jan 11, 2007
Renee Engels

Rapid Finance review

The best customer support I've ever had. My rapid finance guy - Alex- created this occur. During my own personal obstacles I thought I wouldn't be able to get financed very easy but Alex worked with me and was able to answer any questions or concerns I had. He had a lot of patience with me and it got done quicker and easier than I believed possible. Thank you Alex and rapid finance. I Will Certainly use you

Jan 11, 2009
Carlos Lucas

Rapid Finance review

Thank you Jordan for all the hard work. I'd like thank you and your employees for of the hard three out the few days. Jus none cease working to help me advance my organization security before this up coming week. You made me feel more like family than a client and this really means a lot me. I will make certain that you pass your info, if there anyone looking for working funds. Thank u Carlos luca

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