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Jan 4, 2006
Gabriel Eddie Villegas

Pro Legal Funding review

I need to share how great Patrick is in pro legal Funding. Our family was hit by a drunk driver and we were badly hurt. In addition to everybody being injured there was harm to our vehicle that it was totalled. Our car was leased so went to the bank. So my loved ones was likely to be atuck without a vehicle. I looked into many different companies such as Oasis that for one shot and was. Patrick managed to get me approved within a few days and Im now able to purchase a car so that my family will not be with no vehicle. Thank you Patrick at Pro Legal Funding!

Oct 4, 2019
Maria Isela Olguin

Pro Legal Funding review

Pro life Funding.

Was a God send! I had been in need of assistance and contacted Patrick, who set me at ease and explained the process. He listened and got right on"my problem'. I was relieved and he kept me understanding each step. I highly recommend this office. They were fair, upfront and professional.

Apr 4, 2019
Daniel M

Pro Legal Funding review

Awesome experience! I managed to get the funding I had to truly get back on my feet after being laid off! I was so worried financially and Pro Legal funding helped me out! Patrick did an outstanding job and allow me to get my loan done as fast as you can! Thanks Pro legal funding!

Feb 4, 2019
Jennifer Bailey

Pro Legal Funding review

Patrick helped me. Who was considerate,helpful and cared about my concerns and queries. Made me feel comfortable that I made the chioce by coming to Pro Legal for funding. Thanks again for help in my time of need.

Jan 8, 2019
Man Williams

Pro Legal Funding review

Scam there not real don't let them fool you they not Actual they Attempting to steal your Data don't let Sam nor Patrick called owner lie too they don't even have a email

Feb 6, 2019
Tiffany Louise Williams

Pro Legal Funding review

I was setback due to an automobile accident and I really wanted the cash. I didn't receive the amount I asked for but it was a great help. I am grateful for the help.

Jun 5, 2019

Pro Legal Funding review

I want to thank Patrick for his support. He was there for me in the beginning and managed to process my funds in less than one hour! Would certainly recommend him!

Sep 5, 2019
Thomas Kirk Hickman

Pro Legal Funding review

Patrick was very helpful. Even kept in contact with me to let me know exactly where we was at with the process. Very respectful!

Jan 3, 2009
Arpik Markosyan

Pro Legal Funding review

Pat was fantastic to work with the support was super fast with rates that are decent. I highly advise using their Services!

Jan 5, 2008
Maria Antoinette Castaneda

Pro Legal Funding review

Amazing service that is speedy. I was impressed! 10 celebrities should be provided! So thankful!

Jan 3, 2007
Chela Amos

Pro Legal Funding review

Was Really friendly liked working Together I recommend them to Anybody who needs the help

Apr 6, 2019
Raymond S Martinez

Pro Legal Funding review

Exceptional work for Lending my loan I will excellent loan program

Jan 6, 2009
Docia Marie Clemons

Pro Legal Funding review

They were very fast and very down to earth.

Jan 8, 2006
Christopher Tywan Clay

Pro Legal Funding review

Fantastic Support

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Our pre-settlement funding solution provides cash to you while you wait for your injury settlement. You can then use the money to pay for your bills or any other expenses. There is no monthly payment and you pay nothing until your case settles.



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