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Jan 8, 2009
Danette Taylor review

The young woman who contacted me was a really polite individual, however, so far as the business accessible, nit helpful. I was not looking to make new friends but to accomplish that goal! Following an extensive conversation, I had been blatenly advised that there were two lenders available for my loan amount and that I was going to receive an email while I was on the telephone with Cherise that would have the particulars of my loan provides possibly higher rates than I'd like, but refinance wasn't always a chance, and I could go from there unassisted. I had been once they solicited me transferred had an alternative extensive conversation with a partner situated in their Ok city office I ended the call of reviewing the loan offers from OneLoanPlace with complete expectation. On opening the email there were not anything but secured or pre paid credit card offers! And I mean 10 CC provides! Not 1 loan offer! I have to admit I believe I was baited! Those Credit card offers are marketed all over the internet! It is not as if they had been exclusive to OneLoanPlace especially. Honesty is the best policy! If corporate america anticipates that we as customers must be honest and trustworthy I think we deserve the same in return! Very disappointed! Be fair, your company is currently viewing credit reports and you also claim to be professionals in the business, not just acceptable practice to lead potential clients on. And if the calls are recorded, I'm sure someone will find a way to take legal action for some sort. I guess anything that appears to be true is not! Danette Taylor

Jan 2, 2004
Kendrick Triplett review

Was told I had been approved get on the phone with the creditor they tell me approved but I want to work in my charge they place me on the phone with Lexington law where they made me subscribe to their support to continue the man from Lexington told me they'd have the ability to push it up the few things I needed them transfer me back into th loan place. Of course that was a Lie and that I wouldn't feel right letting anybody choose to address these people as they simply lie to keep you. Update 2/14/19 Therefore I was contacted through email by the Client Relations manger regarding my change into my critique from 5 stars to 1 star that I easy describe why I had been displeased with the support given by them and their lender they sent me to he explained that I was not suppose to get delivered to Lexington Law because I have a pre approval letter out of them I must only been delivered to them and clarify terms and should been completed. So I was directed back to the email to accept the offer again which I had did 5/6 times the day hoping since I followed directions someone must call back with good news. RIGHT nope wrong I had been told the same ones that I fulfill a feed days past with debt and exactly the exact same income and I don't meet the qualifications! To be fair I believe that the objective of this company is to send one to Lexington Law to subscribe to their service I had been told I would be refunded the $14. In hopes I would be approved for my loan. Give you a second update after the check is received by me!

Jan 6, 2007
Th review

Great service."

Can recommend.,08/03/2018 00:00:00,11/23/2019 21:05:18.438235 66385,178,James Linton,5,support that is fantastic and fast process! The smoothest business line of credit I have ever participated! ,10/30/2019 00:00:00,11/23/2019 21:05:18.443235 66386,304,Chris Pannell,5,All 5 stars to Hilberto excellent customer support! ,10/10/2019 00:00:00,11/23/2019 21:05:18.448199 66387,211,Bruce F.,5,Went out of his way to assist me through a sticky situation with a different creditor. Thank you,09/03/2019 00:00:00,11/23/2019 21:05:18.453385 66388,226,John H.,5,"What a superbly efficient cost saving process! Would highly recommend Center to anyone interested in obtaining or refinancing a home loan! You'll be happy and outside! Natalie Richards, my loan consultant, was just like getting my friend help me! Steering me when providing the best merchandise to me and looking out for my interest! All the while communicating everything expendentully through the procedure!

Jun 11, 2017
Tracie Doyal review

This company's primary purpose appears to be to ask you about your"wants" so that they can"match" you with lenders and funnel you to a credit repair service in the guise of being a step toward getting your loan (which is exactly what you contacted them for in the first position ). After you go through the procedure for first purchasing a Transunion report for $14. Then and going through the entire report, 95 registering for the charge repair assistance, the credit repair service then told you to telephone One Loan Place back to find out about your loan. You're advised to check your email, once you call back and among the options at the email could help with getting you a loan. When you click those links and finish those programs you are back where you began. Long story short they're sole purpose seems to be funneling contributes that are new . This is not by any means a company. This really is a funneling service for Lexington Law Firm that will then sell you.

Aug 11, 2017
Kerri review

These places just keep putting you through a circle by incorporating inquiries to your 21, adding dings to your own credit. I understand queries do not hurt it when you contact companies such as this and they check with a lot of other lenders, these"dings" start to add up and DO cause injury. I will tell those of you who are saying that about Lexington Law and this - if you can afford it, it does work! I paid them for a few months and they not only started to help improve my score, they did share some pointers with me which will continue to help me. I could no more manage the service (we had been paying for myself and my spouse ) or we'd still be together with them. My buddy's mom had charge and also used them, with a couple years her very own bakery opened. I know that it's hard to decipher that services operate and that do not anymore due to the"all-mighty-dollar" yet Lexington Law *does* work!

Sep 4, 2019
Thomas Lewis review

My name is thomas lewis,I woke up this morning praying to god, so that he would direct me to somebody,or some firm that would help me with my financial situation,and now he did both,I spoke to some wonderful woman that was ready to obey my financial predicament,and she knew,and she explained that she'd do everything within her power to find me a company that would assist me with my financial predicament. I'm a veteran,and she really made me feel as a man. 1 loan place ought to be pleased to have a lady like robyn patrick on there group. Ms robyn patrick thank you for helping me feel that the american dream . Thank you very much,and may god continue to bless you. From a buddy for life thank you.

Aug 10, 2016
CustomerBrian Hopkins review

A Tiffany Client Service Represenative at Expansion 4121 for Oneplace.

Com is an exceptional and uncommon type of worker in these days and times. Meaning Tiffany cares about how best to help the customer and the client their needs. Tiffany has gone out of her way to assist me within company guidelines I uttered and clarified that my letter of Accomendation and he said Tiffany would be rewarded appropriately and asked me to put my review on Trustpilot. Com which I have done. Your business is quite fortunate to have Tiffany as a worker. I ask that you recognize praise and reward Tiffany fairly for the excellent worker into the custome and that Tiffany is. Thank you client Brian Hopkins

Jan 4, 2000
Dana Frizzle review

I read these reviews myself a few min ago and despite the fact that I've run across nothing but scams and denials or just absurd rates of over 200% I gave this place a shot . I am glad I did! A woman named Keiyah answered my call. And she was amazing made me feel as though there is a opportunity. She had been speedy and understood what she was doing. Very polite and so helpful after talking to her, I actually felt some relief. I haven't had time to go that I have yet lol although I haven't gotten approval from anywhere. These men are strongly recommended by me and seriously can't say thank you enough.

Jan 3, 2008
Jj review

If I could provide negative stars, I'd! Total scam. Spoke with a rep, told him. He said that he went to put me through to credit counselling at a better speed and that I had been approved with a high rate of interest. I informed him I did not care about the speed, but got transferred anyway. He said to look for the email with loan provisions. Email with link to complete each my data. Called back and was told by a different rep that that page was for the creditor. Filled it out again to be refused and provided loans. Stay away! They're liars.

Jun 10, 2017
Ashley Robbins review


Didn't help me. I really feel the only reason they attempted to assist me was just to attempt and get me to pay for a monthly credit score support. I really don't understand my customer ID, however, you guys said that you could help me but pretty much wasted my own time. You want to think of a processup front, which will enable your potential clients know if they can be helped by you or not. Do not take oops sorry, days of phone calls and emails threw and then state, however, like we said we can, you can't be helped by us.

Jul 11, 2017
Amc review

I went online and filled out a loan request and from there that I forgot about it. I got a call. Teresa was nice and got more information from me. Though 35% charge even with a 630 credit score on Equifax BEWARE. Which sucks but either way there's not any prepayment penalty. I went and took them the advice they asked and walked with a check. However, I did an e deposit out of teresa's desk although NO need for me to go to the bank and that I was on my way. Overall I had it so that will be used by me and keep it going.

Jan 4, 2000
Karen review

This location is a joke! They inform you that you are approved for a loan move you to Lexington Law and they need money to fix your credit score. 1 Loan Location sends you but you also get denied you then call back and the lady says you weren't supposed to apply. What the hell?!?! The next day, call back and she tells me I did not follow the directions today I can't be helped by them. In the meantime Lexington Law needs me to cover them over $100 each month to allow me to get a credit rating. What a scam!

Jan 4, 2007
Susan Lynn Ostrander review

My name is Susan Ostrander and I received a text 2 days ago saying to complete my loan to phone this amount and the individual I talked to told me I was presumed to be approved I was sent over to Lexington law and I kept telling him I didn't need this and he kept insisting and signed me up for 14. 95 and I just kept telling him then never heard nack from 1 loan place yesterday, so I called again and she said I never got it she said She'd semd it never got it so I am very skeptical and we sent an email

Jan 5, 2005
CJ Navarro review

I Needed help for a loan and I talked to one of their representatives who asked for my social security number that was full and wanted a debit card number for $14. 99 to help fix my credit report. I said before fiscally committing to it I wanted to at least talk to my spouse about it, and the man was very persistent in an way. I inquired just how much is and how much I can approved for and the person didn't seem to understand the answer to this question. Very insecure and scary transaction.

Jan 8, 2006
Dean Day review

I'm trying for Your small Company loan to get to little ticks from satisfy record and two to keep my business running I have Not got a bunch of credit I do have is at rears Due to 2 cases of one's DirecTV I Had had and Another was loan company was in collections but came back out that was supposed to help me along with my credit pull Back Everything up other than I paid my bills and I apologize and That I just Want some help and I promise you to pay the song back within 36 bus

Jan 10, 2006
Jeana review

Divorced and trying to increase my daughter and help her go to school by myself was both daunting and rewarding couple of years. Credit and My debt mounting score constantly dropping disheartened. Slowy paying my way out of this hole and hoped some lender other than those charging interest have a chance on me to help me and will see how hard I have worked the rest of the way. oh well. Will continue to slowly do it myself. Customer Support. Friendly young woman. Thank you Dom.

Jan 8, 2000
Rand Strollo review

In order to get me I was very happy with the professionalism. I'd have given it 5 stars if I'd have had the money transferred into my account. If approved they would transfer the funds to my account when one day promoted. It will be in my account in 4 days after the loan was approved I'd received an email? I was amazed at that. I will deffinitly add 5 stars if it comes. But yes the people were very helpful.

Jan 9, 2005
Customer review

Everyone was patient with me and they try there best to assist you when I first call this young man by the name of khallil he had been so nicec and the way he describe to me the way the system works incredible I had to phone a few occasions and he allways was happy to help me the whole team was fantastic thankbyou guy's for a job well done and they got me my loan also priceless. My name is B. H.

Jan 8, 2008
Joseph Quattrone review

although they promise to help you scam private information SS amount debit card number. They promise help all along the way but produce nothing, they conducted it even though I did not have the 14 and even took my debit card. 95 on this card. Of course I know do believe I contacted you I have terrible credit LOL. You're extremely low to benefit from people when they are down.

Jan 8, 2003
Nicole Longmore review

Words cannot start to describe how thankful I am for One Loan Main Place. Each of the brokers (from Aziah to Robin) are most helpful and truly diligent with assisting get my loan. This has become the BEST experience I've had with customer service when it regards to your loan in a really long time. I would recommend this service. Thanks SO One Main Place!

Apr 7, 2018
Tammie Rountree review

They bad 0 stars totally fraud,told me on a Monday my Mortgage Will be in my account Friday never got anything That They signed me up from Lexington law for a week I did Not see them Performing squat on my Charge then I canceled themall of the sudden I did Not qualify for Your loan anymore fake fake fake and Also a waste of time

Sep 4, 2019
Uber Picture review

This company preys on people in vulnerable financial situations. Use caution. The agent I worked with made no effort to listen or understand he offloaded me onto one of their partners/clients to squeeze out a dime. They try to offer you a credit monitoring service and debt settlement sharks, if you can not get a loan.

Aug 8, 2017
Jeannine R review

The course of action is virtually painless. I filled out the app and has been given the source. I also appreciated the follow-up. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant. It did not pinch close so much as I determined that this was something I actually wanted to do. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Nov 8, 2017
Customer MIRELLA E. MARTINEZ review



Jan 11, 2006
Jason review

Is wonderful! That is my fault, though, the creditors they matched me declined me. I have not taken the very best care of my credit. That I could hear it, but the person I am, they desired to help although they also made me feel as a I was not just a number. Thanks for trying!

Jan 7, 2005
DJ RiSk review

Shelby was my Representative. She has completed her responsibilities very nicely and is educated in her area of work. I'd recommend 1 loan location based off how simple it's to speak with the customer service. Thank you I felt like the call was personalized to my needs.

Jan 8, 2001
Sara H review

The workers at the same Loan Place are excellent! They were very receptive to my needs and made sure that I had a favorable experience. For that I thank them. They were very caring and professional. Their help is appreciated by me and I feel they can help others.

May 8, 2017
GA customer review

Got real enthusiastic"idea" OneLoan+ was actually going to b able to help. Were resourceful as I believed. Most reps I talked to were very courteous. . Josh. Simone to was fantastic. Did not love Niore she seemed very rushed. In talking brief. etc..

Sep 8, 2018
Asha Williams review

I was quite please with all the customers service I get. The representative were wonderful they call me to ensure I had all document that has been need and reply and very friend. They will be referred by me to anybody who is looking for a loan thank you.

Jan 8, 2007
Elizabeth Faes review

A good experience because I have not done this before! I felt as though they pushed their products. It is difficult when you're borrowing money, to spend money! Although I am thrilled with getting the auto plus plan! It was difficult to make the choice

Jan 7, 2000
Customer Sherry Boutte review

Talking to your Representive (s) was a joy because there were aid and very concern about helping me along with my credit. Very educated about the loan process and exactly what I had to do to fix it. Thank, for working with me personally, you really much.

Sep 1, 2019
Colleen Britt review

This gentleman was informative that is knowledgeable, professional and easy to speak to understand your loan process. I would recommend your organization based on his customer service alone. Was very appreciated by me to talk with a positive individual.

Jan 7, 2003
Phillip A . Mollica review

My daughter is applying for a loan for both people, I can not see as well as listen. Lol She does really well taking care of me! I am hoping in OneLoanPlace. Com get the aid that would allow us to be in a position that is better. Thank you, Phillip <

Jan 1, 2009
Andrea Boulette Dow review

I worked with Robyn and both Names, both were extremly curtoius, and helpful. Robyn is currently going to flow up with a call and also took the opportunity to tell me things which may be removed to help increase my score. Great customer support

Dec 9, 2017
Mary Mondy review

Agents were cordial and professional. I called back times, however,they continued to assist me and it seemed to me their approaches stayed the same. It had been such a pleasure working for the customers and professional. Thank you all!

Jan 7, 2008
Les P review

Thank for assisting me, one Loan Position! I could not get financing with outside. Robyn and the employees at one loan location have been wonderful to work with. I had a terrific experience, respectful, andy' all are very professional.

Dec 6, 2019
Ronald Kline review

Baba was curteos and very helpful and just enabled me to navigate the system well! The only thing I didn't enjoy was phone back not in general but from him! I did not get it As soon as I pushed on anybody and 1 apart! Rating was good!

Jan 11, 2008
Gabriel Aguilar review

It has been fantastic working with a single loan place. Com. They've been super helpful. I recomend them first. Quick. It can be stressful going through this process, and they have made me feel comfortable thru the entire procedure.

Jan 9, 2009
Bradley M. review

I worked with Taylor and she had been really friendly and understanding that occasionally things happen but want to make attempts to repair. Thank you Taylor for upbeat and positive mindset. The world needs folks like you! -Bradley

Jan 8, 2006
Larry Schwartx review

Communication between us and Therefore my Demands I got to Really choose between them and your recommendations produced two bids to Satisfy my needs were known by u Thank u for your excellent Aid Warmest Regards LARRY Schwartz

Feb 8, 2018
Roger Wolfe review

I enjoyed my interactions with all the team really helpful and considerate. Not very good at this computer/internet stuff however they where appropriate there to guide me through the program witch was surprising easy. Thank you.

Jan 5, 2000
Larry Neilsen review

I spoke she was the friendliest and best man in your company, she helped me fill out the loan application and was really helpful. I would like to give a big thank you for of the help she gave me to her. mr. larry m. neilsen

Jan 7, 2006
Kiki Thomas review

I am going from my rating of 1 2. The customer service manager asked for the specifics and did call. I believe they're a waste of time and would like you to use their own credit repair support. I declined offers of loans.

Jan 5, 2002
Jim review

Outstanding support. My acceptance one day got and funded the following! And they introduced creditrepair and me. Id to help me! The only minor barrier was that the email with my final program went to my spam folder!

Feb 5, 2019
Shireia Davis review

Robyn and baba was very helpful and agreeable. Outstanding customer service. Thank for all your help. I hope and pray the options work for the financial situation. You deserve more than 5 STARS. Shireia L. Davis

Jan 7, 2001
Marsha review

The recommendation from OneLoanPlace was perfect, I did not expect to get accepted, not ony that although the loan I got through LendingPoint, was easy and fast. Thanks again, OneLoanPlace for your help.

Jan 9, 2007
Bill McFadden review

I had contact with Robyn Cartwright and she left my experience so nice I wish to reach out and give her a huge hug. She was so pleasant, and made me feel unique. And secure in my application procedure.

Jun 9, 2019
Dennis Alexander review

I actually had a great time using the service which I received out of the represented our business so nicely I will recommend others . They with the extra mile to get me I need. Thank you group

May 6, 2019
Ricky Lee review

For me! It had been it had been great that the crew gave me HELP and were nice! What I been in. It was a joy to be treated like that. Well let see what happen with all the loan! Don't stop

Jan 11, 2006
Customer jerald young review

I feel as if the rep was both extremely professional and kind. He made sure I had all of the information I needed and was very knowledgeable. He made me feel that I could have some options. Business Loans provides you with access to the most active lenders for unsecured personal loans and small business loans in all 50 states. We offer lending programs for almost any credit standing.



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