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Jun 8, 2017
Gary Heinecke

National Business Capital & Services review

One really lousy JOURNEY. Was approached and has been lured into applying for a loan. I was told by them that they have credit lines and may get better than my existing creditor. After much coaxing I decided to give them a try. Promise 24 to 48 hour turnaround. Gave these four bank statements on two acounts. Just before saying they're getting funds I've got a call saying there were questions about a ucc lien. I never missed a beat and a history from a competitor that I coped with four times and sent evidence that it was incorrect. They asked for copies of a check asked for the two accounts. All the time I had to do conducting my business. Told them timng was all. They couldn't be reached and that I was sent at the month's end to a voicemail. Excuse after excuse and still another week later still no funding. I am told by them I have to enter my password and ID to a system which is insecure and fishy. READ THE FINE PRINT> they say they and charge $2500 when we stop access. Being told this is after we receive funds that I understand but that is. Dealt with other businesses been a good deal better. REP was nice and I think his heart had been inthe right place. Just think this is a horrible experience and they have to get this financed. I've entered my banks password and ID along with my attorney and bank are currently telling me how to alter quickly before something happens. I must be billing them for our wasted time. Been in finance and in Real Estate and also have an NMLS license. This was ONE HORRIBLE "JOURNEY". Better to charge a credit card up. After being ensured their preceding investor tried them again was incorrect and they promised that a back up solution. Apparently they use businesses such as Forward Lending in Massachusetts and they are likely brokers and not their money, if this is the case. Got strung out for two weeks caused a mess. John and richie may have their heart in the ideal place but their investors don't back up their conclusions. GARY H.

Jan 5, 2001

National Business Capital & Services review

It's a long story but I'll attempt to shorten it up as far as I can! First of all 3 different people told me my interest was gonna be 12 percent'thats even whats on my contract' and I have around an 800 credit rating so I was thinking that was somewhat high but I realized it was a hard loan so I was ok with this rate but after all said and done'paperwork signed, phone verification' all that finalization stuff then they stated that my revival on $40,000 could be $57,000 now Im no math wizard but that is a bit more then 12% attention it's actually a bit over 40 percent and that was not explained to me personally! Second I asked to get a revolving line of credit and that is what they told me it was and when all was finalized they informed me I would need to earn a draw on it to activate the loan so I asked just how much I had to accept and they explained $40,000! Now that's definitely a line of credit works! You draw should you need it you take another draw and what you need and pay that back! Not with them! That said I have a loan for 10 months they take over $1,400 a WEEK from my checking account! I believe I have about 2 1/2 months left on it and I can't wait for it to be over! A complete nightmare! I would not recommend this firm to my worst enemy after this! Hope this helps! Ensure before you are mad enough to use them, that you do your assignments with those guys!

Dec 3, 2019
DeVon Fyffe

National Business Capital & Services review

I recently had the joy of being a referral associate with National Business Capital. And in the brief period of time we have worked together, I've already been able to determine that in my 5years of working within an ISO/Business loan firm, National Businees Capital and its own stellar staff members are undoubtedly the most professional and efficient referral partners I've ever encountered. Their results driven mindset has been the difference in my experience so far. They have a straightforward approach that's easy yet, based greatly on ethics that lets you continue to become confident in their ability to get done. Bradley Worksman and The two Nicholas Cantatore, have worked tirelessly and nonstop to ensure our organization and my customers were awarded the encounter. At which somebody's getting rich from a bargain or two, And of course we are not even talking about whale sized bargains. That doesn't matter to these guys they are all about doing everything in their disposal to ensure satisfaction and solidifying the connection, for all parties involved. An excellent chance, second to none and we envision a partnership between our organizations.

Dec 5, 2019
Jeff Nash

National Business Capital & Services review

I'm looking at four direct mail solicitations I Purchased from March, April and May from National Business Capital and Services:"Congratulations","Call to Activate Your Line of Charge","Activate Your Revolving Line of Credit Today","True Revolving Credit Line Up To $878,591".

All BS and lies. Should be illegal. But I should consider myself lucky that they had been so non-responsive. Calling, emailing, chatting on their site didn't induce anybody to respond for three weeks. By that time I was unwilling to accept their line of credit - as another reviewer mentioned above: You can borrow $4,000, get $2,800 deposited into your business account, and owe National Business Capital $6,000 with daily ACH deductions from the business checking of about $100 five days a week for five weeks. Oh, and National Business Capital, if you want to connect so that we may talk my critique? Just stand-by. I will be with you shortly.

Jan 2, 2004
Randy Mascarenas

National Business Capital & Services review

I've been a business broker for several decades, so I have had the opportunity to work with some decent companies and some not so good companies. It is rare you come. Spencer is my contact there and if you register to agent you will want to get signed up beneath him. He's gone beyond and above on my loans. Information is always available, calls are returned by him, he makes things happen. As for the underwriting group. Enough can not be said about them. I've worked with lots of the lenders directly that NBC uses plus they've gotten customers approved they did not qualify for and could have turned down if taken to the true lender from me. At the day's conclusion, they treat me just like an actual partner. I send 100 percent of my clients to National Business Capital. There's no need.

Jan 4, 2006

National Business Capital & Services review

I am being harassed, called just the man that keeps texting me above and over and names is pushy, rude and nasty comments to me. Here is the text message I received today. Who writes to somebody. I would never give them business, it's really sad they could of actually helped me but, because the customer support was horrrible, I would never associate together. Text message: am I wasting my time in attempting to get you?its actually the person that you spoke to several times and I asked you a question so that we dont waste each other moment. Its not often that someone fills out an application and forwards your call each time. Or answers your says to call them but answer and text. From telephone number 631-206-5077

Jan 1, 2008
Wendy Harris

National Business Capital & Services review

After completing my application, National Business Capital quickly reached out to me through a phone call. Eddie was willing, educated, and more friendly to answer my queries. I had been assigned to Matt M. because my point of contact, and I am so grateful to have worked through this process. Matt worked to get the ideal loan, although honestly, my choices were limited. He proceeded to bat for me with all the underwriters, asked questions, and listened to me. I had been anxious, always emailing him with questions. His professionalism and patience is endless! I really don't think I could have done this with any other company. National Business Capital has my full confidence and dedication.

Apr 12, 2018
Govindraj Prabhu

National Business Capital & Services review

Hello, greetings, These NBC Boys are totally amazing. My friend Eric Talbot is excellent in picking up the phone call with one Ring! It's a feast speaking to NBC employees and Eric specifically who goes above & beyond to fund your business, whenever he can, also, keeps you in the loop until the business is financed. NBC team deserves Five Stars, every time; & each time. You have to experience their support to believe. You are"richer than you think". Is the concept that this team is projecting to Business Community in North America. Kudos, Merry Christmas & a Happy/Prosperous New Years. "Experience the Difference" with National Business Capital, America. Thank you NBC Prabhu Canada.

Jan 4, 2006
Karanveer Cheema

National Business Capital & Services review

Hi to all of my friends and business owners out there who is trying to get the best bargain for their business when u are then go to national business capital and the person to contact is Thomas ryan that is mr. I am sure everyone working there is good but working with tom I didn't feel lke I'm getting financing from a business it felt like I m on my way for my own business success because tom makes it so easy and pleasant for u to find the best deal out their to the business. His number is 631-206-5077 like I mentioned we do business for achievement so your next step for achievement is how to call and get the best deal in your table and also have a better future ahead.

Jan 3, 2009
Wally Schreiner

National Business Capital & Services review


Josh Gold. Do not waste your time. Proceed to National and request Josh Gold. Received a flyer from National and got in touch with Josh. At the exact same time, I dealt with another broker. I was looking for a line of credit instead of financing. After 4 months of going back and forth with this agent, they could just develop more funds. Being specialist and persistent, had me financed with a line of credit in two days. I had just wasted 4 months with mindset and this other firm. Josh made me feel comfortable and clarified all aspects of the line of credit. I will never look anywhere else. Thank you Josh Gold.

Jan 11, 2008
Lotcam John

National Business Capital & Services review

NBC Vultrons Thomas Ryan and Eric Talbot.

I'm giving Thomas Ryan with NBC and an excellent 5 star rating to Eric Talbot for the outstanding job they did in making sure the Cybersoft Technology obtained on board with elevating their business to the next level. The professionalism and representation of both of these gentleman makes the fund sector a place but largely mportantly was how individual Thomas was in making sure the business was well informed and overcoming their fears of previous lending. Should you just happen to do business with this business, request Eric Talbot. He is the guy. The Ultimate deal breaker.

Jan 9, 2009
Jason Rainwater.

National Business Capital & Services review

My experience was fantastic. Running my own business because you can imagine takes up 25 hours every day per week also. Haha. However, Chris Colucci was a help to me personally. He was persistent time being pushy or rude and I did probably ought to of been annoyed with me and take forever so that he could of to do my part here. However he was always friendly and polite and individual . I needed to do this for the business but had been SO busy all the time I really appreciated Chris awakened and made the whole procedure a breeze. Thanks again! Jason Rainwater - President - Sleep City Chicago Mattress Stores

Jan 11, 2006
Lee Kramer

National Business Capital & Services review

As a broker, I am seeking the best funding options for my clients that need funds for their businesses. This has been the case in locating National Business Capital because my source for financing. In addition to being supplied funding products with terms I am fortunate to possess the one-on-one assistance of Nick Cantatore as my relationship manager at Capital. He has closed deals where others have failed, and with terms which are more beneficial for the clients than would have been expected. National and Nick have my recommendation for those who, as a broker, are trying to find the best for your clients.

Jan 9, 2005
Lisa Petrino House

National Business Capital & Services review

I found this business to be the most reliable, trustworthy, top safety and very professional, and have studied many financial institutions to move with my loan. I'm very happy with my decision. My personal adviser Anthony Posa was fantastic, we hit a few hurdles but he was really patient with me and truly looked out for my best interest and helped me make the proper decisions. I had offers from a number of companies and he frankly helped me know why they had been much better than the other firms coming me to their business. I appreciate his honesty and his devotion and communication was excellent!

Jan 9, 2003
Darlene Richards

National Business Capital & Services review

I Enjoy Working with National Business.

I've reached out to several lending businesses for family owned businesses within the last 2 years. They had poor reviews. Our firm was taken many times more than 20 years in business. I coped with Matthew, very receptive, answered my questions honestly, not a sales pitch to pitch you . That is my year with them, with not or believe it , not 1 complaint. And I'm very tough to please after being accepted a lot of occasions. I refer this business providing you with adequate percentage prices information and options to pay loan faster off .

Dec 9, 2019
Brian Steen

National Business Capital & Services review

As somebody who is just starting to assist businessnowners get funding again I had a place to finance my loans ad I forund Robert Converse on connected From my first phone calk with him he has been nothing but useful but the big thing he did for me personally was partnering me with Duane Santos. Couldn't have been a better fit. We work well together and are usually on exactly the same wave length throughout the day and they have given me the assurance to stort of with a bang. And am led tward a great month thanks to those guys. Thanks to Robert and D Santos along with the NBC Team

Jan 1, 2007
Terry Marich

National Business Capital & Services review

National business capital is one of the best companies you're able to deal with. They are By Far A top company to deal with if you get the chance or will I say opportunity to work with Phil or vish and I've Delt with 4 companies in the past that you won't regret your decision. You're not just another number for them or a means to Get paid they care about your organization and what's best for You And they'll inform you should they think the deal isn't in favor for you. They care and that is what's important they will be used by me for more and I am on my third funding.

Jan 2, 2007
Michael Thrower

National Business Capital & Services review

That they said No, when asked if there wasn't any Pre payment penalty. This was very disengenuous as anybody in this business understands exactly what that question means, as in will I have to cover all the interest irrespective of once I pay off the loan. With that said I moved forward with the loan together with intent to pay it back in a really short time period just to cover some immediate debt but to find out on petition of payoff I did owe the whole $12000 in interest on top of the original 26k borrowed. Would never recommend this company. Dishonest deceitful

Feb 4, 2019
Rahim Manesiya

National Business Capital & Services review

I never heard about National Business Capital business until I found them in Google when I was searching for short-term loan. Cash flow was needed by me for my business asap. Thomas and Chris worked on my situation and they were professional and quite knowledgeable. They laid out options and also gave opinion about which route should I choose. They were mentor for me apart from helping me get the money asap. Since they promised, I had money in my bank account within one week. Keep up the fantastic work. I will be back to get more cash for my business Thank you.

Jan 3, 2006
Cathy Ralys

National Business Capital & Services review

From start to finish Josh Gold was amazing. He listened to his concerns and also did his homework, it didn't take much convincing to know that we would utilize National Business Capital. When I clarified our cash flow concerns Josh went this step further to prove his outcome and came up with several different options. I never worked with someone who actually understood our worries as Josh did. Either Josh has been in this business or has truly done his homework and understands the requirements of his clientele. Thank you again Josh Tom and Cathy Ralys

Dec 8, 2019
Scott Williams

National Business Capital & Services review

Outstanding, that is how I would rate my experience spoke to him on a Friday about securing capital, finished some paperwork Tuesday, on the next Monday morning we had an additional $80,000. 00 in our account, not only did he do an excellent job with securing the cash for us he took it a step further by providing us a Fantastic idea's and guidance going forward on how to improve our standing, that's why we feel as if we've attained a new parter, or even better put somebody we could rely on if We Are in Need of money quick, can't thank him

Sep 5, 2019

National Business Capital & Services review

My business actually needed so as to grow, funding. I did not have the capital to grow the business in my own, so that I had to seek outside to NBC for assistance. Daniel Tighe and Kevin Kujan came to my help and helped me get a fast and easy loan approval. But assist and they continue to encourage me during my loan's length. And of course that the service is blazing fast and amazing. I don't wait for a response. I can't see myself ever applying with a creditor that is different. I recommend going with NBC.

Jan 9, 2004
Penny Casey

National Business Capital & Services review

I've been working with NBC Capital for a couple of years and I highly recommend them. Our lending representitive is Paul Otheguy; I will get the job done for you from the moment and also follow ups and also must say that he is very thorough in his job. I can say we can always use Paul as well as the NBC staff for all our financing needs. With the help of Paul Otheguy allowed us to move forward in a direction that is larger and better and this company thank you Paul Otheguy, you're a true professional.

Nov 10, 2019
Demetrios JP Pantelakos

National Business Capital & Services review

Working together with National Business is refreshing as they are very helpful people, and a fantastic Experience. William Leahy, is a marketing rep, at the Home Office. Together with working with Mr Josh Gold, in the Coral Springs Office at Florida. They are helpful. Works close to assist the Agents, and looks out to the Business Owners. I am very delighted with These guys, and applaud their support, and dedication. I would suggest National Business to any Business in the usa, and Canada.

Jan 1, 2003
Rachel Bradley

National Business Capital & Services review

I'd like to start off by thanking the team that helped me as we worked through each the paperwork. Everyone was really friendly and working with Mr. Thomas Ryan -LRB-631-RRB- 387-4352 was very nice. He and his staff could assist my company get financing. We did have some difficulties initially with financing no matter Tom worked diligently on helping us get what we had. I strongly recommend a business who's searching for a trust loan business to call Tom & his team. Thank you guys, for all.

Jan 9, 2007
Kerry White

National Business Capital & Services review

Joseph Safina provided support. He secured me the loan and conditions and cried. He worked tirelessly to keep the cost down. He was super knowledgeable, always accessible, friendly and positive. The best part isthat through this procedure, I constructed a relationship with Joe and National Business Capital. It is reassuring to know I'm now a part of the National Business Family! I anticipate working with Joseph Safina from the future to continue to accomplish my long term business goals.

May 5, 2018

National Business Capital & Services review

My experience was wonderful! Until I got a call from an expert who knew what he do dealing with different companies was mad. Thomas Ryan was helpful honest and fast to get me approved for a loan. ‭ +1 -LRB-631-RRB- 387-4352‬ Here is the number anyone ought to call if you want someone that will make it happen. Not only did he encounter with what he maintained but he answered all my questions and also gave me great advice. Every call, every text and email. Thanks for all of your help.

Jan 9, 2003
Stan Patterson

National Business Capital & Services review

Tim at National Business Capital is a complete delight. He answered all of my questions and communicated with me in a way that made it easy for me to understand the procedure. He kept in touch during the process with me. If you are considering taking a business loan, then I strongly recommend you hope Tim and his staff at National Business Capital to deal with your business financing needs, I'm sure you will receive the same personal service that is professional that I received.

Jan 6, 2009

National Business Capital & Services review

The folks there were professional and seemed eager to help me reach my objective. My urge John Salvador was completely AWSOME! He had been with me and kept me informed and updated each measure of the. I have been in business for 7 decades and I have been treated with such professionalism and a Genuinely good hearted person, he left this experience a pleasure and a pleasure, I would and will recommend your services to everyone I know. Thank you John Salvador. You're AWSOME

Feb 3, 2019

National Business Capital & Services review

The lending process started out alright and we obtained rates. 00 loan. Shortly after, we found out that there were charges and charges of $5,000. 00 (origination and closing fees) that weren't originally disclosed. As if that wasn't sufficient, National also appropriated $2,000. 00 from our business account which were not authorized and without any cause given. We were able to undo the trade . As the lending process started out on a favorable note this is regrettable.

Jan 8, 2003
Jeffery Long

National Business Capital & Services review

Working with Tom Ryan and National Business Capitol Has Been a Fantastic experience.

They helped us secure financing when we wanted it the most to compensate for the growing pains of a fast growing business allowing for us to keep on moving forward with daily operations. Would love to also give due to their work thanks to Dianna and Shannon. We will definitely be back in touch when we are in need of funding in the foreseeable future. -LRB-631-RRB- 387-4352.

Jan 3, 2003
Linda Luke

National Business Capital & Services review

It was a true pleasure working with his proficiency and Ricky Panchana at obtaining the extensive assortment of resources that could be used to satisfy our business needs. Truely felt that he had been in our courtroom, and just like a group effort. Highly communicative and business savvy, we appreciate National's skill level and understanding of business. We are looking forward to working with National at the future for our business requirements. Thanks so far.

Jan 9, 2005
Jerry Jost

National Business Capital & Services review

This a note of his associates at NBC along with appreciation to Michael Gullo.

Micheal established a connection and helped navigate though documentation admissions and underwriter reviews. Michael was the face of NBC for me but it was evident that the NBC group was focused on financing our bridge financial demands and closing the agreement. Don't hesitate if you have legitimate needs for financing that is quick to participate with NBC. Well done Michael!

Jan 7, 2002
Nora Gonzaga

National Business Capital & Services review

Dear Michael, I just wanted to let you know that all of your help with securing this loan for our day to day working business expenses is very much valued. You showed effort in helping to make sure everything got done. I am glad to have depended on you. I'm confident you'll be an excellent resource for other customers and your work ethics will not go unnoticed. I am excited about continuing to work in the not too distant future with you. Sincerely, Nora

Jun 5, 2019

National Business Capital & Services review

What a fantastic experience! Tom Ryan and his group Amanda and Anya made this process so simple. My husband and I have worked with many different lenders over the years and Tom was by far the most professional and knowledgeable! Tom was in constant contact with us. We appreciated his transparency and honesty. Next time we need financing, we'll be going back to Tom and his team! If you're in the current market, phone Tom Ryan -LRB-631-RRB- 387-4352!

May 10, 2018
Stan Strickland

National Business Capital & Services review

It is with fantastic pleasure that we recommend National Business Capital, John Salvador and William Leahy. William and john were specialist and created the application procedure for business funding easy and quick. Both William and John went out of the way to make sure our experience was fantastic. Any business searching for funding, should contact National Business Capital and ask for John or William. You will be glad you did! S Strickland

Aug 11, 2019
Austin Ojimgba

National Business Capital & Services review

I am so thankful to Mr. Robert Converse & Ori Benyamini for a great job that they put towards my bargain. My Loan file has been diminished by several other Lenders I reached out to but once I contacted Mr. Robert Converse who delegated me to Mr. Ori Benyamini as my Account Executive they made the magic happen to get my very first thing. Mr. Ori I'm so thankful for how you pulled this via. Thank so much and anticipate more deal. Austin Ojimgba

Jan 12, 2008
Fiona DiGennaro

National Business Capital & Services review

Partnering up with his staff and Eric Talbot in National Business Capital was an wonderful choice. Eric and his team have funded dozens of my clients since beginning my partnership with NBC! The best part is, my clients all couldn't believe just how fast they can navigate through the funding process, and how the NBC group that is professional is! It's great having a partnership with a business you can depend on to work with your clients!

Jan 9, 2001

National Business Capital & Services review

I had been with National Business capital a couple of months back and took a rest to handle some business obligations. Reached back National Business Capital and Daniel Tighe got working on what I wanted efficiently and fast. He stayed in touch and is currently working on other program for me. Definitely recommend working with him because he understands what he's talking about. Refer them if you know anyone that is needing assistance.

Feb 11, 2018
Marco Ramos

National Business Capital & Services review

Bartolo Gelsomino is a hell of a guy. Outstanding professionalism and representation of the company but, more importantly, he's an honest and sincere individual that did his damndest to help out me in a circumstance. I had been lucky enough to have Bartolo do what he did for me personally, though things didn't work out. Should you just happen to do business with this business, request Bartolo Gelsomino. He's man, the man.

Jan 8, 2000

National Business Capital & Services review

We have a small business and have spoke with many lenders across the 8yrs. We have been open. Bartolo is excellent! He remained in touch with us and shopped for the best deal for our distinctive business. He is incredible with his customers and cares about small business folks. We would advise anyone who's need of a loan or line of credit to check out National Business capital. They are the real deal! Tammy & Deanna

Jan 12, 2008
Matt Cahill

National Business Capital & Services review

If you are looking for an outlet for business finances, National Business Capital is your spot. I partnered up more than a year ago - and it's been excellent! Not only are they upfront and honest with my clients, the funding process is streamlined by them! Eric and his staff provided many of my customers with the funds needed to assist conquer opportunities and develop their business! I suggest teaming up with NBC!

Jan 3, 2007

National Business Capital & Services review

I have dealt with this business on 3 occasions and each time was easier . Matt has always been extremely professional, genuine considerate and friendly. He did not make to, but I believe he tried his best to obtain the ideal loan for my circumstance. This time I had been funded in less than 24 hours! Each time that I have been funded quickly and I've been really happy with Matt's followup. Thank you Matt at NBC.

Nov 12, 2018

National Business Capital & Services review

We've utilized National Business Capital now and have had a fantastic experience both times. Our representative Dominic Geraci provided excellent customer service, we always knew where we had been in the procedure, and he was very quick to respond by telephone and email. As a hectic office manager for 2 companies I truly appreciate the customer services. Jill Whiteman Office Manager for G&J Transportation and WFWP

May 6, 2019
Roxana Showghi

National Business Capital & Services review

Quite helpful, considerate, and do NOT waste your time, and they direct and assist you every step of the way to ensure that you will make a right choice. We worked with Mr. Colucci who had been the very helpful and knowledgeable loan officer I have ever had the joy to worked with. He helped our company to get a ideal loan not just any loan. The issue isthey will make a contribution on each loan that is approved.

Jan 11, 2006
Stephen Smith

National Business Capital & Services review

In dealing with Nicholas Cantatore, Business Advisor for National Business Capital was Wonderful to Manage.

I was advised by him as a small business owner through my business load. The quantity of guidance and patience he provided me produced making this decision easy. I strongly urge anyone needing some assistance that is transparent and clean, to please reach out to Nicholas. Sincerly, Stephen S.

Jan 5, 2003

National Business Capital & Services review

As a business owner, I researched numerous areas to get a business loan and no one was efficient and confident on the approval like Josh Devaney. He works wonders! Josh took his time and kept me updated on each step of my loan application. I can't express my appreciation and gratitude! Thanks to him, I am ready to see my business grow into everything I envisioned and more. Definitely recommend 100%!

Jun 11, 2018

National Business Capital & Services review

My experience with National,Business Capital was outstanding. They have a team that's always prepared to listen to your business plan and are commited to helping you expand it. Salvador and william Leahy were very patient and they found me that the funds that I had to extent my business. I purchased a 2016 ram promaster cargo van with only 18,000 miles. This can greatly help me jump forward.

Jan 6, 2000
Kelley Coffin

National Business Capital & Services review

I had the pleasure of working with Mike Gullo in National Business Capital.

He was personable, friendly, educated, and always professional. His knowledge of the goods he was supplying to us generated an procedure. Mike was our first glimpse into your company. We were brought by his customer service skills into the door and sold us on your products. Thanks, A Very Satisfied Customer

Jan 11, 2006
Brian Peters

National Business Capital & Services review

I have to mention that this group does not stop trying! Ori Benyamini explained what he was searching for and how it would help me explored all of the options , and took the opportunity to make sure that I was comfortable with all the choices. He followed up after the fact too. They discovered a way, when others were not able to help! Did they get it done but they were fast! Thanks all!

National Business Capital & Services Business Loans

National Business Capital & Services is one of the nation’s well-known sources for business financing and business services solutions. We are a niche company with many years of experience in the business finance industry. Our goal to complete your financing needs Quickly and Efficiently without the aggravations of traditional bank loans. We work all different types of businesses regardless of their credit background. We advise entrepreneurs to obtain the best financing and business services solutions within our exclusive global marketplace. Our advisors take an empathetic approach to each entrepreneur’s business, while respecting their time and stories. Through technology, we provide a simple, fast, and transparent process to support human intelligence over artificial intelligence. We are expediting the process down to hours, allowing entrepreneurs to get back to business and obtain their dreams.



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