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Jul 10, 2019
Pam McKenzie review

I'm reading through all of the advantages that state the easiest place to get a loan, blah, blah, blah. I feel most of these"testimonials" are fakes. The reason why is this company is a farce. Your payments never go towards your main leaving you broke every payday and no closer to getting out of it. They are also based in Costa Rica rather than the USA. They have attempted to to tell me I'm bound by their Costa Rican law. FYI I have spoken. Their"staff" are reading from a script and have poor English skills. I borrowed $700, have paid $1211 and not ONE DIME has gone towards principal. They also State I owe them 1074. 00. Scammers. If you need advance or a payday loan this is NOT the enterprise to pick. Run do not walk. I can guarantee you most of those positive"reviews" are fake. NOBODY is rating a 5 star on 894% interest without going toward principal balance. To MyPaydayLoan. Your reply is foolish. You don't explain anything, you don't advise you're from country, your website isn't user friendly, and your loans are ILLEGAL. I have reported you to FTC, CFPB amongst the few.

Jan 9, 2008
Suzanna review

Paydayloans is not recommended by me. Com at all. It has been a week and I haven't gotten any email stating not or weather I was approved. So obviously, I thought"good, I only got cheated" I needed to contact themto determine that they do not support my state. So it had been rejected. I'm concerned about my private information just floating out there now. I should have been advised one way or the other. They will need to state clearly. BEFORE someone puts down information that is personal.

Nov 9, 2019
Winston review

My Payday loan assisted right when I wanted them. They walked and helped me get cash and client service was nice I may have had. Everytime I predict there is always a polite and patient rep awaiting help. They keep it going and don't give you a hassle if you're able to pay it back immediately, you pay the minimum. I would definitely use again and will. The fee is a bit high and I think it should fall for repeat customers in good standing. That's my only complaint.

Jan 9, 2000
QuiQui Dadunn review

This company say they can't access your information and always hangs up. Foreigners are currently getting your bank info to get money interest. I never advised this company to expand my next payment they did rather than taking out entire amount if you call them they say their system is down telephone back in hour and hang up on you to maintain accessing my bank that is FRAUD!

Oct 10, 2019
Katy review

The website comes off as sketchy/untrusted. But as using the service, choices become straightforward. Cash is delivered in a timely manner, and progress requests created that day are often spread before end of business to your account. PLEASE make sure you save/print all contracts that are applicable, since it is hell to find them. I have complaints.

Feb 10, 2019
Asia Hawkins review

They just pay the none of that payment will be implemented to be your loan and do provide a loan but if you aren't cautious. I thought I had halfway paid my loan come to figure out all the money I was paying because it wasn't applied for my loan, did not matter. In the event you choose you'll be screwed or them please pay off it in full.

Jan 9, 2000
Roy review

Mypaydayloan is among the few loan agency which has ethics. They tell exactly what your interest is and how much you've got to repay. So it's up to the creditors to decide whether or not they can manage this loan. Mypaydayloan do not say 1 thing and do something different, they do exactly what they said.

Jan 9, 2008
Laura Linderman review

I had been in a difficult spot when I received my loan. The procedure was simple and communicating with them has also been good. However, I didn't realize that taking a $500. 00 loan just how much I have to pay back almost DOUBLE. This might be. The other company I dealt with wasn't so much

Jan 11, 2003
Verronda review

My expertise with Mypaydayloan was excellent. The procedure took less than 5min. The moment And that I had the money deposited in my account. The agent was very pleasant and was able to answer my questions. I would suggest them to anybody that needs support before your next payday.

Jan 10, 2000
Tanya F. review

I never heard of Mypaydayloan. Com but discovered them through a loan app. After taking out my loan I have no complaints. I paid it back in total. I like the simple repayment system as some loan places could be confusing. I'd use Mypaydayloan. Com again if desired!

Jan 11, 2003
A Neal review

The procedure was very easy and everything was explained. All my questions were answered without evasion and frankly. I was left feeling as though I was dealing with an honest and trustworthy firm. I wouldn't be afraid to use MyPaydayLoan again if I needed aid.

Jan 11, 2003
David review

My experience was very good. Although once I received some information with a representative that said the loan wouldn't go through until the day after 6pm, when actually it went via the morning. Gradually perplexing but worked out well. Thank you

Jan 9, 2006
David Moore review

Really expensive! I guess it'd be an alternative that is okay if you could pay off it and had no option. However, in case you need to renew it is likely to charge you if you don't specify that petition and you won't have paid some of the main down.

Jan 10, 2000
Stefanie review

Seriously, they've been super amazing although I hate the fact I needed to get a payday loan. They make it easy to payoff. They make it super easy to generate payments if you can not pay it off. Definitely among the payday loan options available.

Jan 10, 2000
Linda review

Mypaydayloan was fast and easy. Even when. I called to make modifications, I was given info on changes. I am trying to figure out how to save money and that I have no doubt that mypaydayloan will be the program that saves.

Sep 10, 2019
Dennis review

They're a fantastic web site to utilize. My issues are they should provide a light to speak. If your not careful you could be paying it off for years. Most sites nowadays offer a amount and pay down. This website doesn't

Jan 11, 2003
Steve review

I worked myself into a corner and looked for quick and effortless payday advance. My payday loan had a easy application with reply and if I needed anything customer service was there. I would highly recommend them

Jan 11, 2003
Gs review

The procedure was easy. I only borrowed an amouint that could be paid off in full on the due date and had 2 new tires. The money was in my account in under 24 hours. Great service if you maintain your loans low.

Jan 10, 2000
Renee review

The process was easy and quick delivered to my checking account as very timely in my need and promised. I also like that there was an choice to pay a portion detailed and expand the due date so I could get ahead.

Jan 10, 2007
Jesse Martin review

I applied for a loan I checked my email and I did not locate any noticed I had been rejected, at the future be kind enough to send an email to let a person know the status of the program even if it is rejected.

Dec 9, 2019
Stephanie M. review

I had been searching for a loan and no one would take me. Thank goodness. com. They were able to approve me to get a loan when financing was needed by me . I will be using their services again very soon.

Jan 11, 2003
Jennifer review

This was a professional website with none of the crap of various sites. My loan was accepted Following a few kinks were ironed out and the funds were in my account the following day. I'm very happy.

Jan 11, 2003
Marilyn Valdez review

To start with the whole adventure was a fast procedure that was professional and considerate, they helped me with the emergency! Good service! They'll Be my go to advance providers from here on

Dec 9, 2019
Sophoeun review

Really easy application. Fantastic customer service. Helped me get my funds when I wanted it the most! Highly recommend to anyone who needs a pay day loan with a reasonable rate of interest.

Mar 11, 2019
Tyler review

Great service. Everything went as it was suppose to. Straightforward. Fast. Easy. Would for sure use it again if desired and recommend it. Only downfall is that the 60$ but its own fair.

Dec 9, 2019
Ashton review

They had been fast and very helpful helping me get my loan. I really like their customer service and the person was helping me. I will definitely recommend this loan site to my Buddies

Nov 9, 2019
Roy review

Easy and Quick.

The guy called and told me exactly what to email in although I had a few difficulties with job verification and by the next day I had my money in my account.

Nov 9, 2019
M.r. review

After the payment is received, it takes to long to process. The rate of interest will be to high. If you want it they still want you to pay something, you can't get a extension.

Jan 9, 2009
Jhonatan review

Expensive loan interest. I find that to get a loan, the interest is high although the procedure was simple. A week charge of 650 usd complete. The procedure was easy and quick.

Sep 10, 2019
Deidre Allison review

Whenever you have a sudden need Fantastic source. Super fast and super easy to browse online. Day I recieved my funds thr! Definitely recommend Mypaydayloan. Com to everybody!

Jan 9, 2006
Nancy review

The repetitions made when applying for the loan me feel very helpful and comfortable! I will certainly choose Mypaydayloan, if I need some cash. Thank you Mypaydayloan!

Jan 10, 2001
Yo Mama review

They took 60$ every two wks from august 9th- october 4th loan and then 260$ on october 18th. So I paid 500$ total. The con-tract is worded by them like manner at a con.

Aug 10, 2019
Sarah review

Since you really need to be these days I was totally pleased by the simplicity and security, I had been skeptical at first. I totally recommend this when your in a bind.

Jan 11, 2003
Raynico review

Mypaydayloan accepted me with no problem and also have been cool so far, do not only thing I say is the $30 for each $100 is high to cover they let you know everything.

Sep 10, 2019
Takisha Fowlkes review

The service provided to me was quick and fast and I was treat with Regard would recommend to everyone that needs to Look after a Cost when you shourt on cash

Nov 9, 2019
James review

It had been extremely difficult to receive my first loan. The reason why I gave 2 stars is because it give the Choice to pay in payments but costs a lot to extend

Jan 9, 2008
Samantha review

It was an effortless procedure. They were put my worries at ease. I will forever be thankful. And indefinitely a costumer. I will always recommend this place.

Sep 10, 2019
Gabriel R. review

Reached out to them and the process was smooth and without any snags. The communication and customer support was great. Can use their services when in a rush.

Nov 9, 2019
Mary review

The loan process approval quickly and was easy. I obtained the funds the next business day preventing bank charges. I would consult with family and friends.

Jan 10, 2001
Michael review

Fast and easy.

The only problem I had was logging to the site that is mobile. So I needed to log in on my notebook could not log in via my telephone.

Nov 9, 2019
Michelle review

Me walked through every step of this process. There's nothing and flexibility is available when it's time to pay off the loan. Simply great and convenient.

Jan 11, 2003
Laura review


Com, were superb! I logged-in into my account, to change a payment amount, and it"automatically recalculated" the balance! Amazing!

Nov 9, 2019
Cashieta review

Mypaydayloan came in the knick of time. I needed assistance quickly and found myself in a bind. They came and have made paying them back simple as well.

Nov 9, 2019
Mary review

It was simple to use and receive funds. Down side I need the payoff was a little faster by uaing them again in a time of need but it would not deter me.

Jan 11, 2004
Holly review

Customer service was very professional and polite, the procedure was fairly quick, and the simple fact that options are offered by repayment is a plus.

Nov 9, 2019
Anthony review


Com provided the help I needed at a moment to me. I'm thankful for the help. It took. But, I managed my fiscal responsibility.

Jan 11, 2003
Kristy review

I love the way when your payment is due If you don't have it you do not need to have the entire amount. You renew your loan and can just pay the fee

Nov 9, 2019
Pilar review

It was taking forever I Employed with my Cash Back and it was Simple and I tried getting a loan with another company got the money next day

Jan 9, 2006
Judy review

All I did was create the call and the cash was in my account 2 days. Was a good experience if you want just a bit of assistance. Thank you

Nov 9, 2019
Krystal review

Prompt and easy to navigate program. Approval in manor that is extremely fast. Great for credit scores to help to get through tough time. Business Loans

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