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Money Man 4 Business

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Jan 11, 2000
Flavio Bravo

Money Man 4 Business review

Mr JJ is a man that we may trust. What he explained to me and what he delivered was the way excellency and precision result. Moneyman4business took my company from a cash flow situation into a optimistic position with over 100,000 dollars in money at the bank and more than 20,000 less in liability payments. This is a fact that is true and I am quite glad his name and services came together my way. I'd love to refer JJ Guillory and his firm with a 6 stars for bringing what apparently no one was able to achieve and what he promised. We are thrilled to write this review for others to understand what JJ is capable to deliver together with his outstanding manners and experience. Flavio R Bravo EA President/CEO

Aug 11, 2018
Thomas Carroll

Money Man 4 Business review

My business has been quite successful for over 40 decades. The recent ubiquitous existence of the internet caused difficulties to the point of substantial losses and the inability to finance a successful turnaround, MoneyMan4Business came to the rescue when many, many banks and other financial institutions had declined support because of the steady earnings decline They believed, and their favorable reinforcement permitted a reorientation of their business that has set us back to the road to victory, They get full credit.

Jan 2, 2001
Business Loan Learning Experience

Money Man 4 Business review

JJ - The Man.

Never experienced a entire stranger -"JJ" - work so tough to get my financing. This man knows how to work on the system has connections, also does things by the book, felt secure and important functioning with JJ. I will go to JJ for funding, After my clinic is ready to go.

Aug 11, 2018

Money Man 4 Business review

JJ understands the business and got me what was best for my business even though I believed I knew what was best. He was very patient and explained the terms even when I was being tough. Overall experience with them is an A+

Oct 8, 2019

Money Man 4 Business review

Wonderful and honest customer service in the beginning from the jj and oscar. Very prompt and always there to answer questions and make you feel part of the group. They would be recommended by highly.

Jan 10, 2001

Money Man 4 Business review

JJ is the very best. He was very helpful in getting the money that my business need. After obtaining my loan accept that he stay in contact and offer help if we needed it.

Jan 10, 2005
Dr. Joann

Money Man 4 Business review

Each time he's come through and jj services have been used by us for 3 times and been super useful. His services are in a timely manner. Very resourceful and responsible.

Jan 9, 2003
Stella Siracuza

Money Man 4 Business review

Reliable, responsive and aware of the needs of small businesses. I've been doing business using MoneyMan4Business for many decades. Highly recommend>

Jan 6, 2004
Fnu Karanvir

Money Man 4 Business review

People with superior service, always available for assistance. They dont screwed your credit. Love to keep going back without thinking twice.

Jan 4, 2007

Money Man 4 Business review

Hard working and also the person you could ever do business with is how I'd describe his team and JJ.

Oct 6, 2019
Enrique Araujo

Money Man 4 Business review

JJ was dedicated help us with a loan Best deal he Can Locate for us Urge him

Jan 7, 2003
Bridget G

Money Man 4 Business review

Effective customer Support and excellent and loan Link fast

Jan 6, 2004
Carol Abrams

Money Man 4 Business review

Really professional. I would urge their support to for funding.

Jan 8, 2002
Jose Hernandez

Money Man 4 Business review

Very excellent service. Very honest and professional.

Jan 8, 2006
Rodney Smith

Money Man 4 Business review

Fantastic Company to work with and would recommend!

Jan 3, 2000
M. Dumas

Money Man 4 Business review

Highly recommended has helped us many times

Jan 3, 2001

Money Man 4 Business review

Fantastic information and service!

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