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Jan 5, 2003

MerchantReFi review

Your teams no stress attitude was quite welcomed and unexpected. All creditors were to the purpose of harassment on mind pressure. Terry was outstanding despite the fact he worked on getting us to send the paperwork and program for a few months to him. His no stress"what can we do to you, once you're prepared" attitude made all the difference in the world. It was a pleasure working and coping with Cheyman for her attention to our needs, the closing of the LOC and excuse of our alternatives and recommendations where priceless. Overall we are pleased with Merchant Refi.

Jan 1, 2007
Pfeiffer Jennifer

MerchantReFi review

Chevy Heyman is my go to girl I need. She always works at high speed and my urgency is understood by her always. She understands long or that I have very little tolerance for time consuming chit chat processes and she gets me funded quickly. Although the expense is extreme, funding and the rapid service make up for it. Merchant Refi has been an outstanding instrument to keep my money flow moving.

Jan 1, 2001
Paul Finger

MerchantReFi review

We shut, consolidated banking and if there is an ultimate cost for the loan, we're saving and improving our money flow. Teaming with Smartbiz was easy and they were able to examine and process our financials and locate a suitable financing product and move the loan process along.

Dec 6, 2019
Jennifer Pfeiffer

MerchantReFi review

Being a business owner I do not like to waste one minute of time. Chevy in Merchant Refi has in lightening speed me financed and understands this. There's very little work to do to get funded and the process is easy peasy. Thank for helping me succeed, you Merchant Refi.

Jan 1, 2007
Shah Ashish

MerchantReFi review

Customer success team. They took the opportunity to understand our needs and found that a program that will fit precisely. Also coached us through the process patiently ensuring that we understood everything.

Jan 10, 2009
Alena Achim

MerchantReFi review

I had a great experience working with Chevy Heyman. I would refer MerchantReFi to my friends and clients.

Jan 8, 2005
T Martin

MerchantReFi review

Very pleasant men and women. Chevy was good at describing everything.

Jan 1, 2007

MerchantReFi review

A business that is fantastic to work with and good men and women.

Jan 10, 2005
Andrea Matteucci

MerchantReFi review

Great and service. It was effective and made it all easy.

Jan 5, 2004
Adriel Aguilar

MerchantReFi review

Experience Quickly to allocate thank you

Jan 1, 2007
James Manoukian

MerchantReFi review

Easy to work with

Jan 1, 2007
Gillette David

MerchantReFi review

Very good service

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