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Jan 2, 2001
Thankful and happy

LoanNow review

Applied to get a loan to get use until tax return stems. I implemented online. Easy to use system. After application was submitted I received two mails notifying me of documents necessary for an underwriter review. I accumulated bank payroll statements and identification records immediately. I logged into site and was instantly taken to a hyperlink to upload documents. The following day they were also reviewed. I got a telephone call asking me to reevaluate my loan, would I submit an utility bill with my name and address on it and send it directly. He was very considerate and professional. The record was sent by me right off to his emailaddress. Over the hour I could receive money and obtained confirmation my loan was funded. I got it direct deposit into my checking account. I have been advised by them of my repayment arrangements. The cash came just in time. I have intend to pay off the loan within 2 months and a massive relief. There are no prepayment in penalties. I am thankful for programs like this. Everyone hits at a tough time in their own lives. This cushioned the time that was rough for me immensely.

Jun 12, 2015
william Mcdaniel

LoanNow review

I'm positive I'm not alone when it comes to a harm to slow cash flow or instances when people or small business owners possess a patch of job arriving in. I'm a handicapped small business owner who refused to give up and worked really hard and put whatever I left into being successful with my business despite being in pain everyday I haven't given up but was going to be forced into giving up due to some other accident causing me to need to slow down. If it was not for loan I would be selling everything within my company. Being disabled and not working because of breaking my back for several years my credit isn't good so businesses like these are beneficial. Thanks for giving me another Opportunity

Jan 4, 2006

LoanNow review

I was unsure if I was planning to receive financing because of my bad credit rating. I had been working to fix this still had a little to pay in auto loan , yet another private loan and my credit card. I had read great reviews and listed more than 1 reference during the process (strongly suggested by LoanNow), also obtained the approval response within a few hours. I was able to receive my funds deposited in my account the VERY NEXT DAY that was a lifesaver. I've since been able to pay off some debt and use it for my Olympic training. I am very thankful that was able to help me in my time of need. I highly recommend them to anyone and would use them again.

Jan 9, 2008
James Smith

LoanNow review

Their mission is liked by me. At a time when my husband and I are trying to rebuild our lives and credit, it's much a love to have a business giving us a chance to do so without the creditscore. However, their customer service is a tiny bit unprofessional and a number of their practices aren't customer friendly. Like giving a due date for payments of each other thursday to me, but I get paid on Friday. They were written by me about it weeks prior to the initial payment and they stated it could not be changed. Only two payments at a time. Very bothersome. But they permit you lower your interest rates as well as and to build credit with them.

Jan 8, 2002

LoanNow review

I had a great deal of trouble finalization of my program. However, Tracy and Kim were useful, basically walking me held throughout the whole experience. I'm not tech savvy. They understood my situation and did not give me up. At precisely the exact same time, I didn't feel that they were only trying to get another contract. I will not hesitate to get in touch with them if I need to be in a situation in which I'm in need of emergency funding again. Friends, any acquaintances or family, in need of emergency funds, I will highly recommend Fantastic experience, at a circumstance. Thank you again.

Jul 11, 2018
Lavington Finance

LoanNow review

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Jan 3, 2005
Stephen B

LoanNow review

I was surprised to get several options for payment schedules and loan rates. The loan rate APR was lower than any loan I'd seen advertised. Expecting some"catch" or gotcha, I read within the loan terms and there were no hidden charges or caveats. It was really a good thing. The program was simple, and asks for documentation were met. The approval, then deposit into my bank, was lightning. I would highly recommend LoanNow for anyone and needing a significant quantity of cash to borrow. Follow-up phone conversation by LoanNow counselor was real and courteous.

Jan 10, 2009
Bill Siewko

LoanNow review

An application for a personal loan filled out night, and a vice-president of this company emailed me the next morning. The application stated that I am from New York, in which loans are prohibited. He had me scrambling finding him advice. I checked my credit rating that afternoon on Experian. com. He told me that he had my score from a"spouse" site, which did not work. I emailed him offering to send him a link to my score on Experian. com. He got back to me about that. He just sent me a link from"spouse" websites, all which were for money saving loans.

Jan 8, 2008
Wade Lee

LoanNow review

The application procedure was simple but demanded more files than I have had to perform with other creditors such as yourself previously, being sent in to you. Your customer support answers via email were timely. I'm still uncertain about your response that my back have in the past with other vendors for yourself and does not accept the deposit that is instant when I know they do. I've always gotten deposits - 24 hrs. Not have 2-3 days to wait for. That Said I am Happy with your Business and happy and grateful to the loan

Jan 9, 2002
Patricia Hubbard

LoanNow review

I signed documents but decided not to follow through with the application several weeks before I decided to contact LoanNow again. The next time I contacted them that they said my loan and requested some information was authorized. I deleted all of loan docs, also wasn't supplied any other files at any moment, nor has anybody contacted me to discuss the payments, the interest rate, the loan or anything when I cancelled the program. So I have no clue what my loan's terms and conditions are as of this date.

Jan 5, 2008
Elena Torres

LoanNow review

I submitted my application around 11 pm at night (that was very easy to accomplish in my ipad) and I received my approval around 2 pm the next day. The cash was in my bank account the following morning. I'd call customer service and they answered my questions very fast and being super friendly. The APR is actually high on committing money, but they are taking a risk although I recommend this organization, so I get it. If you want money quickly with a reasonable time to repay, this is the right business!

Dec 5, 2015
Aaron Schoeffler

LoanNow review

I needed a loan immediately and discovered myself at a money crunch. It took ten minutes for me to apply online at LoanNow. Com for $2500, and another 10 minutes to build the documentation they asked. Their awesome integration with my bank's site eliminated the necessity to spend time scanning them in and finding my banking documents. I had been approved first thing in less than 24 hours, in the morning, and the money was in my account the next business day. Crisis averted! Thanks!

Sep 4, 2016
Christine Chou

LoanNow review

Every agents were helpful and very courteous. Just information on their website about their LoanNow score. They've got their own credit rating chart on their webpage and each time you make a payment it goes up. Per their site statement that score will be able to help you secure a loan next time. My score was 680. Higher than when I first started with them. But my second loan is costlier than the 1st. I still accepted the loan since it was a crisis but I will reconsider next time.

Jan 10, 2002
Veronica M

LoanNow review

I recently was in need of emergency funds & after researching various online lenders, I tried LoanNow. I have a"special needs" credit so I thought I would have restricted options. Approval's response was speedy & the funds were deposited quickly in my accounts. I particularly appreciated being offered a choice between two payment terms. I was able to choose. I would certainly recommend Loan Now for anybody that has"special needs" credit & needing immediate funds.

Jan 6, 2009

LoanNow review

A lot of Bk,s aren't the fault of the debtor, particularly when the ressesion started. Anyways, after several efforts to establish credit DENIED! Loannow didn't think. Thank you! Yes high interest rates but just like they say pay. Need. Build a relationship together you will be rewarded. Thank you for trusting in me. Following building relationship I shall continue to 11, rates go down. Done applying and being refused. I will continue to utilize loannow!

Jul 3, 2016
Paul Grandinetti

LoanNow review

I've coped with Loan Now a couple of times now but this time I believe my privacy was invaded by them. They wanted but I wasn't allowed to figure out who I do business with and where I store. They don't have to understand this info in order to grant a loan. They will need to change their coverage and immediately otherwise somebody might end up suing them. I don't think the reason why they will need to have this info, a judge will agree.

Aug 9, 2015
Susie I

LoanNow review

The application is easy, just be sure everything is correct before submitting it. As soon as I realized my lender had granted me the routing , I notified LoanNow immediately. By the time they contacted mepersonally, it was too late & had to wait till day to contact the lender. It was thurs day by the time I got acceptance notice & saturday until the money was in my acct. Overall however procedure even without a computer.

Jan 4, 2004
Debbie Spoon

LoanNow review

LoanNow is very easy financed to my bank account and to work with . The loan officers are polite and do thier best to make sure everything is understood. They are extremely helpful to somebody that has special circumstances such as I do and I wouldn't be afraid to refere a friend or family memeber. I will be happy to use them again if they provide Repeat custommers that I am sure they do with incentives.

Jul 4, 2015
Happy Customer.

LoanNow review

The personal loan company offers an application, which is straightforward and efficient. There was a glitch in my reaction to my application. I called in and talked with a very useful girl in client service. A couple of hours later the glitch was corrected and my loan was approved. The interest rate is better than almost all of the loans out there. For that fact the corporation ought to be applauded.

Jan 10, 2000
William Sims Jr.

LoanNow review

Because I needed the money, the result was great. However, I don't even understand the loan's conditions. I realize that I signed to recieve the money but I do not recall seeing or any specifics of the terms of the loan. It's because before I approved the loan I waited 3 days to really offer documentation. I believe that is for not ensuring that u knew what I signed bad service. I have known better.

Jan 8, 2004
Matthew Martin

LoanNow review

I was able to get approved in a timely fashion and the folks are fantastic! The Dashboard alternative is unlike any other firm. They really set the power on your hands and give you all the tools to better your own credit, not with only Loannow but life generally. An executive in the company also contacted me to make sure I had a fantastic experience. If that is not excellent support than I do what's!

Jan 9, 2004
Patricia Williams

LoanNow review

Better than customer service. Prompt and courteous,the procedure was simple and I had been approved in one day as I had a family emergency that I had to take care of of that was a blessing. Though I was somewhat worried,by the end of the process I was at ease and really delighted with the Loan Today. I would recommend this company to anyone who needs emergency funds. Thank You

Dec 12, 2015
Ruby Acosta

LoanNow review

I believed it had been gon na be scam or another tear off, but these men are extremely trust worthy! I got my cash in two days in my bank accounts. Miguel called me after I filed my application to confirm some matters and I had been approved! Very pleased with them. And their website is simple to use. Absolutely use them and would recommend to family and friends.

Jan 5, 2006
Lauren Shade

LoanNow review

As someone with bad credit and 2k worth of automobile repair bills I was quite lucky to be given a chance. This process was fast and very simple. Despite the fact that the verification procedure wasn't functioning well, the representatives were able to help me get to being approved and got back to me. Without stressing myself to 11, I can fix my car. Thanks a lot

Feb 6, 2015
Rachelle Kessee

LoanNow review

I had been short this month for paying my rent and car note because of a family illness. I just needed enough to pay this invoices and some small ones. I applied to Loan Now and although I wasn't approved instantly on the internet I had been approved and had my funds on the next working day. The payment has been very affordable. I'll recommend them to anybody.

May 10, 2015

LoanNow review is superb. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit, and LoanNow gave me a opportunity. The staff was helpful and kind and it took fund to apply and receive the loan. Their web interface is easy to use, and makes it fun to repay the loan (seriously!) . I am thankful platforms like this exist in a rapidly changing financial world.

Jan 6, 2006

LoanNow review

I called a couple times to ask follow up questions regarding the agreement and I found that customer service was patient and answered all my queries. Additionally, I noticed that every individual I talked with answers that were provided consistent. I never felt they read from a script. I am happy to be using LoanNow to rebuild my credit score.

Dec 10, 2015

LoanNow review

The team of professionals at were effective and followed through with their responsibilities. There underwriting process shows that they are large on due diligence which tells me they'll be because they contribute to credit risks that are bad and do not lend more than one will be able to repay. A+ for procedure and professionalism.

Jan 8, 2001
Tri D

LoanNow review

I went to loannow for some emergency financing. I must say the procedure was rapid and it was simple to get approved. Was pleasant and kind. I have to say that he was really informative. My only compliant is the high interest rate. Other then that this is a fantastic organization to return to for quick and effortless help.

Mar 8, 2015
Thomas Adams

LoanNow review

I applied for a loan and could not find immediate approval. The fantastic news is that within 24 hours I received confirmation of my loan acceptance along with the funds were deposited to my account the following working day. I thought it'd take 3 days per week to get an affirmation or denial. I am impressed. Thomas Adams

Nov 8, 2015

LoanNow review

It's difficult to get financing from banks, my own bank with having less than perfect credit. I discovered and was approved in less than a day! Everything was simple and convenient, everything done online. Its good to know I have somewhere to turn to when pressing on scenarios come up. Thank you LoanNow!

Jan 8, 2002

LoanNow review

It's a simple procedure to request financing, if any additional documents are required easy to upload the files right away. You will be contacted by A respesentive directly if you want any assistance and will encourage you. If you need to make payments friends staff who is willing to help Fantastic customer service.

Jan 7, 2007
Happily :

LoanNow review

LoanNow is making me feel quite comfortable and hope. They answer all of my questions that I ask. They cause me to feel that they truly working not to me personally that call customer solutions that are great, and for themselves. I would recommend to check with them first when it comes get your loans. Thank you

Aug 5, 2015

LoanNow review

I am pleased with the overall experience with LoanNow. My issue is I made a payment, and it should not take as long to post. It has been 3 days since I made the payment, the money was withdrawn from yesterday, and the payment is still not shown as received by LoanNow. Hopefully they can figure out a way.

Jan 3, 2005

LoanNow review

The approval process took some time and I needed to submit some advice but it was relatively painless. The opportunity to get my cash was great! Everybody is upfront, honest, and nice to deal with - they had my scenario and as my login was not working 24, I needed to contact service. I would recommend!

Dec 3, 2016
Amber Zut

LoanNow review

Thank you for letting me build my credit again and get back on the right track. I applied for many companies and they did not want to give me a opportunity. It seems good too have cash in the bank and a business that trusts me. The customer support is awsome. I look continue business with you. Thanks

Jan 9, 2005
LL Love

LoanNow review

Loannow was rather simple to get them my advice. The approval procedures was also quick. Im happy with the beginning of this loan. I have just started. Havent even made first payment. Fingers crossed it is smooth sailing from here out. If you need a loan. I would certainly give loannow a shot!

Jan 2, 2004
Cassandra Chambers

LoanNow review

I truly needed a loan. I was told concerning Loannow! They were helpful, when I reached out to them. They were useful, Even though they could not provide what I had to finish work. I am hoping I will payoff as possible. Maybe I can borrow for the balance of dental work. Thanks again Loannow!

Jan 9, 2005
Tammy T

LoanNow review

My car was damaged in a hit and run in a parking lot. To be able to get the essential repairs, I needed to come up with my deductible. I discovered Loan Now and within 2 days (after the confirmation process) that money was in my account! I will definitely refer them to family and my friends!

Aug 5, 2015

LoanNow review

I was needing some cash for many reasons and Loannow obtained me the cash the following working day. Each time that I spoke on the phone to someone they were nice and helpful. It was quick and easy and I would recommend them to anybody who finds himself in a bind. Thank you a lot of Loannow!

Feb 4, 2016

LoanNow review was there when I wanted funds. This loan offering is not supposed to be a long-term solution while the interest rate is far from adequate. I was able to get funding and a decision the same moment. No documentation needed. Thank you LoanNow for coming through in a time of need.

Feb 2, 2016

LoanNow review's application process was straightforward and simple to complete. I received my funds and really love the installation of the website. Everything has been excellent! I'm looking forward to understanding their LoanNow score better and seeing about possibly getting better rates.

Jan 7, 2004
Shawn Kim

LoanNow review

I like everything but the Cover structure of the Way you pay It Back doesn't really explain Precisely how and if We Would like to increase our Obligations it doesn't exactly show us how to or there isn't a button to use Internet besides calling in so that was only my only Criticism

Apr 3, 2016
robert S

LoanNow review

The loan section is okay, I know that. But they offer to lower your rates on your payments thru something or social sharing; I'm not that informed, so I have no answer and asked about how that's done. Looks like a cool notion just wish the customer support was . The loan was straight.

May 7, 2015
Kim Wiltberger

LoanNow review

It was an experience. I'd gotten by some other companies, but LoanNow was awesome! They accepted me and having to jump through hoops that I had experienced with other businesses who turned out to be third parties left me hanging out to dry. I would recommend LoanNow in a heartbeat!

Jan 9, 2004
Kirk Hales

LoanNow review

I'd gotten into a whirlpool of difficulty along with the interest on other Lian's were such as mafia loan sharks. It was like I had committed suicide. Loan was able to quickly send me the cash I needed to reset myself at a fairer rate and I am able to breath. Thank You. Very Much.

Jan 6, 2006

LoanNow review

$ $ was had by me as I'm going through a divorce and at the practice of selling our home. The money is to be used for moving/rent expenses and once the home sells, the intent is to pay back the loan in full. LoanNow loaned the money to me easily and quickly. I'm very appreciative.

Jan 2, 2009
Matt Medlock

LoanNow review

Was a procedure. Is to simply make it compulsory to have supporting files such as a pay stub in the application procedure. It was no big deal, but I did have to wait for while I delivered in my documents that are supporting and have them approved. Aside from that it was easy.

Dec 3, 2016
Virgil Nilson

LoanNow review

Got a loan a couple of days past, payoff quote during the internet dashboard asks me to call and if I did they said they're closed weekends and can not process payments (so that you accrue two more days of interest). There's room for advancement, although not the biggest deal.

Jan 8, 2001
Vivian Lee

LoanNow review

Enjoy LoanNow!

The application and verification was quick and that I had the funds in my account the next business day. I had to contact Customer Service in a glitch and they fixed it emailed me back to let me know it was mended. Highly recommend since it was painless!

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