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Jan 6, 2004

LoanMart review

Customer service is fantastic. I obtained my approval email told me to phone and speak to understand what files I needed to send in. I called and the rep was very fine explained process and welcomed me to loanmart. I was sent an email w that the docs I had to ship by him. I sent everything and called them to ensure everything was received. The rep explained that he was getting my loan docs ready to be emailed to me for signature. I waited three hours and nothing. I finally called them back and was told my loan wasn't approved after all. I didn't receive any email. So I might have waited all day waiting for my files. They really ought to be certain that you qualify before wasting your time sending bank statements and your id's.

Jan 8, 2000
John Phillip Nieto

LoanMart review

Kyle was very helpful, friendly, professional. I have been receiving Loan Mart mails to receive funds but did not need it. A month until my Aunt Dolores at Santa Fe NM, passed away. I called LM for loan amount. I managed to drive there, with my two dogs,rent motel and also take care of Aunt Irene. Replace two bed mattress, although dirty carpet, clean yard and groom with her dogs which were in desperate need. Buy groceries, and cook and bake food . I never expected the support and understanding from a loan rep. but I did. Thank you so much. XO

Sep 3, 2019
P. Justin Herazo

LoanMart review

I want cash for an excursion and Loan mart came on a Saturday through last second. I was assisted by adrian then Priscilla in person. Together they made for a trade that was very swift and pleasant. The workplace is pleasant and convenient off the highway 405. For what I wanted it worked perfect for me.

Jan 8, 2008
Gazel Flowers

LoanMart review

I attempted to borrow money and that I was taken advantage of. The interest rate was 15% and they loaned me $5000. The origination fee was twice up to Loan mart and they ripped me off! Consequently I return to Loan mart and now helped me get a $10,000 loan at interest From now on I'll go

Jul 8, 2019
Rosy O. Guevara

LoanMart review

Priscilla & Melanie are extremely beneficial! This was my second time taking out a loan in Loanmart and the two times I was welcomed very kindly by the Desk but I believe customer service is everything and those girls do an excellent job! Thanks again!

Jan 8, 2007
Angie Hardy

LoanMart review

Javier Maderos was very helpful. He was able to supply the loan and good service to me which I need. I arrived into the office to pick up my cash and the woman in the front office was very considerate and friendly. Priscilla made me feel welcome.

Jun 7, 2019
Yvette Cornejo

LoanMart review

Quick and Simple!

Applied online and got approved. They discuss everything with you and explained the procedure completely. They directed me and phoned me once I submitted my files through text. Overall took me less than two hours.

Jan 2, 2005
Thomas Sabblut

LoanMart review

I was very very surprised of the customer support they gave me. They were hands down the informative and funniest company I have dealt with. They reminded me to validate my parking that they care a good deal.

Jan 3, 2007
Ji R

LoanMart review

The Staff here's sooooo amazing and helpful! They answered all of my questions and helped me out tremendously! They had been kind and patient and I would definitely recommend the Van Nuys Location!

Mar 6, 2019

LoanMart review

I recently took out my instant loan with LoanMart. The team is courteous and professional, and have clarified the loan procedure in detail. I would highly recommend to anyone.

Jun 7, 2019
Hannah Dreiling

LoanMart review

Very nice staff who was accommodating and kept us educated through the process. A massive stress relief during a tight time. Would definitely do it again - glad my husband had the idea!

Jan 2, 2004
Amine Los Angeles

LoanMart review

The procedure og is easy and fast. The team is outstanding. & thanks that are exclusive. To Precilla she assisted a lot gettinh the process performed Quickly.

Aug 2, 2019
Roy C.

LoanMart review

Choice that is Good when you want some cash fast. I saw a couple of people helped by this. I would rather borrow some money with my car than have to sell it!

Jan 12, 2009
Gail Scottsdale

LoanMart review

I managed to find a car title loan quickly The staff was professional and friendly, overall a great service and I would highly recommend!

Jan 3, 2000
Mitza Ortiz

LoanMart review

I attended loan mart Irene and the one Sherman Manner was helpful along with Fantastic provided All of the answers I Needed to get to me

Jul 3, 2019
Victor Robles

LoanMart review

Easy quick and very helpful! If I want money 11, I will definitely come back here. Thank you

Jan 2, 2009
Plushwolf Gamer

LoanMart review

Quick that is easy and very helpful! When I need money ever 12,, I will definitely return !

Jan 8, 2007
Alan Munoz

LoanMart review

Thank you so much priscilla for the aid. Great custumer service helpful and nice.

Dec 8, 2019
Feliciano Franco

LoanMart review

Fantastic experience. Very quick and reliable. Thank you for your help Priscilla

Jan 7, 2003
Lil Jay

LoanMart review

The process made easy with the help of their workers and was fast. I was helped.

Jan 8, 2003
Margalena sullivan

LoanMart review

Alex and Veronica amazing I appreciate you all so much thank You.

Mar 4, 2019
Kelso Alcala

LoanMart review

Extremely delay on getting the prqocess no hassle. Fantastic support.

Jan 8, 2009
Aniza Freekymama Gomez

LoanMart review

Everyone of your employees were so helpful. thank you

May 9, 2019

LoanMart review

Caring for my needs was a pleasure working with you!

Aug 11, 2019
Oscar Cruz

LoanMart review

Happy with our service. Priscilla was useful

Feb 4, 2019

LoanMart review

Very helpful, friendly and speedy support!

Jan 2, 2008
Anthony W

LoanMart review

Steve and isa were both fantastic!

Aug 3, 2019

LoanMart review

Good customer service

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