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Jan 2, 2001
Mike Jernigan

Liberty Capital Group review

We have worked with Garrett before with another company. We are builders which are fair to our customers, which means we never gouge and thus never have cash for emergencies. Garrett was able to get us a couple of top rate of interest loans with draws. He explained that if we can show we are workable we could get loans with rates and maybe a credit line. Garrett ended up leaving that organization and moved to Liberty Capital. Though we didn't have these other loans with Liberty Capital, Garrett went into bat for us and got us a massive credit line and some nice loans. Its pleasant to work with somebody who trusts you may do what you say and they do what they say, no b. s. or red tape. Garrett and Liberty Capital have a client for life. Mike Lakeside

Jan 8, 2019
Shauna Zoul

Liberty Capital Group review


What a great experience! LibertyCapitalGroup definitely has shown me what a REAL Agent who cares about your company and you means. I've been in business for myself and that I have never had a loan experience go this. Simple conversations, also makes certain it's a mutual understanding of wanting success for you and your business on both ends and gives you details! Marcus Dickerson TRULY and this organization care about your business and you. What a great experience and a business relationship which can continue from here on out! Treasure Life, Shauna Zoul

Jan 11, 2009

Liberty Capital Group review

Bobby E at Liberty provided service. I invested effort shopping this deal with five creditors. Liberty supplied service and the most professional support and got me the best deal. Bobby did a better job of describing his offering compared to others. If there was a glitch in the final (not Liberty's fault) that could have cost me considerable money, Bobby stayed on it before it was fully rectified - there wasn't anything to gain him supporting a customer. This was valued.

Aug 11, 2019
Pat Cullis

Liberty Capital Group review

I tried to use my lender who I have been in company with for 5 years and was diminished. Nevertheless I talked to Marcus and he assured me he can atcleast something do. So I filled out the program and over 1 day he was knee deep. I made certain I was totally put, and had the flu so they helped walk me thru the process. I received my loan it was simple as could be. They have vendors that have strategies for everybody. Thank you so much! P Cullis VIP Telecom

Jan 6, 2003
Michael Epps

Liberty Capital Group review

We had a decent amount of debt so we can save on interest payments from loans to merge we had previously. The team at Liberty Capital Group made the entire process easy and fast moving! Adrian answered every question we had and assisted us to get everything. Rosa helped finalize the procedure easily. We reduced our monthly payment significantly from what we paid and ended up saving a ton. They will be on very top of the lending list later on!

Jan 11, 2003
Rick M.

Liberty Capital Group review

Beyond fulfilled! We had a line of credit for our company and we worked together with Joan Q. who was not only amazingly lively but also very friendly! She worked very hard and I felt that she went above and beyond being a loan representative. We were accepted and the process was straightforward. She let's up to date even though we had a time zone difference and kept in touch. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Jan 7, 2009
Martin Dudley

Liberty Capital Group review

As with the majority of small business I took a danger to chase after my dream. Marcus Dickerson using Liberty Capital helped me navigate the complexity of business honestly and with professionalism. Like a friend he felt more and less like a partner by the end of the procedure. I would recommend their services and him.

Apr 3, 2019
Noelle Longmeyer

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capital was my contact and an amazing source Joan was phenomenal in her monitoring of communication that is speedy and responses to be sure everything was being done to facilitate my application and funds move. She was the remainder of the team and super personal I interacted with were a pleasure to work with.

Jan 9, 2000
Rob Marshall

Liberty Capital Group review

Marcus was an excellent representative for the business. He walked through the process and remained readily available to answer some questions. He assisted in procuring the finances we had and we are already planning on a long-term relationship for future business requirements. Thank you for of your assistance

Jan 10, 2000
John Maxfield

Liberty Capital Group review

They triumphed. Not far behind that's the tenacity with which they remained on course. They are obviously well equipped to do battle in benefit of entrepreneurs, and if I have future such battles to fight, it is Liberty Capital Group to whom I will turn.

Jan 8, 2006
Marshall Green

Liberty Capital Group review

Marcus went walking us through the loan process and beyond and over describing things. We're glad to get this credit line in our tool box because our needs change. Marshall Green 3:16 Exteriors 316exteriors. us

Aug 4, 2019
Currys Roofing

Liberty Capital Group review

Garrett was amazing to work with! This may be an intimidating process and he made it feel simple and never forced us to make a quick choice. We'll only use him in the future for most future endeavors!

Jan 11, 2005
Firuz R.

Liberty Capital Group review

Thank you, Marcus!

I managed to acquire financing in a few days and have been on the road night and day. Very efficient. I look forward to building my business using!

Jan 10, 2006

Liberty Capital Group review

Ms. Joan has been a joy to use. Very knowledgable and you could tell she really cares about her customers! From start to finish the encounter was great I highly recommend!

Jun 6, 2019

Liberty Capital Group review

Tina was an wonderful person to work with. She explained how everything worked allowing you the customer to make an informed choice. I will definitely work with this organization and Tina .

Jan 1, 2007
Crystal A

Liberty Capital Group review

I had an excellent experience working with Liberty Capital to acquire a business loan. The staff is inviting, professional, effective, informative, and friendly. Brian is the best!

Jan 7, 2003
N. Agarwal

Liberty Capital Group review

It was really a fantastic experience working with liberty, quick superior and closing prices and very fast service. They consolidated my other small business loans into a loan.

Jan 6, 2007
Ian Kariuki

Liberty Capital Group review

The issue at ahand was handled with proffesinalism, describing options on the problem that best provides me an idea about how best to move forward. My handler was Joan Quilici

Mar 4, 2019
Tammy Smith

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capital Group is great to work with. Garrett N. was quick and effective with what I needed. I have worked with this business over once and have always been satisfied.

Jun 3, 2019

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capitol was great, obtained great terms. Managed to do a word that lenders were not able to give me. Due to Garret and his help thru the process

Jan 3, 2003
customerClifford Brown

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capital is Awesome!

Garrett Natalina did a great job with the terms and payments that are manageable. He made the process quick and easy.

Dec 3, 2019
Vpm Llc

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capitol was outstanding, obtained great terms and the payment I can afford. Was able to do a loan amount that I need it. Thanks to Brandon.

Jan 4, 2005
Terri White

Liberty Capital Group review

Garrett was prompt with responding to calls and emails. He made me feel like I was his priority and followed through with everything!

Jan 10, 2004
Ricky Sanchez

Liberty Capital Group review

Ralph did an superb job explain how everything worked. Looking forward to work together with him in the future. Thanks again Ralph

Jan 7, 2008
Lamont Horton

Liberty Capital Group review

Kelly Montgomery was awesome. Very smooth procedure and funding next day. Highly recommended from Kansas City MO Area. Thank you

Jan 4, 2005
Troy Marchand

Liberty Capital Group review

Good experience, excellent service, fast financing, would recommend! Garrett provided top notch customer support and was useful!

Jan 9, 2003
Jim Shaffer

Liberty Capital Group review

Ralph was on top of things, communicated during the practice, and worked on our petition. Couldn't ask for anything more.

May 8, 2019

Liberty Capital Group review

Liberty Capital Group did an excellent job of understanding my financing could put me up and needs. I'll use them again.

Jan 7, 2001
Tristan Smith

Liberty Capital Group review

Awesome service. Communication on all levels from all employees. Highly suggest using them I'm more than satisfied.

Jan 8, 2004
William Hulick

Liberty Capital Group review

Kelly will continue to be my Broker at the long run for the needs of my company. As consistently Kelly. Thankyou

Jan 9, 2000
Roy Le

Liberty Capital Group review

Did a Comprehensive job, got me a rate that is Much Better and is in contact quite a bit communicator

Jan 7, 2009
Richard Buice

Liberty Capital Group review

Kelly Montgomery followed up on concern and each facet and was thorough. I would recommend his services.

Jan 2, 2001

Liberty Capital Group review

Thank you Liberty for assisting me update. I had some capital and Garrett Natalina came through.

Mar 5, 2019

Liberty Capital Group review

Garrett has excellent customer service and functions until the task is completed!

Jan 3, 2004
D Nelson

Liberty Capital Group review

They did what my banks would not! Great servicefriendly and scary easy

Jan 9, 2001
DeMario A White

Liberty Capital Group review

Ralph was really helpful and I look forward to working with him.

Sep 5, 2019
Joelene Murray

Liberty Capital Group review

Garrett was amazing to use! He made the process simple!

Jan 4, 2007
Eloy Carrizales

Liberty Capital Group review

Garret is very professional and understanding.

Jan 11, 2000
Ray Bennett

Liberty Capital Group review

They worked hard to get me what I needed.

May 12, 2017
Vivek Anand

Liberty Capital Group review

Excellent work

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