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May 10, 2019

Lending Crowd review

Hello there, I discuss opinions of Simon who published on July 22nd and the positive experience. I started investing in Spring of 2018. Like Simon I pick individual loans and would urge that route if you are comfortable looking at financials and have enough time to do so. I now have 48 loans, having made and exited another 30 loans. 78 loans made in total and I haven't had any bad debts or non-performing loans. I have made a return of 10 percent p. a. up to now, and generous incentive bonuses - those have been available in the past and really help your yield, though they may not be offered again. My experience may have been helped by good -- or lucky! touch wood! -- selection. But the figures show that the Lending Crowd loan book has had a very low debt ratio in 2018-19 for NEW loans. If you invest you are able to go onto the LC website and download the loan publication that is complete. For a total of 42 they started loans in 2018-19. 1m. Only 5 of those loans have gone bad so much, for a entire reduction of #0. 3m and two are now in arrears with a level of 0. 06m. The aggregate figures can be seen by you on lendingcrowd.com's statistics page. You'll also see the bad debt experience was poorer for loans and this might be exactly what some disappointed investors experienced. Nevertheless , like Simon, I do have any concerns by the borrower advice presented to investors' grade and I try and dodge . It may be that LC credit folks are currently looking than shareholders that can be frustrating at fuller info. Final point: all this may change if we head into economic issues; who knows for sure. But best to think of lendingcrowd.com as a medium-term investment that is an alternative to listed equities. I was able this season to get my cash out after 100 days of waiting and had a experience with Funding Circle. P2P helps diversify equities and land...but it is much less secure and liquid as cash. Fantastic luck, Colin

Jan 7, 2002

Lending Crowd review

I am slightly surprised by some of the reviews on here. Is some research on each stage that is potential as well as the dangers involved in using them. Lendingcrowd.com lends to businesses not consumers. Because of this, interest rates tend to be somewhat higher but the risk of default can also be higher. Lenders can either use the function - something I would not recommend - or can appraise each and bid for each loan. LC gives a basic snap shot of every company and a credit score rating: P&L, B/S, etc.. I believe that they could certainly provide more information i. e. site and more detail about the balances i. e. would be the fixed strength concrete or not? Concerning the Q&A section (investors may ask questions) I believe there should be a compulsion about the debtor to answer all questions prior to the loan is filled. The platform can also be open to creditors that tend to bid in the auction process and this can have a large influence on the availability of loan components. Overall I think that the practice is reasonable although as mentioned above I think there is scope for developments. In terms of my experience I have been utilizing the platform for about 3 decades and my returns have been fairly decent - about 8. 5 percent p. a. after penalties and bad debts with a predicted return of 8 percent (more bad debts are assumed). You truly do have to diversify (rule of these isn't more than one% of your capital to any one borrower). Have the other reviewers on here ? Otherwise they must have been incredibly unlucky. Looking further ahead - in case of a recession it'd be reasonable to expect poor debts to signup farther (than anticipated?) - therefore my real returns throughout the economic cycle may easily be somewhat lower. But if they come in at 6-7% that would meet my expectations. Notice the very long run return from an asset like UK equities is also around 7% p. a.

Jul 3, 2019
Tom Merchant

Lending Crowd review

I am an investor using a account. LendingCrowd is a joy. The fees are rock-bottom reduced, the market makes investing very simple and so much that the liquidity was better than I was expecting (Can depart financing standing with cash in bank accounts in ~3-4 times ). LendingCrowd is very good for active investing, a minimum of 2 years of accounts may be seen for each loan along with the credit rating in addition to the ability to ask the company questions. This makes it easy to estimate each company's creditworthiness. Because of the nature of the loans being to businesses that are small late-payment is a fairly frequent occurrence. I would recommend just investing in elderly businesses with reduced levels of existing debt and at least a Director Guarantee rather a Debenture too. There are plenty of opportunities like this rates. A great deal of reviews complain about default rates that are large nevertheless LendingCrowd does clearly say that investing carries risk. If you're cautious about which companies you lend to and re-balance your portfolio onto a semi-regular foundation (ensuring you minimize your portfolio risk) it goes without saying that your yields will be more consistent than if you choose a lackadaisical approach. I wouldn't recommend this platform to investors. In a recession you're likely to eliminate a significant chunk of your investment if you're a passive investor this is the equivalent of a junk bond fund. Worse still liquidity will be near nil in this scenario so that you won't be able to exit your position. I really don't believe LendingCrowd make this risk or clarify it well enough and deserve whatever regulation comes their way on this front. It haunts me a bit because I don't want to eliminate this particular platform.

Jan 4, 2007

Lending Crowd review

This company has of the regulatory authorisations accessible, along with also the investor interface is adaptable and fun to functioned if you want a hands- on expertise - with options if you don't! The bidding auctions for loan interest rate could be entertaining, but also frustrating when overdue bids are received which can knock out entire tranches of retail admissions. Unfortunately it is downhill from there: Credit evaluation and due diligence are suspect, validation of proposals is lacking and credit management of defaults is woeful. Activities are slo-mo when the worst happens default is lackadaisical and recoveries thus far are zero. Smaller investors going for an equally diversified portfolio have thus far suffered a greater proportion of losses since defaulters have exclusively been one of smaller loans - hence the monetary proportion of losses across the system is significantly less than the quantity of loans affected (5 / 15%). In conclusion, best left to the boys with 6/7 figure portfolios.

Jan 10, 2003

Lending Crowd review

Good idea"selling" the loans on the market and being able to market your loans within their marketplace BUT one time a loan goes into default just forget it. Should they have a recovery dept they need to invest their time drinking coffee or more. I have #7500 + of"losses" and # 1. 50 retrieval after 18 months without the payment. Of keeping up the creditors to date with recoveries their idea is to post a remark that just having had to call them and that they have to inform. They tell you that they will upgrade every month but perhaps every 3 months following a phone call they'll. Lending crowds only interest seems to be growing and encouraging (bribing) new investors but won't look after the men and women who have invested to get them where they're now. Greed has taken over from customer services. In case you have money to burn them is the firm for you. BEWARE!

Jan 11, 2002

Lending Crowd review

I have been a client with Lendingcrowd because May 2018 and I have used both self-select and expansion account. The expansion account has been the best method for me to receive a diversified spread of loans to businesses and hazard bands. I've tried to use the accounts but I think the bidding process is complicated and it takes some time to understand. Because the stock market is quite uncertain the yield of my expansion account is more than 7 percent so I am satisfied with this. The customer support is great and there are cashbacks to improve your returns. I recommend adding new funds in phases as cashbacks are announced or so to make the most of it.

Feb 7, 2019
Antony Socrates

Lending Crowd review

Disappointed with LendingCrowd.

Did well in the 3 years earning decent returns but at the last year so my gain is # 200, dropped over # 1400 in debts - just 1% return. My other P2P creditors return over 5% and have a contingency plan for bad debts but I get are emails naming one borrower failure after another which makes me wonder if due diligence is practised, why borrowers and their guarantors are resorting to bankruptcy and when fraud is going on. Where are the assets to back these loans? There is no obvious choice to take my money out until a loan is repaid. I used to be quite enthused about P2P lending but not anymore.

Jan 12, 2009
Steve Cameron

Lending Crowd review

I have utilized LendingCrowd as my ISA. So far so great. More each month so I have invested my returns have been steady. I like that if I have contacted them with queries on how it functions I have received responses. I enjoy the pace with which money is invested into new loans. I am now diversified across 130 loans which is likely more than I would have if I'd opted for self choice. Are for debt to be illustrated also for and more clearly the iPhone app to reveal my ISA in complete detail.

Aug 5, 2019
Chris Savos

Lending Crowd review

Avoid at all price! So lots of investments with no chance for recovery in debt. I can`t even get my money back due to selling process, which will never ends. It's just a waste of cash and time! They have a time for answers for negative remarks on Trustpilot, although they do n`t answer for investors queries. I use a different name on LendingCrowd and that I reviewed it because of my experience with absolutely no advancement in no contact and bad debts retrieval from lending crowd.

Mar 5, 2018

Lending Crowd review

Tried to raise a little cash. We are a business with North America and revenue throught Europe. Sent Business Plan together with accounts and other information. When nearly every Property Company was in financial problems because of the banking crisis were rejected because one of our Directors had been involved with a Property Developmemt firm that was fighting and was wound up about 7 years back during the recession. Not even a phone call to request an explanation.

Jan 7, 2001
Scorpio Promotions

Lending Crowd review

I have to replicate the majority of the other testimonials. I've been a LC member for two years as time went on I came to doubt their lending vetting. This is currently the current state of my account which I feel speaks for itself. Rate of Return -7. 23. 91% The only updates I have had on the debter who they listed as a bad debt is that the normal'we are trying to recuperate and will upgrade' these are loans and should be fobbed off by the group.

Nov 4, 2019
Carl Stone

Lending Crowd review

Was happy to start with, My Wife and saw returns last year of 7-8% and I both had their ISA choice. These have since dwindled and we all over becoming about 3. 5%. There seems to have been losses the last couple of months with no growth. We have now removed the majority of our investment until it dissapears. Recently all profits are being wiped from continuous defaulters, although I knew in the start of the dangers

Jan 4, 2008
Ali S.

Lending Crowd review

I've been using them since November 2015 - I started off as self-select but moved to auto-select because it is simpler and keeps me disperse over a variety of loans. I am now sitting at 60 loans and returns are above what I had expected (more than 8% real ). It feels like progress on defaults is slow, but that is a process so I can not complain, and performance is great.

Jan 1, 2008
Chris Phillips

Lending Crowd review

I've experienced debt amounts that were very high, reducing yields. Trying to extract funds to a haven has been massively long winded and frustrating. I have been involved in peer to peer lending for 10 years and it's a great concept, but maybe not on this stage.

Nov 6, 2019

Lending Crowd review

Really disappointing. After a year with about #5000 spent I had over #200 in defaults and they are only recovering #5 per week! My rate of return is not greater than a bank savings account that is normal.

Jan 8, 2003
Glen Mehn

Lending Crowd review

I have used the autoselect ISA but it's performing well for me personally and all looks good?

Jan 4, 2009
Vegas Peru

Lending Crowd review

Return two. 4% from estimated seven. 4 the risk

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