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Jul 3, 2019
The Fresh Studios

Lendfi review

I shopped for a small business loan and they informed us that a deposit $5,000 was necessary for them to help us shop for financing. So that we could believe the money would be secure, they had the retainer is held by a lawyer. Lendfi never found us a loan nor did we sign a deal for any loan! These men promised via contract that our retainer would be refunded but those crooks had the lawyer release the funds into them anyways. We informed them about our daughter having cancer and they also know that we have a bit one but they do not care that they are stealing from. These guys are crooks and heartless! DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THEM OR ELSE You'll Get SCAMMED.

Jan 2, 2007

Lendfi review

Last year lendficorp.com assisted me in obtaining a Merchant Cash Advance based on my income which was going to help me enlarge my commercial and sheet metal roofing firm. Now this year, Joseph, my rep at lendficorp.com has worked hard to help me refinance before our busy season starts, and continues to be very understanding of the building market. I am hoping to continue to get a long-lasting relationship with lendficorp.com. We had a couple of setbacks within the company, also Lendfi has come back in, and helped us get back on the right track. I've been very appreciative. Thomas Bentley Parks III BP Construction Huntsville, Alabama

Dec 4, 2017
Michael Kulczyk

Lendfi review

If we had been out of electricity for 4 days my restaurant hit a bump in the road. Without a banks lending to separate restaurants, even if they claim to be business LendFi came through quickly, and came through! Vincent and jim listened to my situation and went over and beyond to help me keep my company running I have owned for more than 20 decades. I hope this is the beginning of a financing connection. Thank you ! Michael K.

Jan 5, 2005
Lee Abbott

Lendfi review

Person we dealt with didn't understand what they were talking about and the CEO was all talk, never reveal, we mailed contracts to to compete with and wouldn't even bother to call back, will not use or recommending their services to anyone. A call back would've at least given them 2 stars with this revoew

Aug 5, 2017
Andrew S

Lendfi review

I tried several merchant cash advance firm's that over promised and under deliverd and had to raise money! All kinds of charges that were never spoke! One high as $10,000! LendFi Corp was the only firm that stood by there word from day one! Highly suggested. Thank you again LendFi Corp..

Jan 2, 2000
Andrew M

Lendfi review

They got me that the 140k I needed to make some improvements and worked together. It worked out great! They helped me to get and were honest about the cost up front. Thing's are going great! Thanks again LendFi Corp!

Jan 2, 2000

Lendfi review

Got me the money I needed to expand my repair shop. They also saved me money on my credit card processor! They were easy to handle and they got me a great rate! Thanks! I would recommend them.

Jan 3, 2007

Lendfi review

So glad we changed! We started saving money on our credit card processing instantly & its processing compared to my previous firm! I urge everyone to do the same.

Jan 2, 2002
Francis Brustien

Lendfi review

Loved working with them as well as their sister firm Ayers and Brunetti Wealth Management LLC. Skilled investment team and lenders. Appreciate the help guys!

May 6, 2017

Lendfi review

John and lendficorp.com is an absolute pleasure. They are beyond professional and understand the demands of business owners. I highly recommend them.

Jan 3, 2007

Lendfi review

Jay and David made it simple to finish and get financing for our company. Since we have not been in business long enough, banks would not touch us.

Jan 10, 2009
Jose Ortega

Lendfi review

I never requested a loan and they Ship a loan confirmation email Which May be scam

Jan 3, 2003
Michael Weinberg

Lendfi review

Fast, quick and easy. Very helpful staff!

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Number one Source for immediate access to working business capital, we pave the road to a direct path to extraordinary funding solutions. Our products range from fasting funding options and programs customized to tailor fit your business’s needs. We offer a broad spectrum of business advancements including completely unsecured, non-collateralized funds, Real Estate, and Credit Card processing. The possibilities are limitless. We can provide you with 15 percent of your gross revenue and or match your average monthly sales. After approval we can get you funded the same business day. By working with the largest IN-HOUSE LENDERS we work on allocating the funds you deserve.



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