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Nov 2, 2016
The Fence Man

Legend Funding review

Don't be afraid to go after what you need! Legend helped me realize it is all up to me every day and each. A resource all of us know we desire but somehow don't think we've got it in us to make it operate. Now that it has been completed by me see how simple is. I should have always done the way my money flows this way. Thanks Legend!

Jan 12, 2007
Jeffrey Moffat

Legend Funding review

Working capitol is the reason why I chose legend. I was skeptical at first however, Eric Helped me understand my questions and, implemented a non daily payment my firm could deal with. I have since borrow a second time also, will use there services later on. Thank You at Legend and here is to a season that is fantastic. Jeff Moffat

Nov 2, 2016
Anthony Caputo

Legend Funding review

Legend's associates has provided my company that the professional handling of their fiscal requirements. Whereby we could agree on the terms that can simply be described as beneficial for both parties the associate worked closely with us to provide a loan provisions.

Oct 5, 2016

Legend Funding review

I'm thanking Marlen, Scott, Val and all Legend funding team for their professionalism in managing their organization. They also educated me. Thanks so much LegendFunding. Thanks a million (that I want to give 6 stars, just can't find the other Star).

Jan 12, 2006
Tony Owner Nicholes And Dimes Quality Automotive

Legend Funding review

I am a store owner who had a couple of run-ins with kept finances and overdue bills Legend helped me keep my sanity and let me borrow enough to get caught up and keep the doors shut. Thank you Legend and Eric Vigdorov

Jan 1, 2008
Donald R Smego

Legend Funding review

Legend has been fantastic to use! They're professional, courteous, and interested. Easy, quick, and easy form to complete and you've got an answer in a short time period. Look to Legend for your financial needs.

Jan 1, 2005

Legend Funding review

I had a great experience with Legend the staff was professional and considerate. They could get me financed in less than 1 week. I recommend them to your financial demands.

Jan 12, 2004

Legend Funding review

They sent me the money I helped save business during a time that was tough and needed. They had been nothing short and I'm really thankful! Justin

Jan 2, 2004
Donald Harvell

Legend Funding review

Fantastic company really helped my business with the financing we had. That is my second go round with them. Need.

Jan 12, 2001

Legend Funding review

We're in need of cash for advertising and payroll and we obtained it fast and hassle free.

Jul 1, 2016

Legend Funding review

This is the best company with everything is transparent, to wotk

Jan 1, 2000

Legend Funding review

Quick funding. Hardly any paperwork. It was easy and fast.

Nov 2, 2016

Legend Funding review

Quick quick turnaround time support. Will use them again,

Jan 1, 2000

Legend Funding review

Great would recommend and exp with Those Men

Jan 2, 2004

Legend Funding review

This is a good company to work with

Sep 2, 2016

Legend Funding review

Among the best out there!

Legend Funding Business Loans

Since 2013, Legend Funding has provided a superior financing solution to small businesses. We offer a middle ground between the high costs of typical cash advances and the slow, low-approval process of bank loans. Our low rates, diligent client relations, and overall flexibility ensure your business is getting the best value possible. Since our inception we have helped over 500 businesses and continue to rapidly grow. When you enter into a partnership with Legend, you can be confident you are choosing the best alternative lender on the market today. With the financial expertise of our managing partners, lending specialists, in-house underwriters, and marketing team, your business can utilize the working capital it needs.



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