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Jan 9, 2002
Shelley Knox

InstaPay review

Instapay has been factoring company that is fantastic. I've been because 2016 using this factoring company and even when I had a problem that they took the opportunity to work out it . They have a patience team and will listen to help you acquire the greatest outcomes. I have always heard attempt fixing it, if something isn't broken, had but I not broken with the factoring company I've. They are not just a factoring company they have become my friends. Thanks to everybody at Instapay for your hard work you have put in with my organization and others! When it comes to ensuring your needs are satisfied, they have a freight factoring procedure that match my needs, best invoice return to your bank, there time is endless. Again! Thank you

Jan 12, 2006
Bill Robinson

InstaPay review

I have been using Insta cover a couple decades. They're a really good factoring company too. What I like about these is that I can submit my invoices at the a. m. and if approved right away have my money in my bank acct. The next morning. Very good support. Haley is great to work with too. Thank you a lot Haley if needed for helping out. I have no I goals of switching to a different factoring agent Insta cover is wonderful.

Jan 12, 2009
Karen Eminyan

InstaPay review

We've been using InstaPay for several years now, and are very satisfied with them, adore how quickly they respond to our emails, especially how quickly we get paid, literally"insta" pay! Professional firm! Haley, is the problem solver! Thanks guys for a fantastic group work, customer support that is great! And thanks to making each trade process go as easy as possible! Highly recommend!

Sep 8, 2019
Richard A Schaal

InstaPay review

We have been working with the team at insta pay Jamelle is Fantastic helps us out when we call with questions And makes the Procedure work Quickly And his other Group members jered and Haley have helped out so much Too Thank you so much for all you Guys do there To help us as a small business in the trucking industry Richard Schaal Rd Transportation

Jan 4, 2019
One Road Express

InstaPay review

We have been working with InstaPay for nearly 2 decades and have had nothing but a fantastic experience. Easy and fast file submission and prompt to aid with any questions or concerns. Their web interface is also a great tool for monitoring payments. Have worked a great deal with Haley and Stephen and they're very valuable. We greatly suggest them!

Oct 1, 2019
Amy Lee Likes

InstaPay review

Instapay has been amazing to work with! The process has worked every time and is straightforward. I've made a mistake on my end and they let me understand and helped me fix it. I've been working with Stephan. Anytime I have a question. Their rates are low, but I would not switch factoring firms if I found a lower speed. These guys are fantastic!

Jan 12, 2008
William Schaal

InstaPay review

We have used Instapay and don't have any ideas of changing. We're a family owned and operated company. We primarily work with Haley and even though she's employed by instapay she is and always will be a part of our loved ones. She is hardworking and always goes the extra mile for us if the time comes. Thank you Instapay and THANK YOU Haley

Jan 12, 2008
Lexi Howard

InstaPay review

We have used InstaPay for today and so are very happy with it. Stephen is our primary go to guy and he's superb. Very professional and always goes the excess mile for us. We also have went through Haley as well as she's great! They both are fantastic to use and create our expertise with InstaPay that much better. Highly recommend!

Jan 12, 2008
Christian Colon

InstaPay review

We're very satisfied with InstaPay! We've been using them for a few years now and they've exceeded our expectations with their immediate response customer services. They factor without any difficulties and our loads quickly. They are good at what they're doing and we will keep using their service for many years to come.

Jan 12, 2007
PremiumTrucking Robinson

InstaPay review

This is a great company. I mostly work with Haley Santymire, sheprofessional and retains a superb line of communication. She takes pride in her job. So I would advise asking for her by name, she gets the job done!

Jan 8, 2005
George Ramon

InstaPay review

Customer firm and service! Would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you a lot of Instapay for the service. Staff is quite friendly over telephone.

Jan 8, 2009
David barnhill

InstaPay review

For going on 4years I have worked with Haley. Instapay isn't ideal, but they do a fantastic job getting you paid. I appreciate what they do for me.

Dec 9, 2019
Robert Williams

InstaPay review

InstaPay was fantastic to use I just left for a better factoring rate(2. 5%) I will be back if I dont even have a good experience

Jan 12, 2000
mark Karas

InstaPay review

I have been happy with them for more than one year now, I have been happy with them.

Jan 12, 2009
Tim Winter

InstaPay review

It would be hard to discover a better bank spouse! Very easy to handle and quickly.

Jan 12, 2006
Stephanie Rush

InstaPay review

We've used them . We bother them a great deal and Haley is amazing to use.

Jan 9, 2008
All In Trucking Enterprises Inc.

InstaPay review

I love them! Pay hassle no hassle!

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