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Jan 2, 2007

Funding Empire review

I have been committing with FundingEmpire since they launched around a year ago. I'm making around 14 percent and have yet to experience any late payments or defaults. I have been impressed with the customer service I've received and have made contact with them several times throughout the entire year. Additionally, I talked with them recently about their deal flow and has been advised that they would be starting a new asset backed model imminently that would provide a larger quantity of loans for investors to take part in. Today, looking at their website, I notice they now cite this strength backed model which I am excited to become involved in once they start listing these loans that are new. I have introduced around 5 additional family and friends members into the platform and all have had an superb experience to date, long may it continue!

Jan 1, 2000

Funding Empire review

FundingEmpire have one of the easiest to use sites among p2p lenders, and the deals they have recorded so far have been, in my opinion, high quality with good rates for investors. The team and I have spoken several times and I've been impressed by their openness, professionalism and accessibility. Personal contact is for me an important part of gaining trust in the p2p space and the Funding Empire team have given me plenty of confidence in their operation.

Jan 1, 2005
Richard Jones

Funding Empire review

Option is subject to knowledge and with funding for small and new companies becoming harder and harder to reach, Funding Empire provides for either side (borrowers and lenders). Increasing competition and choice compared to financing methods and high street banks. FundingEmpire helps businesses that are struggling to access finance, whilst supplying lenders. The ideal coupling and an impressive start for such a young company.

Dec 1, 2015
Ivy Duffin

Funding Empire review

The platform is simple to use with a wealth of information on your"Home" page. Unfortunately loans' stream is slow however they are all doing well with no problems up to now. There's a market but vendors are looking for an average premium and this seems to deter buyers. Rates are generally good, however the loans are not asset procured making them somewhat more risky than others. Problems are quickly solved by the"team".

Dec 1, 2015
Peter Robinson

Funding Empire review

Funding Empire has a site that's straightforward and is good at providing details. It will not provide more in-depth data as per Funding Knight. Borrowers' amount so far has been limited, although a new one has been approved recently. Additionally the lien are companies with financial history, or are at the higher risk end. I would favor a wider selection of available Borrowers in order to spread the risk of default.

Jan 11, 2008

Funding Empire review has been an excellent investment platform for me, unique because none of their loans has defaulted. However, it now appears to be winding down, no investments can be found, therefore in investing here, there's absolutely no point now.

Jan 1, 2003
Business dimensions

Funding Empire review

Having been an investor with funding empire since the start of move live, I have grown a great deal of confidence and trust in be on hand to help with any issues and there approach to manage matters. I'm looking forward to the success of their future.

Dec 1, 2015
Dinesh Patel

Funding Empire review

Being new to this form of investment I found the site easy to use and comprehend. Have been answered quickly and with enough detail to let me continue with my first investments. A few more bargains on the stage would be beneficial going.

Jan 9, 2003
John Stickley

Funding Empire review

Every person we dealt with at Funding Empire was very friendly and helpful. The loan process stress free and was easy and I would not hesitate in recommending them to anybody looking to increase funding for their business.

Jan 1, 2003
William Greville

Funding Empire review

Funding Empire is an presented and intuitive interface for financing. Deposits and withdrawals are processed very quickly. Returns on all my investments have come through as expected.

Jan 1, 2004
Keith Seymour

Funding Empire review

Niche finance for entrepreneurs, filling a difference and solving an issue for funding a business. Individuals and prices, with a fantastic website, for lenders and borrowers.

Dec 1, 2015
Rob Warlow

Funding Empire review

Although the crowdfunding/P2P market is still new to many it is good to deal. I would recommend Funding Empire to anyone looking to enter the crowdfunding world.

Jan 8, 2004
Vic Robertson

Funding Empire review

Unable to contact anyone at Funding Empire via the internal message system. I am still awaiting my drawback.

Funding Empire Business Loans

Funding Empire is Wales' first Crowdfunding platform. It was developed to combat the problem businesses face in getting funding from banks whilst also trying to provide lenders with a better return than they currently get on their money in a savings account. Our team, with substantial advice taken from JMW Solicitors who are a leading law firm in the Crowdfunding sector, developed a model to combat these problems and Funding Empire was conceived. With our passion and knowledge of small businesses, together with our strong management team, we aim to make funding available to creditworthy businesses in the UK, delivering sustainable returns for our lenders.



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