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Jan 5, 2002

Flexibility Capital review

The customer service and professionalism of Justin Maier made this process quick and comprehensive. Justins excellent communication abilities meant I was consistently informed the procedure. I have worked with in the past, this experience was executed! Thank you.

Jan 9, 2006
Ophelia DeLaPaz

Flexibility Capital review

Loved working with Justin he had been really helpful and worked with me personally, he did not give up till he found us the monetary contract that is right. He wasn't pushy or aggressive I've dealt with. Fantastic job Justin!

Mar 10, 2019

Flexibility Capital review

The whole process was very fast. John kept in contact through the procedure and let us know of every upgrade. From start to finish was just 3 days. I'd suggest them to anybody! Thanks for all of your help.

Jan 4, 2003

Flexibility Capital review

When we were looking for working capital for our company this firm was there for us personally and client service was awesome Justin was put on he was new the products was very helpful, ty Justin!

Aug 5, 2019
Steve Ulrick

Flexibility Capital review

Andrew Costa was Quite responsive and worked hard to get me something Which fit my Requirements That He was Educated I felt that I dealt with someone I knew and Really friendly

Jul 10, 2019
Do Transport

Flexibility Capital review

I called and talked to David Lachs concerning our financial requirement. He is very nice and useful. He has helped us to fix our situation. Thank you very much!

Jan 10, 2006

Flexibility Capital review

They did an excellent job approved,I am helped by them . They act quickly and very. Highly suggested. Thank you men especially to Mr. Dave and the group.

Jan 5, 2004
Donsil Mullins

Flexibility Capital review

I would suggest anyone to this company the representative John was very honest and useful throw the process that I thank them. Senserly jay

Jan 9, 2003
Michelle Fichthorn

Flexibility Capital review

Fantastic Company John and Tina might have been more helpful. Communicated the process in every step and it was simple and quick.

Jul 5, 2019
Jamie May

Flexibility Capital review

Our renewal was managed by andrew Costa. He explained. On moving forward with this renewal Additionally, very informative.

Oct 7, 2019

Flexibility Capital review

Justin was really helpful in finding us the ideal funding for our enterprise and walking us through the process.

Sep 5, 2019
Lori Ann

Flexibility Capital review

Justin was fantastic to work with, and we got financed in a couple of days. We'd definitely recommend!

Jan 5, 2003
Nelson Diaz

Flexibility Capital review

Fast and Friendly Transaction, Honest Answers, and Superior Results.

Thank you for your service.

Jan 4, 2000
Gary Brunner

Flexibility Capital review

Everyone is nice speak to and to work together. Any questions we have they are quick to answer.

Jan 6, 2003

Flexibility Capital review

Andrew is very knowledgeable, backed by top notch customer support!

Jan 5, 2000
Nick Fullmer

Flexibility Capital review

Process was easy and straightforward. Would recommend to others.

Jan 7, 2008
A Nemati

Flexibility Capital review

Very satisfied Great service and on time reply Will advise them.

Jan 7, 2002
Jamie Dryden

Flexibility Capital review

Justin, Was very helpful, and did everything he said he would.

Jan 4, 2003
Jessica Hammonds

Flexibility Capital review

Thank you Andrew as EXCELLENT service! When I renew see you!

Jan 6, 2009

Flexibility Capital review

This is. Justin was very responsive, and helpful. Thank you

Jan 5, 2003
Joe H.

Flexibility Capital review

Fantastic customer services. Quick turn around.

Jan 8, 2000
Susan D

Flexibility Capital review

Seemless and Funding that is Efficient

Oct 4, 2019
Fulton Valenzuela

Flexibility Capital review

Very speedy respond and very profecional.

Jan 8, 2003
Robert Eade

Flexibility Capital review

Very nice guy. Easy to work with

Jan 8, 2007
Eric B

Flexibility Capital review

Great service - underwriting!

Jan 4, 2005

Flexibility Capital review

Andrew was excellent to use!

Feb 5, 2019
Mark Cyphers

Flexibility Capital review

Finest service, best rep.!

Jan 4, 2009

Flexibility Capital review

Excellent services

Jan 7, 2007
Ashley Frank

Flexibility Capital review

Fast Support

Flexibility Capital Business Loans

Flexibility Capital is one of the nation’s most reliable sources for business funding. Unlike most lending companies, Flex provides access to quick and affordable funding options for all types of businesses. We pride ourselves on being the lending partner that helps facilitate growth while always providing exceptional, dedicated service. Every business is different and our goal is place our clients in the the type of funding product that will allow for maximum growth potential.



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