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Mar 4, 2019

CrowdStreet review

We've made 5 investments in CS and this was our first foray in to CRE. Here's what I can say, why I've given them just 3 stars (for now), and when I would continue to use their platform: PROS: • Excellent variety and volume of offerings - particularly compared with the other crowdfunding CRE websites I've reviewed. You can invest in only about. Educational and support tools. Much better than every other website I've reviewed, such as webpages and videos, PDFs. They provide you with the tools if you wish to commit the moment that you need to become an CRE investor. • Really very good customer dash (few things don't work, and too soon to determine how well it works with regards to reporting, because we just started investing - but looks promising). • All but one of the support staff are professional, very responsive, and valuable. • Creative new fund offerings together with the Blended portfolios, along with a investing option. They appear to do a excellent job of assessing their sponsors. I say'appear' because only time will tell how well they are vetted, but I believe they say that they present. Seems pretty selective. • procedure is smooth, streamlined and logical in their site, and walks though the majority from choosing an Offering, to receiving reporting, having implemented docs, and being completely spent. However, there are a few gaps (see below). • Their offering webcasts are really valuable and provide you an opportunity to engage the sponsor right, prior to making an investment loyalty. They also record them and they are readily accessible if you miss the live event. CONS: • Over-subscription is currently becoming a problem. They've become a victim of their own success and some deals get completely funded before the initial webcast has ended - and they have provided nothing on their site to give any comments or sign of this standing - even when I've taken time to indicate to them what and how to do it, and offered to be available for questions when desired - essentially helping them build a better product IMHO. • Their procedure has a pretty big gap in the time after you've committed to an investment, and if you get confirmation your deal is moving forward, and as soon as you can expect fully implemented docs, and coverage to be visible - so there's a stage where you are left guessing if your investment is proceeding or not. This is not clearly recorded on their site and what I think I've discovered, through trial and error is that each deal and sponsor is different, and the timeliness of these events, and communication of if things will happen is dependent on how well each sponsor manages it so there isn't any consistent pattern or predictability in the procedure. It might have helped to know that going into every deal. • Information on sponsors is inconsistent - it shows others it doesn't, information. Would be nice if they presented a consistent set of metrics for every single sponsor so you could compare complete portfolio activity / total assets managed / years in business / previous performance of all offerings . CS offerings, number of offerings on C/S consistently, in an apples:oranges manner. They also don't have a sponsor profile site where you can get your arms around the performance at a intermediate level of a sponsor - you have to go put your own matrix and then investigate each offering individually. This was. Maybe this is not needed by anybody else and it's because of my being new to CRE - but I know that it could have helped me. Once I put this together I began to see several patterns with specific sponsors that helped me make investment choices. I really do know CS must find a balance between providing this information and attracting sponsors and this could be due to patrons fresh to crowdfunding not wanting to provide this advice - but constant demonstration is big for me. OTOH, C/S does appear to provide more (vetted) offerings compared to other platforms so it's a trade-off. • Problematic integration with websites that does not give you ability to restrain website time-outs and works inconsistently. • Not all their staff are fantastic. One in particular seemed disrespectful and repeatedly did not address me - after having it pointed out multiple times. Their support staff need to get engaged multiple times to get a response. One detailed request they were sent by me, where I spent a significant amount of own time to detail their procedure took to get any response - even with their CEO cc'd. I've been a CEO and always* made it a point to be responsive to any and every customer, potential, or job candidate - as we experienced enormous growth. I was not"too busy" to respond to queries - especially from a client. Not looking for heaps of calls or emails - one after he had been personally engaged, would have been nice. When the very first email a new client receives is out of a CEO (such as C/S will ), you establish the expectation that as the CEO, you'll be receptive in the long run. IMHO. That said, balancing the pros and cons, I intend to continue to use the platform. I believe that should the disadvantages are addressed by them, they'll have a virtually ideal platform for CRE - none of their shortcomings are issues - all these are a company's growing pains. I'd have given them 4 stars but that website doesn't alter the colour from green to yellowish until 3 stars and that I believed this (detailed and honest) review needed to stand out from the rest of the perfect scores, and I do not believe that they deserve a great score (yet).

Jan 5, 2007
Ian Akeson

CrowdStreet review

I've spent 190K in 5 deals in about 5 weeks through I have spent through a few of their competitors.'s online platform is second to none in terms of ease of use, information efficacy and delivered. Breadth of bargains has been very good with representation with attractive yields across many different businesses. Responsiveness from their investor relations department has also been informative and timely, making you feel familiar with your investments. According to what I have seen so far, it would appear that CrowdStreet is the industry leader in the online crowdfunding CRE space. Is not being able to participate in an bargain that I believed I was in on. You need to be on your feet to get into the top deals. I have little doubt based on the performance of this company in all other respects, so that they will figure out a way to address this problem

Jan 6, 2002
Andrew W

CrowdStreet review

After laboring through the confirmation process (which can be completed through VerifyInvestor. Com, which is VERY problematic)I made an offer on a investment, but finally had to retract and close my account because of an extremely unpleasant experience with their clients support (Reed L). I inquired with their about how the investment could be financed (the minute details which are missing in your FAQs), and rather than a expert justification, I got a very patronizing and disrespectful reply. The difficulty being that financing with their investment spouse demanded WAY too many moving components (wiring to a lender, which then wires to a different bank and so forth ). This lack of'integration' is common throughout their partners. They really need to work on this and make the entire process more efficient. They have some offerings. But, I am pleased to do my investing.

Nov 7, 2019
Doug Daniels

CrowdStreet review

I have made two investments through Crowdstreet, both with the identical sponsor. They've an excellent variety of investments but far Crowdstreet's and the host's communications have been severely deficient. My forecasts to Crowdstreet have gone awry (left voicemails and not returned). My queries via their site also have been discounted. As the sponsor, one investment has had a rocky start, to. They failed to respond to queries and then got defensive when they dismissed the crux of the queries and eventually responded. My remarks to them about their communications were replied with irrelevant information. These are the first and final investments I'll make through Crowdstreet unless and until there's some acknowledgment of the problem and a strategy.

Jan 2, 2007
David McClung

CrowdStreet review

We've invested in 6 projects through CrowdStreet within the previous 18 months. Real estate was an area we had not allocated bucks in as part of our investment strategy. The platform allowed us to invest in a variety of projects having a sensible financial commitment per job ($25-50K) versus having to get $250K and up to be able to invest in these type of projects. The CrowdStreet platform is user friendly, informative and educational. Whenever we have a query or want clarification, the staff are nothing but responsive. Time will ultimately tell if we picked great jobs but so far we're currently doing and receiving yields on our investments. Thank you,!

Jan 4, 2009
Andy Mack

CrowdStreet review is a superb platform for property investment opportunities for licensed traders. They do great diligence of offerings and sponsors, though you will still have to perform your own due diligence according to risk tolerance and your investment objectives. I really like they help facilitate and track your own, and you could just publish the page any offering to get a good summary; they have no fees or gain reductions for investors. Once you are invested, they have a forum to all investors and the host, though I do not see much action for some of my own investments. They are still my"go to" platform of choice and I am an active user.

Jan 2, 2006

CrowdStreet review

I have been investing with Crowdstreet since 2018. They are real estate professionals, and very professional. I began to receive distributions on time each proforma. The number of investors has grown frequently and very quickly, you need to behave within 24-48 hours in order to take part in their own offerings. I intend to keep on with their stage. I do this without hesitation and have recommended them to partners.

Jan 2, 2006
Rahul Deshmukh

CrowdStreet review

I've been investing through their stage for the last two decades and it's been a great experience. The staff is responsive, accommodating, and appears to deeply care about the standard. On the side, I have not seen an exit my investments - so cannot comment on the projected numbers lineup with the actual returns.

May 4, 2019

CrowdStreet review

Choice of investments with detail information. It is challenging to reach someone if there is information want and questions about sponsor when files are filling out. Would love to have graph of performance of investment on their website. They had one. I will continue to use them and have used them.

Jan 3, 2007
Matthew Maples

CrowdStreet review

I was really satisfied with the quantity of information provided and the responsiveness of the team. I had questions and they were responsive in answering them.

Jan 2, 2006
Chris Sanft

CrowdStreet review

Highly suggested for CRE investors that were licensed. Large variety of sponsors and CRE offerings that have been valued by professionals with knowledge within the specialty.

Jul 6, 2019
Brian Hughes

CrowdStreet review

Reasonable before its made accessible but even if you say high interest in an offering to use, the best deals close before any regular people can get access to them.

Jan 10, 2000
Jerry Delgado

CrowdStreet review

Thus far, I have spent in seven prices totaling $250K. I really like the support and the website has been excellent.

Jan 3, 2009

CrowdStreet review

They gave me Support. Very good Deals. Quality Due Diligence. BEST WISHES to the CrowdStreet and its StakeHolders.

Jan 5, 2001
Joe Scarfuto

CrowdStreet review

Platform is very easy to use. I would like access to the standing of deals which compare actual results

Jan 4, 2009
Michael Wagner

CrowdStreet review

Easy to work with. Competant and seem to throughly vet all offers. Any queries call in the same day.

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