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Dec 4, 2019
Mike Donnelly

Cornerstone Capital review

I have attempted to receive a financing agreement with many different rental to own businesses and there was always some 100 page document which always had some bizarre buyout at the conclusion clause or after you provide a nonrefundable deposit of 2 obligations and also you don't accept their closing agreement which came with it, you forfeit your deposit. Well Cornerstone Capital is the financing representative that did exactly as promised and backed up each word they talked on paper. Imagine a 1 page application and a couple of phone calls and a 1 page fund agreement with no terminology that is exactly what I got from Cornerstone. Good for you! I no longer have to obtain another finance company. Thanks David Han. Mike D

Jan 7, 2007

Cornerstone Capital review

When considering securing a business loan, David Han is highly recommended by us. He has been efficient, friendly, individual, and very professional during the entire procedure. Before we were finally ready to sign off on the loan, We'd kept in contact for close to two years and he never made us feel pressured. David has always been very understanding of the business scenario and willing to help; funds were received in a week, once we finished everything!

Jan 10, 2006
Matt P.

Cornerstone Capital review

Cornerstone Capital was easy to work with and it was a really quick process to acquire the funding to get a CNC Plasma Table that is the heartbeat of the small business. We were actually in a pinch and had an updated machine, when our machine went down. It took less than a week to acquire the funds to the new machine. I will be using Cornerstone Capital again to upgrade some of our older equipment.

Jan 10, 2001
David M.

Cornerstone Capital review

David Han at CornerstoneCapital absolutely rocks the process of getting funding for your equipment needs. He kept me informed during the entire process and made everything as straightforward as it could be. I highly recommend Cornerstone Capital with David Han at the wheel when it comes to financing equipment. Simply the best!

Jun 9, 2019
David H.

Cornerstone Capital review

As a business we have never borrowed money. But finding a need looked to help. We could not be more satisfied with the way Mr. Han ran himself and his professional manner. He made the process painless. In this time of scams it's wonderful to see some honesty.

Jan 8, 2000
Darin Beck

Cornerstone Capital review

David Han is a joy to work with. He does exactly what he says he's going to do and that he works hard to find the best deal for you. I have used him twice and have been pleased with the results both times!

Jan 11, 2005

Cornerstone Capital review

David Han was very professional and supplied 5 star service. CornerstoneCapital is Lucky to have him. A Big Thank you to David Han.

Jun 9, 2019
Robert Elliott

Cornerstone Capital review

Great communication and a process that is simple. David Hann is crystal clear and efficient and with their follow through.

Jan 10, 2008
Glenn M.

Cornerstone Capital review

Very seamless process, I enjoyed working with David. He understands your business requirements and is very professional.

Mar 1, 2019
Alan Strobel

Cornerstone Capital review

I've done 3 deals together in smooth transaction professional and 6 weeks. Will recommend to other people.

Jan 12, 2000
Michael Barnes

Cornerstone Capital review

I had an outstanding experience with David and his group. So far so good. Delivered.

Dec 10, 2018
Douglas Watt

Cornerstone Capital review

Cornerstone made the process easy thanks to David Han and also did a decent job.

Sep 4, 2019
Felicia Ward

Cornerstone Capital review

Cornerstone was easy to work with - procedure. Turnaround time was exceptional!

Jan 8, 2002
Mike Garcia

Cornerstone Capital review

Great experience with David!

Easy and very quick, loan is perfect!

Jan 6, 2004
Chris W.

Cornerstone Capital review

David created the process so straightforward. Thanks!

Jan 6, 2008
Carlos G.

Cornerstone Capital review

Great professional service. Quick and easy approval.

Sep 1, 2019

Cornerstone Capital review

They did what they said they would! Very pleased!

Jan 10, 2000

Cornerstone Capital review

Very good experience with David Han getting this.

Jan 5, 2005
Scott M.

Cornerstone Capital review

Fantastic lending company to work with

Nov 11, 2019
Mike Rrichardson

Cornerstone Capital review

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