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Jan 6, 2008
Brittany Ann

Chrysler Capital review

My issues with ChryslerCapital started in March 2016 when I was in a car collision. After this accident there was a miscommunication between my insurance company and the leasing company, Chrysler Capital (CC). As a result, my car was totaled by CC ceased and in there accounts my payments but my car was NOT totaled. I was never informed of the payments that were stopped and did not realize when I went online to figure out how to change my legal name into my new name, that my account was past due until September. I contacted the company to ascertain why I was never advised instead of accumulating a large balance and NEVER notifying the client of them NOT getting payments after the first couple or how this happened. They did not have a response. I presumed this issue will be resolved and paid in full the equilibrium. I WAS WRONG. My car was repossessed at 9pm out of my driveway. The person repossessing my car Couldn't tell me anything other than I had been"past due." I immediately called the customer support number but was told nothing can be achieved until normal business hours however they do see in the machine that I had made all my accounts payments since September (once I fixed the previous problem) on their online system but"it must not have hauled properly across systems since my car was really repossessed by ACCIDENT." This accident induced me to call into work (I am a nurse) and report that I was not able to get there that evening due to THIS firm's error. That evening I investigated this issue simply to find out there was a mark against my charge showing a past due balance, turned off car repossession, and consideration. The next day I phoned and spoke to some represent and has been advised that the"Office of the President" will be in contact to help solve this issue and my car would be returned to me that day. My car was not received by me until nearly the following day the president's office, of the repossession didn't call me to explain to me they be in touch and would work on the issue. My husband and forgave them, I ONCE gave the company the benefit of the doubt nevertheless, and tried to be understanding. We waited patiently for the issue to be resolved with our credit rating etc.. This took another month to repair. December was a"great" month because no problems happened. Beginning in January, my accounts once again started showing I had been"past due." Initially this was an error on my part and figured I might have missed a previous month payment and made double my rental payments in both Jan and Feb (once again giving the business benefit of the doubt). Then the remaining months before I made regular payments through the online portal. Regardless of all this, my account is ONCE again showing I'm somehow"past due." I've called and spoke to the company in the beginning of June to learn the issue and their response is the online payments were allocated for"property taxes". I asked these"property taxes" are and nobody can tell me (it has taken me last 3 weeks to find it out is the excise tax for your vehicle). Through multiple customer service representatives I inquired if my payments can be reallocated to my monthly obligations as they were supposed so that my"past due" notice will be removed. I was confident this will occur, it isn't the end of June and my account is still"past due", my credit rating is ONCE again influenced as there is a delinquency notice from CC. I phoned back the business last Thursday, talked to a representative and the manager about this matter, they stated it was "pending" inspection and might take sometime. I then preceded to request make my June payment via the phone to assure that it would be allocated correctly to avoid the on line system (which they personally recommended I really do ) ONLY to be told it would about a $10 fee to be processed through the telephone. My reply was by forcing them to make phone payments versus your to stop your business so that you basically are extorted an extra $10 from your clients. Additionally, I reiterated that when making a payment online it's after picking your rental payment amount button that states"make leasing payment" and then inputting my billing info and quantity I, since the customer, am legally instructing CC I am making my lease payment. CC placing payments towards something and has been been utilizing my obligations made improperly I did NOT authorize. Considering legal counsel at this time from all the issues I have had, and I am beyond disappointment, infuriated and am currently having with CC. I have never in my entire life been so unhappy, unsatisfied, frustrated, and personally hurt what has happened over the last year. This has not just been one problem but multiple and I once again will have to call the company tomorrow only to devote endless hours on the telephone to not make any advancement resolving my issue that is current. I have not ever in my life ever written a review against a company nor discouraged another individual against a company. I am hoping because the treatment for their customers isn't just horrendous but illegal, this will reach someone at the company to make changes concerning processes and their procedures.

Jan 7, 2004
Andew C.

Chrysler Capital review

Try your hardest to NOT get into a financing agreement together if you need anything besides processing your payments into them from these folks. You are given no information by the customer support folks. I have been leasing or financing Jeep's since 1998, and the last 3 to certain have been thru Chrysler Cap. Never again. I want them to mail the title to register the vehicle in the Condition I transferred also. Legally I am supposed to have this all done within 2 months. Nonetheless, it takes close to 30 days to have a invoice. I began this Title process when I possible could, which was roughly 1 month later moving. I fax my title request form into Chrysler Cap. I phoned to get status, and was told that it had been sent to the DMV. After a week plus of hearing nothing, I follow up with Chrysler Cap today, and then I am told that they received it plus they have around 4 months to get back the name . Really 4 months? And this 4 weeks based on them starts on 7/15/19. So I fax them on 7/8, they do nothing with the request 7/12, and send it into the Title Vendor about 7/15 to convert it to a"paper" title. Really convert it? Isn't that simply pressing"print" on your PC? And lets not forget my first follow up phone call on 7/15 if the rep told me it had been over nighted to the DMV, after I faxed my request to 46, but actually it was over nighted to some name vendor a complete week. Then the two reps there is NOTHING which may be carried out, and I talked to, I will discount the first one, however the man was a supposed Supervisor, and all she would tell me is that I must wait. Really? Nothing? And when I ask her when it ends up taking longer than 4 months, do they call anybody and she said no, you simply need to wait. And she kept repeating herself that you are gonna need to wait longer time. It may take up this, to 4 weeks once they took a week to do anything with my petition. Can the begin on 7/8? Nope, it starts on 7/15 if they decided to do some thing with my petition they have to get a week and got their @sses off. Then doesnt it take up to 5 months then? How can a Customer Service Supervisor keep replicating you're gonna just need to wait? It is definitely not OK to say that. They have to be able provide a much better answer then you are gon na have to wait more, and to follow up on these requests. Oh, did I mentionthat this really is a time procedure that needs to be completed within 2 months complete in my move? If they dont get their money when it is due, they have no problem charging a charge. How would it work when I told them"You are gonna have to wait a bit more time to receive my payment?" Wouldnt end well for me, right? So how can it be OK for a Customer Service Supervisor to tell that to me, rather than calling to the the title seller, picking up a telephone, and receiving a answer for me, the exact longtime paying on time client? The solution is-> It is NOT OK. And of course I have to believe what I'm being told to me now is the fact a week after a second Customer Service Rep informs me that they all prepared over nighted it? If you only will deal with this dreadful organization to provide them their money, and nothing more, then go ahead, you'll be OK. But once the day comes for you to desire than that, Haha, dont say I didnt warn you. Avoid! Many distinct companies out there that finance & lease automobiles, and I know I won't ever deal with this company following this lease is up. Never should a Customer Service Supervisor NEVER say the words there is nothing they can do. That's Customer Support 101!

Sep 7, 2019
Sharonda Kemp

Chrysler Capital review

This review is for Chrysler capital, the automobile issue is different. I purchased a brand new Chrysler 200 while I was driving, and beginning from the month I began having issues with the car, The lights on the interior started going on and off for no reason. I called the service department so its settling in to see about bringing it to get the broker to tell me that its a new car and they needed to provide me a brand new battery. WTH! In the coming months I experienced the car not starting, the automobile cutting while driving off, the lights going on an off kids of issues which you shouldn't have with a brand new car. It'd been to the dealership it fell under the law. It was escalated to corporate who worked with the vehicle and communicating about this vehicle with me. They would say its fixed, I'd pick this up, and we are right back in the dealership through me carrying it being towed. It was to this point which I didn't feel safe. They couldn't tell me exactly what was wrong because they did not know why the car acted the way it acted. They'd give me what they believed the issue was just to see which was not the matter. It went so far as to somebody in the corporate office had to come out of a different country. By this time my safety is what things and its currently a Lemon so that I want from the car PERIOD. I am paying a car note for a car I haven't driven in months. Chrysler capital in my view kept telling me what they thought I needed to hear. I said I want from the vehicle and As it came down to it, I really don't feel secure, NO ONE can tell me exactly what the issue is because they do not understand. That is the only fair thing I obtained,"they don't know". After you telling them auto hauled off or not starting on the roads in visitors, you being stranded and enough is enough that you haven't experienced this car 6 weeks yet along a year I wish to get out of this car and I can go elsewhere because at this point I do not trust you, the car and the automobile. Do you know that Chrysler Financial in my view DIDN'T CAREthey desired to keep me they desired me to continue going back and using it towed as I paid they didn't care. That was my other issue, I have been holding up my end of the deal but I was sold a car that was NOT MY FAULT which means just and you need to fix it let me out. They weren't going to be satisfied until something serious happened to me. The simple fact that they couldn't see what was going on and understand"hey she has a faulty car that isn't safe lets do what's ideal for the client" they desired to give me the run around and let me know the steps to getting out of the car was to go through Chrysler mediation and even then there was no guarantee they would let me out of this vehicle, and that came out that the representatives mouth, so today that further let me know they do not care now let me seek legal counsel for them because I was sold a car that they cant fix and is presently under the Lemon Law. I said all that to say this. I know what happen, but once I the dealership informs the customer along with the corporate office that they don't now exactly what the issue is with a vehicle and the consumer isn't safe with a brand-new car that shuts off out of no where and other difficulties, and that this can be NO FAULT of their customers why do you want to produce the customer remain in this vehicle? Only proves the customer is not right when a company has to admit they have a product that is faulty and they're mistaken.

Jan 2, 2005

Chrysler Capital review

On May 31, 2017 I cancelled the registration to the same date and returned a leased vehicle. On October 26, 2017, I obtained a property tax invoice. Dollars. I contacted the town tax assessors office and was informed by them that Chrysler capital hadn't notified them of this enrollment nor the vehicle's yield. I made an attempt to show the taxation office the enrollment documents that were cancelled but was told that this information had to be forward by ChryslerCapital. Tax office also informed me that the tax bill required to be adjusted to reflect the expiry date of this enrollment. Contacted ChryslerCapital via phone and emailed the cancelled registration to them on 10-30-17, requesting that they supply the cancelled registration document to the taxation office. On January 9, 2018, I had not heard from Chrysler Capital, so I called to get an update on the status of my complaint. I learned that understand one had been working on the case. I requested to speak to a supervisor and has been attached to one, who asked that I email her document, so she could forward it to the house tax team of Chrysler. On January 17, 2018 I hadn't heard from Chrysler Capital. I googled the name of the president of the company and sent an email to the media section asking because his email is not made public, they put me in touch with him. I got a call from his office, who stated that my complaint was forwarded to her from a representative. I provided her with all files. She forwarded the information to the abatement group and informed me it would take 4-6 weeks for a resolution. Meanwhile, the taxation office was contacted by me and was informed by them that the taxes were corrected to $312. 76. I was told that the alteration was based on the date the car was sold, (June 28,2017) and not the date the car was turned it. (May 31, 2017). On February 6, 2017 I was told by the representative that I owed them the 312. and 76 it was not the firms difficulty that I didn't have the vehicle for 28 days. I went back into town tax office and asked they provide all the adjusted tax amount for the May 31,2017 turn in date to me and they provided me with a modification of $278. 12. I informed This representative that I would pay nothing and that sum more. Know where in their lease agreement papers that I have in my possession the leasee is stated by which is accountable for a vehicle not in their possession until the date that is market. My next step is to seek out a resolution in a court of law and with my state representatives. This company deserves 0 stars. By the way this complaint is about Santander Bank because they are the company behind the scene of Chrysler Capital. Don't conduct business with these firms. They care more about money than there customers that are loyal. For me, I am in a second 3 year rental with this corporation. That happened prior to me finding out exactly how they function. Trust me, this is going to be the final time I do business with them. Before engaging for this company, Ask questions, do your homework and read testimonials about their company ethics.

Jun 8, 2018
Bobby Ballew

Chrysler Capital review

This is my upgrade to my original review. There was a response from ChryslerCapital media team after my review/ warning to others was written. In summary it was written I will be reached by chrysler capital. If you read my critique I specifically stated how poor chrysler capital is as a firm. I worded my review in a way I help others and feel the need to warn people. I recieved a voice mail. This was from a representative that said he had been chrysler capital. I called the number back maybe not because he gave me but how many call originated from. It was not chrysler capital. It was a company. When I requested to talk with the media team that they did not know what I was referring to. I stated I had been called. They again didn't even understand what kind of site it is or what was. I asked if that is chrysler capital am I recieving calls. They said there not chrysler capital. So I called the number the individual on message gave me and went back into my own voicemail. I said my review and warning others is needed, After I got him. I told him issues arise chrysler capital is nothing more than call centers. Which you do not have your problem resolved. I disagree on the way chrysler capital should apply money customers money towards principle rather than applying it towards payments. They employ intrest to your payment. Why you can not ever speak to somebody I wished to know and always told by representatives a message might need to be routed. He tried to explain to me how by making additional payments, the loan will be paid off faster. I stated the issue of chrysler capital being wrong in not implementing it principle loan amounts and not. PLEASE READ THIS! Chrysler capital won't refinance your loans if in present good standing. Attempting to pay you money is not applied you specify it to be applied. All calls would be to call centres where if you experience an issue a message is sent to a different department you will never receive a department number. To further show how this company that is dysfunctional is. I had been told on this site I'd be reached by chrysler capital. I had been called by Sonton Air. At the close of the conversation which was really a call centre I was told I'm recieving an email I have any issues. I asked who will I speak with sunton Air or Chrysler Capital he explained chrysler capital. I asked why I had been called out of a number recorded he said it was chrysler capital I spoke with. He stated he will send an email to me to me so if I have problems please contact him. It was from Santander consumer After email was recieved. I somewhat feel that the need to let folks know about this company. We work hard to support ourselves and our familys there is never a reason a company should allow it to be hard on somebody. Its wrong so in case you've got a choice in how to fund your automobile attempt to stay away from this company. In the long run you will do better for yourself and also have difficulty.

Sep 7, 2019
Myra Silvera

Chrysler Capital review


I rented my car through them and paid off my PP taxes every year when they place it. Close to the end of the 3 years I receive a statement saying I owed close to $2500. While I phone them to find what the hell? They tell me I paid 1yr of taxation and it's my current payment. I tell the woman to return and check my history because I did! She looks back and says she sees my payments that are dual but they went towards my loan, I had to phone to define what my intention was even tho strangely 1 payment went to taxes?! I asked where did not my cash go and why would not someone send something saying I hadn't paid them. She proceeds to tell me I must know, I had been sent the evaluations didn't I examine them, it says it? When I tell her I will have not sent me anything other. She says I will see precisely what you've been shipped. Of course when she got back on the phone she'd nothing and proceeds says nicely should have known have not you leased before? After telling her noooo! The assessments were asked by me. I get them plus 2 others who are not even for my 16, A month after! I registered a complaint with a manager (that was supposed to call me back and did not ) due to how in which the woman talked to me and also had the balls to tell me they would repossess my truck if I dont make a determination on turning it buying by May 15th when my lease was up in June! Afte several calls and arguements and going through each payment they get everything settled. I make my final payment for my own taxes in May (a month early) just to figure out I left an additional $1100 payment! (That takes 30 to 60 days to be reimbursed ). So I refinanced my truck of June, my credit union and I both call Chrysler Cap to get the purchase price. My credit union sends the check to them, its submitted a two weeks afterwards. I got a letter saying I owe them another publication 758 in personal property taxes. I check my account and it says I have a charge owed but my account is past due. ! When I call them with the man and there are a supervisor saying my account is past due but we see that we owe $1100 to you as your loan was 39 payments and you also left 40. The $758 private property taxes are since you have not switched the title over (it was refinanced) And my accounts says past because I owe for June. But we confirm we have problems you the charge for the overpayment. I asked him how do I owe for June when I made my over repayment May, you recieved the purchase payment in June and you just assessed these new fake private property taxes (because of the name ) in July but your telling me my account would be 24 days ago due! WTH!?!? These people are a sham! I will NEVER-EVER deal with those identification **ts again; even though my life depended on it! Save yourself thr headache! I told my response and they said they have heard all this before.

Sep 12, 2018
Miranda R

Chrysler Capital review

I submitted a review where I talked about the fact that ALL DOCUMENTS were forged by the dealership and we informed Chrysler Capital of this issue many many times. This website claims that they tried to contact us regarding our review. That's just a lie. In fact, today we're locked out of our account , our phone calls and mails are discounted, and our telephone calls are blocked during regular business hours. On this website, it says Chrysler Capital has tried to hit us. That is another lie. This is how customer service is managed by not only Chrysler Capital, but even Fiat Chrysler of America. STAY AWAY. Please think very carefully about your financing choice and read the testimonials of their customers. A suit has been filed by us, but are forced to pay this account that was fraudulent. I've worked difficult to ensure my credit score is excellent and my husband and I are in the process of purchasing a house. Non-payments, late payments, and obviously a repossession would destroy my credit and also jeopardize buying a house. I have never experienced something this awful in my entire life. From top to bottom, every portion of the company such as Fiat Chrysler of America, enables this behavior and turns the other cheek once we attempt to talk with anybody. We are attempting to talk with F. C. A., Jeep, Mopar, etc. no one takes the time to really speak with us. LASTLY, I cancelled the 3 ancillary service contracts that the dealership added to the rental that was forged. Master Tech who is the company's name on the service contract documentation and I talked together and that I was advised that a pro-rated amount of the charges could be reimbursed. That money could be routed to the rental company, ChryslerCapital as they possess the vehicle. The cash could be used to cover a payment or be used to reduce a buyout of the rental or deduct some type of costs. But it does not seem anywhere on our statements, and it has disappeared. This company is a predator that doesn't care 1 bit about it's customer. Please trust me. Hey Chrysler Capital, you have my number. CALL ME EMAIL ADDRESS Easiest Mail Account For me To Answer Quickly is the one my spouse and I discuss. I've given this email address to Chrysler Capital many times before, so I hope you can access it. The email is his first. lastnameATgmail. Com Of course you just enter his first and last name and I know that your company has his name. My husband and I use this account but I will see notification of this email immediately. I am anxiously waited for your email and I do enjoy that you provided to try and help us with this situation. I hope you get a good rest of your weekend as well. Miranda

Jan 7, 2006
Mark Spangler

Chrysler Capital review

****What ever you do, DO NOT Utilize **** RUN AWAY AS FAST AS POSSIBLE TO A LOAN SHARK.

YOU WILL GET BETTER SERVICE****** I bought a fresh 2019 Grand Cherokee and was ready to pay cash for your vehicle. The sales manager said he would really appreciate it I used Chrysler capital to finance it and then pay it off if the first payment came due. WHAT A JOKE! I must have just paid cash and left with my car! Rather I wait for the payment notice after which sent two tests. One for $200's fund charge and the second for the automobile nearly $38K's initial price that the LOAN PAYOFF DEPARTMENT IN DALLAS LOST. How do I know both tests were obtained by them? , since they LOST the second and processed the payment. Let the numerous phone calls from me using the repeat the same story over and over of the incompetence begin; including guarantees that all of this was being recorded in their account notes so it would be passed along and guarantees of any succeeding interest to be waived due to their mistake. Next is the hours of missing time to get the replacement cashier's check shipped straight back into the DALLAS LOAN PAYOFF DEPARTMENT and reissued. Fast forward 3 months later, the replacement payoff check is processed through but. Wait for this. No name is sent because extra interest of 101. 00 has accrued therefore that the title is NOT cleared. UNBELIEVABLE. MORE telephone calls each time asking for a Client support manager to please manage the call. Several transfers into the loan payoff department who can not see the notes placed by the Customer Service Department, who transfer me to some"Team Lead" who stated no notes are from the account and she is going to place my request to get a loan review to see if the $101 equilibrium could be waived and this is going to take several days. Blah, blah, blah. UNBELIEVABLE! Until there came a Client Service Supervisor online, I asked for a SUPERVISOR and has been placed on hold. I again went through the process of describing what occurred before he promised me I must have it in a couple of weeks and he would handle the problem, request the balance waiver, get the name proofed. I requested to be sent to me, which I have no confidence will be obtained. RUN AWAY. Purchase A DIFFERENT BRAND>>>>

May 11, 2019
Scott Goodrich

Chrysler Capital review

This is a terrible company and when I could give it 0 stars, I really would. If you prefer to sit on hold forever, cope with disinterested customer service individuals who could care less about you or your issue, and revel in dealing with a company that works with zero sense of ethics, then (it's really Ally Financial in disguise) is the company for you. I turned into a rental vehicle in seven months early and replaced with another automobile leased through I was nowhere but began receiving offers to flip the car in early, so I did. The dealer agreed to cover my remaining lease payments as part of the offer. Then sent me a bill for $5,100 in the mail, claiming that since the car had been turned in early, I owed the difference between the value of the lease to them, and the things they received at auction for it. Apparently, had I awarded them a car which was 7 months older with more miles on it patiently and waited, it wouldn't be my fault that they calculated the value incorrect and took a reduction at auction. Going through the dispute resolution process was a nightmare of epic proportions. When you call there, you're set on hold for literally 10-20 minutes at a time, each time you get escalated, while somebody"reviews the notes" of your circumstance. While you're on hold, you're exposed to a jazzy tune that's literally 5-10 minutes, then repeats, over and over and over again. The best is treated just like a number that was meaningless to them regardless of who you deal with. Contract language will be recited by them and even get a attitude with you telling you they don't care what you do, or whether you do business with them again. We have another rental vehicle leased through our credit union and the experience couldn't be more different. I highly recommend that you avoid Chrysler Capital and Ally Financial at all costs and choose your own bank or a local credit union that will treat you like you matter, and not pull moves trying to move the price of their errors. As a matter of fact, I'm sitting on hold with them now - 27 minutes in - and I am using the time. Worst. Company. Ever.

Jan 11, 2000
Name not given

Chrysler Capital review

My car has been totaled and it had been a owner kept loss. After sending them the check from my insurance company to repay the loan, and I was able to confirm the delivery of the check via USPS tracking, I had to call them daily for more than a month to even get them to admit that they received the check. And in that time, their selections department called me every day asking my to pay my bill, which was now past due (although they had the money they needed to pay back the loan and close the account). Furthermore, it required me phoning them daily for an extra 3 weeks to finally get somebody within their company to apply the test for my remaining balance (still getting regular calls from their collections section in this period ). So it took them nearly two months when they received the check to apply it. Nevertheless, it did not end there, and it's not even over yet. The check from my insurance company was $700 OVER the residual balance $700 which they are supposed to send back to me, on my auto loan. And it's been two weeks since my account closed and was paid, so obviously I called customer service for an ETA on the title and the $700 . And they told me that they won't be"releasing" the money to me for another month. They were not able to tell me what"release" really means. However, based on my experience up to now, I highly doubt it means it'll be mailed out by then. It's been almost 3 months since they received the check from my insurance company, and I don't have the 700 I am owed by them. So should you ever end up in a situation where ChryslerCapital is recorded as a lien holder on your title, and you receive a check from your insurance company that's worth greater than the remaining balance on your loan, expect over 3 months of continuous babysitting of their incompetent, rude, and unhelpful staff that will give you either inaccurate or conflicting information every time you phone them. There is an obvious lack of communication and prominence between departments. Nobody knows what's going on.

Jan 5, 2008

Chrysler Capital review


Sooo MANY BAD REVEIWS ALREADY AND I THOUGHT I AM THE ONLY ONE BEING CHEATED. You can call customer service whenever a policeman stops you giving you a ticket for driving your vehicle that what things to do. Would like to mention that police officer was nice because I literally panicked and could not even respond to him. After the ticket that he asked me to telephone the Chrysler or go to DMV for registration and the customer service representative, Instead of describing me about my lease terms and conditions she advised me to receive your car registered. WWWOOOOOOWW!Like seriously! I have been driving for the past more than 10 decades and I really don't know how to get a vehicle registered. Well the call ended with no concrete explanation from client service and that I went to DMV ASKED THEM THAT I DON'T HAVE THE TITLE, let me know how can I get fresh registration for leased vehicle Coz I did not wish to drive without it, it's too scary when I have a clean driving record because I have begun driving maybe not even a single ticket (MA). I had been under the impression that because it is a leased, you receive the decals in the email. If I need to get it someone would have bothered to let me know how to receive it. This happened back in December and I had been told by SO CALLED EXECUTIVE OFFICE which we'll reimburse the quantity as my court date reimbursed $65 and to the ticket was in February. 00 for registration this time however I would have to take care of the following time. I paid about $300. 00 without thinking about anything and faxed them all of the receipts to your tickets. They told me are not likely to reimburse coz no one stated that it is guaranteed settlement after calling them. There payment system is phoning them will not help at all and old/bad. I am not a sort of individual who'd write this and that is my very first inspection. I want the pain that I went through to be known by others. It had been my dream car Dodge Durango.

Feb 1, 2019
Davd Carter

Chrysler Capital review

LoopHi my name is David, the issu together is they won't give me my overpayment back. I'm contacting my state banking commission that they obtained my one time investment more than 30 days ago and we paid $149. When I asked I was told by them over a week and 56 to much our state only gives 15 days to reunite over obligations. They've now made us wait over 30 days I told them I need interest on the unpaid amount and I had been called a"f" losser, quote unquote, and the person on the telephone got abusive to the point I was told they'd get even with me, well my telephone recordes all calls and I worked the individual I had been right from the start so I called the authorities and it now is in there hands I'd anything could be done even the officer stated he was out right shocked at that phone call. The thing is my bank where I refinanced our jeep hasn't gotten the total yet, they told me they will be operating on that because Chrysler capital cashed the 32,650. 35 check but yet they keep saying they sent it to our lender, so what portion of fraud would be this Chrysler is corrupt I think that the fed gov should get involved and help all of us people or let's just stop purchasing from jeep and ram and dodge inform them fix this or they could go bankrupted ether will do. To update I finely got my overpayment back, however they shipped it not on a test but a Visa debit card and figure what you can not get cash you can't move it to your own bank account and you can not use it to pay your Bill's, you can't use it in a atm ether, humm they get you coming and going one day somebody will take them but they sure like to play games with people I will not ever use them again or I am really thinking the next car we buy with maybe not be a Chrysler product either I will love a newer Ford pu or GMC pickup or even a Chevy lol they simply played a game where they just lost me from ever buying from them again

Jun 4, 2018
Dane Phillips

Chrysler Capital review

I honestly do not know where to start. Each time I call and ask questions about how functions are turned in by the lease, I receive answers. I explained that my car was rear ended one week prior to date and inspection to flip the vehicle in. The seller and the lady I spoke with at explained that they have a 10 day"grace period" for things like this and to proceed and have it repaired at the dealer and sign off on it when the job at the dealer has been completed. The body work finished 4 days following the turn. I turned the keys in at the dealership and signed the paperwork and was on my way. It was painless and quick. The morning 10, I am now getting ready for work and I call Chrysler Capital to check to see if I have a balance, which I shouldn't! And that I had been charged for the automobile. I called and talked to a rep and they said don't worry about it. She stated she saw where the vehicle was turned , and the system updates every 15 days to call back in two weeks. I spoke to another rep and called back to verify this and they couldn't confirm any of that info. I kept my questions right and very straightforward to the point. Then I asked for a manager and she stated she sees that a $0. 00 balance and to ignore the automatic system. That someone updates the accounts manually not automatically every 15 days and I feel like they let you know whatever they THINK you wish to hear. It's absolutely awful that I had to spend 3 years. NEVER AGIAN! Also, this isn't my first time having issues with Chrysler Capital, getting a lease payoff is like pulling teeth. One rep says they can give it and yet another one is running around in circles, amongst other items. Do not, I repeat don't do business with Chrysler Capital. I will Update this when I get my bill announcement and rent turn-in infrormation I doubt it's going to be pleasing to anybody.

Jan 8, 2000
Kevin Whalen

Chrysler Capital review

Well- I sit, After paying into a vehicle that's just under 4 years old, and now being down in thatI have found the car from my driveway, it's been repossessed. I'm not shocked, but because it seems in thw world that is real , all of the company cares about is making their $$. I received a letter 2 days back in the mail saying that I was in default( this has been no suprise, since I dropped my livelihood because of circumstances I had no control over. ) - Chrysler Capital has already collected the value of the car from me, and because they did not get to have their cake and eat ir too, they've achieved what ALL CAR COMPANIES DO TO THE CONSUMER. Once I was down, I have been kicked by them. On top of this, I attempted to answer their calls over the last month, only to have the verified" listed" telephone call not. Available for me to talk on the other end of the telephone to anyone. They'd hang up. Off it stated that they had a program that could get me caught up to my own delinquency in payments with regard. That has turned out to BE FALSE. Here's the bottom line. THE CONSUMER PAYS AND PAYS. The crooks who defaulted on tens of thousands of home mortgages that are , in 2008, are currently driving us rright back in our economic future's demise. Pay with CASH. - That is the lesson I have learned. Dont believe a word that everyone who has a charming smile, wearing a wonderful tie, and states that they will make" Miricles Happen"- if getting you into that vehicle . 9% interest. Lies, Lies, Lies. I wonder How much of my private property- that appears to be all my tools to get a job that borrowed money to buy tools for, I clearly won't have after this afternoon, It will be interesting to hear their coverage loss of personal property. Be careful with these snakes. They got me once. NEVER AGAIN! Another Sucker shot to the slaughter.

Sep 3, 2019
Bailey Hofland

Chrysler Capital review

My husband and I had been leasing a truck using Chrysler Capital to the last three decades. So as to setup an inspection appointment, Approximately a month and a half before turning in the car, I was on the telephone with a representative. During that call, she inquired if our mileage has been under. I asked her if she could send a copy of our rental agreement to us and she agreed. My spouse and I had been given documents with mileage: we had a contract inquiry information form that contained our VIN #, ID #, mileage, and the other lease details, whereas the copy of this agreement stated 30,000 miles. We had been referring. On this daywe stopped driving our vehicle as we knew there was a error on the documentation we weren't able to push our car the previous month and we had received and a half prior to the lease end for this. When I talked to Chrysler Capital about this, they said that I should probably talk to the dealership, but they would place me on hold and look into itafter staying on hold for 5 minutes, the call was dropped or they hung me up, and I didn't receive a return. On the day we turned in the vehicle, the mileage discrepancy was discussed by me with the dealership and they said that we needed to discuss this further with Chrysler Capital as they have nothing to do with this. I called Chrysler Capital and they reiterated that our lease said 30,000 miles, to which I agreed, but that I also had a contract inquiry form, which is essentially a summary of the contract stating 36,000 miles. I was quite disappointed that they did not try to meet us in the center or sell to do anything to compensate to get a clear error in their end. Overall, the experience went well up till that point and I am quite disappointed that it is ending this way.

Mar 7, 2019
Reverend Tyree Foster

Chrysler Capital review

They allowed Jack Phelan Jeep from Countryside, IL to charged me to the Jeep Renegade, subsequently made me purchase insurance which I didn't desire, then I came four times because you deleted gap insurance and David left is sterile thinking I was not going to find out. Why would I would not want to have gap insurance, You want to give me just 1,500 that much I gave one to put down on the truck. I gave then you suppose to give me $500 for my commerce in which is not on my contract to $ 1,000 in money. You didn't wish to provide me the MSRP when I came in to talk to you, said you couldn't bring this up all the sudden. I am upside down on this truck and it is challenging for me to escape and it would not be refinanced by any bank . I was stuck at by you with a 27. 99 interest rate, with a car note of $815 that I'd have been paying Chrysler for the truck, and the Representative from Chrysler fund told me all put me and that it is likely to be hard for me to escape. You all don't care about making money about people you just concerned. I am very disappointed and I don't make that much money I my whole check. The MFG rebates was $4,000 the sum of the truck was 30,303. 06 once I get done paying for your truck. 75 with 75 payments. This was before I watched that the contact. They told me that was the best deal. You all were all wishing after I introduced you my Uncle that I would get my car repo it was a different story. You chose the Monroney sticker because you did not need me to see it. I purchased for shirt but in return and I am passed Bank Fee. I've paid $4,890 on the truck. I'm stuck. I can't believe you asked me to come in last week and only give my 1,500 hell you giving me back what I put down.

Jan 7, 2007
Shay Tidwell

Chrysler Capital review

Had my pre-inspection completed on April 24th to ensure IF any issues were to be found I would know about it and be able to tackle it. Stayed with the inspector the time. At end he said"this car is in excellent condition, you don't have any issues at all". Automobile in lease and June 9th died on June 26th. I was 10,000 miles beneath my lease arrangement. On July 16th (22 days AFTER my lease has been completed and 84 days AFTER I had the review ) I got a letter stating that I owed Chrysler $500. 00 for 2 tires because they were 1/100 under their minimal requirement. What moron does not get that having the inspection done so early was to prevent this circumstance? What moron believes that two brand new tires for a Journey cost $500. 00. Had I known that is what was going to happen I would have cared for myself. My son-in-law owns a garage! I am beyond mad in the lying, cheating, deceitful dealing, corrupt, and dishonest manner that Chrysler has gone about this. When I called to tackle this customer service said that this was due to the dealership (again how dishonest is it )? When I called the dealership I had been advised that after the pre-inspection is completed, they do not do anything more than inform Chrysler they obtained the car. This is in addition to the fact that it their policy to stop the automatic draw the month of the rental. WHAT? Who thought that was a good idea? Cost $500. 00? So on top of the disposition fee, the other payment is expected $500 for a few tires and because it was taken out. Way to go with making me need to conduct business with Chrysler Capitol. NOT ON MY EVER LASTING SOUL! Chrysler Capitol are crooks.

Jan 3, 2008

Chrysler Capital review

If I could give less than one star I would. After my lease was up with about 9100 miles less than the lease mileage allowance, I returned my 2016 jeep compass in 2019. After getting it inspected by chrysler fiscal's inspection service. I was was presented with a $600. 00"final bill" for damages and fees, for which $395. 00 was for lease termination charges for returning the vehicle, and the equilibrium for"damage" that I had bought insurance for when we began the lease. The rental termination fees were not explained to me. But was assured, by the unyielding manager at chrysler financial, I was and contractually bound to pay, and they'd hold my credit score hostage as a consequence if I didn't pay. Its not the fees. Its our whole's principal chrysler financial encounter. You see, we handled my father-in-law's affairs and he passed away. He was put into a dementia care facility, and was diagnosed with dementia, and could no longer drive. He had a lease with chrysler financial they let us move to another credit party, or wouldn't break. So we needed to pay the $450. 00 lease payment for an additional two years, which was an undue mentally stressful and financial burden on people. It was obviously a discretionary choice by chrysler financial to refuse to reevaluate my penalties, or terminate my father-in-law's lease after his dementia diagnosis. I will never purchase or lease a different chrysler, jeep or dodge automobile and would advise anyone against dealing with chrysler financial, or even buying a chrysler, jeep, ram, or vehicle. This company is heartless, unyielding, and uncaring.

Jan 3, 2005
Tami Schmidgall

Chrysler Capital review

In 2014 I bought a brand new van through Chrysler Capital. I can honestly state that any time that I have had to take care of customer support, it's been a great experience! In December 2018 of paying my van after 4 decades, because it said my social was incorrect I forgot my own password that was online and couldn't reset it. I phoned ChryslerCapital and verified my societal was wrong in my loan. The girl I talked to told me they'd need to fax my photo ID and social security card and to investigate. She asked that I write a note stating that I HaD place. In January I called and the agent figured out that my ChryslerCapital account number was being used as my social. I predicted in February, still not fixed. I called that I needed to re fax it and a couple of weeks before, now I am being told that the data sent in December was not legible. I enlarged my social security card with a letter requesting again to fix my social to re faxed and a page. I had been told Friday to phone today (Monday) to make sure it was altered and still being told"it is being processed telephone back in 3 times " For 4 years this automobile loan hasn't yet been reported in my credit report as well as now, it still isn't. In reality I'm paying on a van that I own only by my name and thank God the social they've (my Chrysler Capital account number) doesn't also happen to be some arbitrary persons social! It seems to me that a mistake like this would be solved! For now, I continue to make payments but whenever the loans paid off in two years I hope it's under my social and I receive credit for it!

Apr 11, 2019
Faith L.

Chrysler Capital review

Well, we have financing through Chrysler capital and we fell behind on our payments because we had been paying off our son's medical bills post bone marrow transplant (he was diagnosed with leukemia last year), that amounted to over $12,000. It was cover the vehicle or pay that. My husband, who is a disabled veteran, has to operate a 40 hrs a week job and is going to lose his social security disability to keep up with bills and rent and that while I am in Buffalo, NY taking care of our child while he recovers. They shot my Durango. We had made a payment agreement with Chrysler Capital to slowly repay the months we missed, but lo and behold my surprise when I'm leaving the mall after purchase said son a winter coat that repomen sent by are waiting outside for me in the cold to take my car-after the payment agreement was made the exact same moment! We called again and they said that"we don't know who you spoke to but they should have lied to you personally. There's nothing we can do about the Shop. They need to take your vehicle. Call back on Monday and cover one month and you can get your car back." Well, that one month switched into $4200 and a $125 reinstatement fee. We don't have that kind of money and also have 3 kids to look after. This was known by them but aren't eager to use us and it disgusts me that they claim to be happy to use their families and veterans. I hope their happy with themselves. We only have 2 weeks to cover them or lose my vehicle. I do hope this is seen by them.

Jan 5, 2019
Jack Leon

Chrysler Capital review

On 3-22-2018. They made a mistake by sending in the time an unlicensed Repoman to my residence, Jason Castell emotionally compelled me and forced his way to continue to hook up the car understanding at that point it was a violation of peace and by law he had to stop and leave since I had been objecting to the repo in advance. Jason Castell from Heat Recovery attacked me to continue to hook the vehicle up. As a result of the Fort Lauderdale police dept that compelled him to drop the vehicle and go away, which by law is exactly what they have to perform when anyone objects to a civil matter to a repo, it is called breach of peace. Way any security could be taken by force and with police assistance is when they come in hand with the sheriff and a court order. Gets worst out of there, later on 8-15-2018 AGAIN they ship a few shady firm called prowler recovery enter my wife's private worker parking and successfully force the recovery by bringing along two officers with no writ court order, driven my wife out of the vehicle with handcuffs's in their hands. POLICE threaten all the owner of the private property that objected to the repo in progress get arrested even thou collateral still sat within personal property or to keep out of it. They will need to track who they hire to do their retrieval's, they are many other FLA REPO businesses that won't violate that law although I have nothing against CMC. So we have the signs on video was recorded on our dash cam on Video and Audio. Thank you

Mar 8, 2017

Chrysler Capital review

Dear Sirs and Mams, My name is Thomas Spoon out of Pennsylvania (Aliquippa ).

I had a follow up with my purchase at Firkins. I was hoping like they said they where moving 18, that they would acually detail the automobile. The Dust remains. Through the whole truck. I wiped more of the core of the truck to make it cleaner. I'm a very clean and speak my mind kind of types. I love pleasant ride, the jeep itself, smooth. Much props of the motor vehicle for the designer. Carrie was my salespeople by the mitubishi facet of the building. Spoke to that side briefly, I was brought by the gentlemen from the road with the supervisor first. The deal with the first man had split that I met . I needed the Ford Escape they had there. Could not find anyone to finance me. 312 per month iasked, I get 423 for half the car which I traded for it, 2015 Hyundai Sonata 2. 0 Turbo Sport. They paid it off I didn't get what I was set out to get. Windows need tinted as the dealer offered to cover the support and haven't gotten an email because my number shifted lately. They went beyond and beyond. . I'll have a trailer hitch, windows tinted (50% darker then lawful all the way around ) Gotta have the updated latitude. Sticker in rear. -Touch screen facing (Gps,CD,DVD,Etc. )m)) Thorough in and outside,interior of the inside, individuals that are supposed to deal with the client as a aquantaince., not a problem you may have to deal with. Telephone me 9415244696. Thomas Spoon a. k. a. Spoonman

Jan 7, 2001
Aayush Shrestha

Chrysler Capital review

This was the lowest score. Would've given a zero. In all my experiences, chrysler capital has been with. I'm not American and I had to depart the US since there were issues with my work visa renewal. I had a two year lease with Chrysler capital when my visa expired, and one year remained. I made them aware of this possibility before I leased my car through them and they promised they would do everything to ensure I could escape my lease without any hassle payment. This was the reason I agreed to leasing my car from them. Once the situation came, they said there was no way out and I needed to continue to pay for my car from whichever corner on earth I now reside in, or I had to pay an absurd amount to terminate it. Chrysler capital also does not permit you to transfer rent. Even after repeated emails and calls, they stated they couldn't do anything. Every other company I had contracts , such as AT&T and even my landlord, let me end my commitment because they understood that this matter was out of my palms. Approximately $ 5,000 for a car that's been in a garage the whole time I have paid in the previous 12 months. Now they are asking me to cover a fee of 600. I'm glad this chapter is finally ending. But if you are someone in a similar position of an uncertain future, please dont go with Chrysler Capital no matter what promises they make you. I am hoping I will help at least one other person. Once I return to the United States, I will never go through them again.

Jan 2, 2006
Dave & Christena

Chrysler Capital review

NEVER NEVER NEVER deal on this lease company! We bought out our lease and THREE TIMES given the wrong information regarding state taxation. We had been told that the taxes were included in the pay out. NOT. To top it off, after we got the title that Chrysler Capital had prepared, it was WRONG. There was not any NAME - and no odometer mileage. Oh yeah. And it had been signed and NOTARIZED. To no one! It was then required multiple phone calls into the BMV to our lender and trips to figure out that could take action and what to do and useless. Finally our lender gave some confirmation to us that the BMV would accept. But ! Why didn't ChryslerCapital do their job right the first time! Problem to affirm that it was not included in the buy out and whined that this was NOT what we were 32, when we called them. All we got was a"I am sorry for the miscommunication" - really, the identical miscommunication by 3 different people! These are. We also spent $1800 + and had 8 hours of lost work time that we were not planning. All because someone from Chrysler Capital lied or doesn't know what they're currently doing! This is about our time and money. And short and the long of this is. There is no one held accountable! Agree with a previous poster - wish that I could offer them a FAT O - NO STARS They were substantially worse than rude - they DON'T CARE and are only in it for the short run. Auto lease or our truck will NOT BE FROM CHRSYLER!

Jul 10, 2017
Shannon Schwingle

Chrysler Capital review

Their site is hard to access and utilize and crashes all of the time. Their customer support is the worst I have ever experienced. Nobody knows what's currently going on. On what was going to occur of which none of them did I totalled my car and had been awarded 3 different explanations. As I am trying to get a home so if I need to make a payment when I inquired that the guy told me not to be concerned about it, I didn't want a negative signal on my credit report. They don't report unless you are past due 30 days. Since I didn't trust him I paid anyway. I called again a week later to find the standing on my accounts and again they had no clue what was going on and told me my insurance didn't contact them and the prior time I called they gave me a date when my insurance called and when to call back for updates to the account. As the accounts has been shown as closed, I didn't make a payment the next month. I received a refund for my previous overpayment that week on the kind of a check card and as a kicker reported to my credit file that I was past due 30 days in the amount of $0. I am so disgusted with my experinces of having my accounts through the practice and the way the final of my account was handled which not only can I never use them again I will never get a car from the Chrysler class . They are ultimately responsible and this is something. Good bye Jeep.

May 3, 2018
Jan Hippler

Chrysler Capital review

I WILL NEVER EVER use ChryslerCapital again.

I tried to set up automobile obligations premature however was unsuccessful with support. Realizing I was going to be out of town I sent two payments in the same envelope. I really clearly wrote my goals. I attempted to telephone the number on the statement to warn them of my strategy, but gave yet another automated message to me. VERY FRUSTRATING to not be able to speak to someone. Sure enough they indicated my payment was late and screwed up it. I called and did get a human who said she fixed that issue, but was unable to help me try to set up the autopay until the trade fix was a couple of days old. I jumped at the opportunity to let them and received a customer service review and everybody know what I think about their service. In reaction to my poor review I'd get a girl who called and she looked very nice, but she called me once I was not able to sit down and deal with the matter. She gave me her name (Lucy) and phone number and I called around two days later. I left my number and she was inaccessible and was advised she'd get back with me. Still waiting two days later. Additionally, I received e-mails out of them and one indicated they solved the matter. I guarantee you they haven't solved the issue and I am NEVER going with them ! Meanwhile , I make payments I will find the loan and not deal with them. jan hippler

Jul 11, 2019
Huneydripper P

Chrysler Capital review

11/7/19. Called them this morning to learn what was going on. They possess the rudest most uncaring customer service , I talked with Mrs. Green. For using two cards to pay my note in 15, I even got jammed up. Didn't know it was a crime. Needless to say, did not get anywhere with them. My vehicle can't be afforded by loved being told that I. . They think 10 days to come up with some number of 3,000 was possible and won't operate with you. I'm dealing with some medical problems as well as trying to catch up is hopeless. Why the ratings are so low, I see. Strong arm tactics plus information in their database. Can't fix it and now a year at all has been not having transmission problems less than my truck. Regret using them to fund a truck. Somehow at 1:30 this morning, we are alerted by my puppies that a few ones on our house. Come to find our truck is in the process of being repossessed. Never had some calls or anything about there being a problem with my accounts sent in the mail. Made obligations and some my equilibrium never seems to return. I'm stuck without a vehicle, can not get to my pre operation or OP appt that will occur in 5 days. Now after reading all of the negative reviews, I wish I had not agreed to utilize them. Might have to spend and by the testimonials, does not seem like it'll be fruitful.

Jan 7, 2006
Sandra Schneider

Chrysler Capital review

We have leased over 30 cars. We rented a 2016 jeep renegade. Worst experience we have ever had. Chrysler capital is horrible. We paid all of our payments mechanically. No issues. We got with 4 weeks of lease end. Along with the hassel. We obtained 17. yes. 17 I logged them telling us what exactly were our plans and our rental was prepared to finish. I informed them we'd be returning to the dealership before lease end. Thought that could be it. Nope. 16 more calls. Threatening me that I had to present exact information or I'd be charged. I clarified I already gave the info. Every week This went for three months. I eventually had to threaten to sue for harrassment. We turned the vehicle in as scheduled to tje dealership. About a months afterwards received a bill fir damages. There were not one as auto. We predicted. Took 5 phone calls to have someone tell there is a sticker ! More telephone calls. Three levels of management. This was 4 weeks ago. Our credit report still shows a balance because of Chrysler capital. Again with the telephone calls. Not resolved. NEVER EVER GO THROUGH CHRYSLER CAPITAL UNLESS VERY UNFRIENDLY UNHELPFUL PEOPLE AND YOU ENJOY CONSTANT STRESS HEADACHES. Horrible experience. Will never let a jeep or even chrysler product.

Jan 5, 2003
Jaclyn Brohl

Chrysler Capital review

I wish I watched this before leasing my first car! So this is to who's considering renting with Chrysler. I leased my car it was a 2016 Jeep Cherokee. Renting another and after, returning it they sent me a bill for a new bumper. I have never been in a accident or strike anything! I did not cause any damage to that bumper. In reality, the dealership said it looked great anything happened on the dealer lot or transportation to Chrysler is outside me. After receiving the information I called to dispute it. Supporting me financing the bumper was perfect once I tunred it in, at the time I had the dealer inspector. Mind you this happened it October they stated they would follow up with me within the week to tell me whether it was approved or not and they never did. I followed-up twice after and they had no new information to relay to me. Now almost 8 months once I get a call saying I need to take care of that charge?! I say "what?" You choose to call me 8 weeks afterward to tell me? As I mentioned, I was ready 8 months ago, I had the dealership behind me. Their customer support manger to get chrysler capital was rude and unwilling to work with me. That's it, after this lease is up. Never leasing with them. Completely unacceptable customer coverage and service!

Jan 5, 2009
Kimberly Esquer

Chrysler Capital review

I have paid all 39 of my rental payments, per my contract with Chrysler Capital. Chrysler Capital has failed to close my accounts and account my account is closed to my credit terrorists. This company still hasn't closed my account . They have made mistakes . The company, located in Mesa Arizona, has attempted tagging on fees that they can't even explain the basis for all these fees. My bill was the final payment for SGS inspection of also the $395 mood charge along with $175, for a total of $570. 00. I called on to make this final payment with the employee at Financial and also charged a money transfer fee of 10. 95. My charge on May 21 was $580. 95 which was a successful trade. On May 28, they are claiming I paid $569. 51 and I owe $0. 49. This is currently falsifying my account status. My very last day of the lease arrangement is May 27, 2019, as it reached account maturity. The day I gave the automobile back into the dealership (EARLY) was April 1, 2019. My 39 Payments to were compensated in full as of March 28, 2019. How can they get away with this? I won't ever lease with this organization and I highly recommend to stir clear of the crooked company or you will buy a lawyer.

Jun 2, 2019

Chrysler Capital review

I had a Chrysler 300 for 3 1/2 years. In the early days of the loan was willing to work out payment plans/arrangements together with me. Due to loss of job (and life circumstances) my loan became delinquent again BUT now I've paid nearly $30,000 with this car PLUS the $5000 I put as a deposit they repossessed the car. I tried to explain that I've had several medium size out of pocket repairs I have used. Now, however, there is nothing to discuss in getting the car back since the fees are so high ($4025). The customer service representatives has been like a Dr. Jeckle/Mr. Hyde. They were ready to use me until they got enough money. The interest rate was far to high! A $641. 00 monthly payment. So I have already paid for the car or truck. I must have purchased a Nissan OR Toyota! Additionally I've paid on nearly 30K. 5 decades. THE BALANCE IS "STILL" $31,000! A"2019" automobile is about 10K more. Also I spoke with one if I could make a partial payment back in November of those rep who told me she would push two obligations . They are saying that never occurred and the expansion was granted back in September. The people are the greatest liars! In seven days the car will go to auction.

Jul 7, 2017
Ryan Platt

Chrysler Capital review

HORRIFIC I leased a 2014 Chrysler 200 and formerly had a 2001 Chrysler 300M, and if the cars were nice, I will NEVER be giving Chrysler CRAPital my business again. The number of HOURS I have spent on the telephone using their untrained, uninformed customer support representatives over the very same ISSUES REPEATEDLY was asinine. - Their customer confronting accounting/billing was questionable, provided no transparency, and often included charges which were unwarranted - Every bill (not exaggerating. EVERY BILL) I received had an unclear/unexpected fee or an error; there was absolutely ZERO transparency to what I was being charged for - Each time I phoned a customer service agent, they would place me on hold for an absurd quantity of time to research my seemingly simple questions - They supply NO means of keeping records of calls (no reference number, no email, nothing) for future reference, so if I had to call back later to discuss the very same difficulties, I had to begin all over again considering dealing with Chrysler Capital makes me ill to my gut. Horrendous company and that I shall never be giving my, or anybody else I know, business again to them.

Jan 11, 2009

Chrysler Capital review

All of the reviews about how awful Chrysler Capital's customer service is are true. Chrysler Capital's agents are rude unfriendly and do NOT care about their client. Me billed for damages which weren't brought on by me following my lease ended, over ONE THOUSAND dollars and they are reluctant to withdraw those charges even though I've sent them proof that I did not turn in the car in that condition. I sent photos of how I turned in the car to them, I mailed a record from the dealership to them and Chrysler Capital received it on the 15th of the month. I talked to Kristen, to their Executive Office team, and that too was in waste of the time. She was reluctant to hear me, and all she kept doing was cutting me off and being condescending when telling me that she was not going to tide the charge and that I could file a complaint with Better Business Bureau when I wanted to, they did not care. WHO runs this company?! It's being handled as a dictatorship, where are their own, and they don't care about anything. HOW are people allowed to deal with customers! Whatever you do, do NOT finance your vehicle using ChryslerCapital, you may repent it.

Jan 4, 2006
Yang Alex Ji

Chrysler Capital review

My wife leased a Fiat 500e in May 2016, and we set up car pay. Two decades later, automobile pay stopped working, but we did not understand. They started placing late fees. I called, they handicapped after that, and told me why automobile pay is just for the first 20 payments. Fine, I re-enable it. It never worked after that. I called again. The person I spoke to vaping and was eating on the end. She kept saying something was wrong with my checking account and this has been what preventing automobile cover to work. That was 100% not true. I demanded to have all late fees waived because their automobile pay system doesn't work. At end, after a lengthy hold, she told me late fees provided me a listing ID for future reference, and will be waived in 3-5 days. I checked my accounts. Only the last fee was waived. I contacted again and was told all late fee charges are valid in order that they won't be waived. The auto pay system doesn't work is the reason for payment, yet their failing system is being paid to get by me. Never doing any business with this bank or any car manufacturer related to this particular group.

Jan 12, 2008
David Barroso

Chrysler Capital review

Chrysler Capital credit bureau dispute are horrible they gave me two inquiries I want to eliminate my own credit and I have not ever had a car loan or title or registration under them or recently 9 yrs. And they're currently making me write a letter to get off my credit that they should of never put it isn't on any loan not as a signer or co-signer or any title or registration. And instead of placing one inquire that is hard they put two queries of Inbox I have not ever had a repo. The dates were two weeks ago and on top of that how can I make error two one repo then 8 days another individual I be one rich guy if I won two cars that I don't even own one they are not reputable business this is really unacceptable and bad tactics. The only thing I had with them I had been hoping to help a friend pay there account but I have nothing related to the auto. My Family advised me to reach out to them and is in law I want them face a defamation law suit or to stop and desist my title from hard inquiries. Not Happy about this make sure to understand what your doing accurately and check your records. Please fix ! D. Barroso

May 10, 2018
Diane Agnew

Chrysler Capital review

I moved into a dealership back in 2013 when I moved to LA and my Suzuki I broke down on me. So I traded it purchased my dream car. This was only my 2nd time buying a vehicle, & my mother wasn't with me because she had been the first time to help me with the process. I tried in my own, with a 740 credit rating that the shady car salesman came back from"talking to his supervisor" to negotiate the initial $700/mo payments, he offered $555 with a 8% interest rate through their creditor. Which unfortunately was chrstyler capital, I signed recently & a 5 year contract ended up refinancing with Capital One because of finding out Chrystler. 58% interest rate, & this is my Jeep wasn't paid off. $10,000 of my payments went strictly towards interest. A complete rip off from the start. I wish I would have understood to use my lender, & that using my credit score 8 percent interest was way too large, basically I simply paid the shady carsalesmans commission & somehow ended up only giving away money that I don't have to Chrystler Capital. Nothing like my first car buy experience, Chrystler Capital is a scam that is whole

Jan 7, 2002

Chrysler Capital review

Leased a fiat 500e three decades back, 45 days before lease end the harassing phone calls began. It had been daily they called me. I've never missed a pmt and every time they called they said it had been to be sure I understood the options I had and that the lease end procedure. Finally I had enough and began telling them to stop calling me! Every rep said they'd"notice it" in my account to not call! The final call I got, I asked the rep"what would u people want from me" he said that some dealerships weren't taking back these cars and they might arrange pick up and transport to LA or San Francisco! I laughed so hard I almost fell from my seat! I advised them I was returning it to the dealership and leaving it there! Stop calling me! Well another telephone call Cazares in and that I had it, I threaten to sue them you need us to stop and desist and the rep stated, '' I answered whatever it takes! I received a letter stating I purchased a cease and desist and they will no longer communicate a statement! Since if they wreck my credit, I owe fee to the rental end, I get that bill. I'm suing them!

Jan 5, 2009
Melissa Cross

Chrysler Capital review

I would never recommend this company, my employer put us. I called first to keep them up to date in case I was not able to pay. I spoke with a gentleman who had me do a listed line agreeing to cover in February (a three month delay) said these months could be pushed to the back I was happy being I could pay everything else and not be supporting with them. Fast went to make no they didn't agree to the extension and car payment was told I was 3 months behind. I paid double sometimes double and a half.,, went back on a short term layoff and had a repo guy at my home I called and they said pay 228,00 attempts online couldn't make payment tried over the telephone could not make payment only way to generate payment was with representative on phone she said it had been 10. 00 and would not waive the fee. Following 3 1/2 hours on the telephone attempting to cover the same card I used magically worked after 19 efforts,,. This company is terrible I just want to refinance to get away from them if anyone can help please Allow Me to know this is a nightmare and has ruined my credit

Jan 6, 2009

Chrysler Capital review

I was looking for funding to buyout an existent Chrysler Credit rental, also received an approval letter. It recorded the total purchase quantity I qualified for and seemed to suggest this could be purchase or a rental of a brand new car or truck. Feeling confidant about the acceptance, I revealed it to the dealership finance department. They said they were unable to work with the approval and has to make an application for credit again through their finance dept. In the end, they accepted me through ChryslerCapital, though I knew provided an endorsement. This might be a shady dealership clinic, but find it tough to believe CC offers approvals that cannot be used at a Chrysler dealership. Also, I was in my way with my copy of the terms of the loan, including interest and signed all the paperwork. A few days later, I had been requested to come back to the dealership and sign new loan agreements because CC along with the dealership were using interest prices. Ultimately, I was given the lower of the two rates, but was inconvenient to return to the dealership.

May 9, 2019
Andrew Doll

Chrysler Capital review

I need some help understanding this mathematics. I dropped a bit behind. I took steps to attempt and catch up which to me made sense. Now first month I was told that 2100 was due. Because that's what I could afford and that is still a great deal of money so I paid 1800. (Its a Ram) Currently complete due 2100 - 1800 ought to be 300. In my mind I figured they would ad that 300. Naively the next month I sent 1000 which is aprox 230 over my payment. So I guessed I sat ok. I get there's attention and also also a $45 dollar late fee. I guess 70 $ Plus the $45 fee that is overdue and a bit of interest on no issue. I send in $ 1500 the following month! Im caught back up and I paid a little extra on this principle. I begin getting calls saying I am still behind and owe a significant amount. The 4th month sure enough the I owe 2700+. I am no mathematician, but that makes no sense . is a bunch of crooks and thieves in my opinion. DO NOT USE THEM TO FINANCE YOUR VEHICLE! I suggest using a Credit Union if you're able to.

Sep 7, 2019

Chrysler Capital review

I have been leasing automobiles since 1987. NEVER have I had a problem turning into a vehicle. Prior to doing this, I usually clean and detail them. My lease for a 2017 Dodge Caravan GT photographed and was inspected the dealer and by me. I receive a bill for $1400 + for excess wear and tear, A month later. Essentially, AiM inspector lied, his excellent photographs reveal no such damage, and my photographs show it to be in excellent shape all around. IF there wasn't any actual damage (and I doubt it)there were inflicted by the transport company to another side of this state, or while in storage in the auction site. They can't record the harm. They also decreased the last invoice to $800, then $622, due to their"goodwill"! They're attempting to scam more money, since I didn't renew my lease together. I have instruction that is better than they perform, so unless they can show evidence that is real, it is going to be a very chilly day for Chrysler Capital! This might be more common than I know with other companies.

Jan 7, 2019
Jiaree Jodeke!

Chrysler Capital review

Very rude and unprofessional by far the worst company to take care of. I called to find a deferred payment because I was falling a month behind. Every person that I was moved by them asked me why I wasn't able to make my payments if we all don't go through hardship at times. So I would get a deferred payment afterward miss a payment and essentially explained to her I went through some financial problems. She ask me what hardships I went through. What else could hardships mean. I'm unable to make a payment. After becoming completely in my business wanting to know every thing I had to pay she ends up telling me she is unable to give me an extension. I asked her why she felt the need if she understood she could not help me to start with, to get all in my business. She hung up which is past disrespectful. Since I was young at the 17, I was so excited about a company financing me and most companies turnes me away. They have bad customer service abilities and are rude and I will be pleased to cover my vehicle off in.

Jan 9, 2008

Chrysler Capital review

Marybeth approach me without the intention of assisting me,she show me. I picked a 2017 Jeep Latude $23,185 drive was not tested by me but I enjoy the interior and how I enter the car. I don't know the way I test drove the Renegade I believe it was the cash back incentive over $6000 from dealership and manafacturer. 00 that cheated me from, and had to put $500. 00 down . I was in distress and only need a vehicle with features. After departing @ 3:30 pm and arriving @ 9:30 am I took what they offered. The Jeep drives if it's currently pulling two vehicles. The recorded equipment on the window decal doesn't compare, the APR is not what was quote 1. 925 entered as 19. 25 payments hoger than what I expected. At allow of 4 the market is. 25 up to 5. 75. Lenders are allow to exceed the industry rate up 10 percent. My experience was not good and stressed. The Jeep is transportation to grocery and medical laudry I want one which is not so rough. Lifting up my leg is uncomfortable. I'm disable on a cane.

Jan 2, 2003
Jennifer D.

Chrysler Capital review

If your dealer suggests you lease from ChryslerCapital run far away and fast, ask them to do it with Ally. We had nothing but trouble with Chrysler capital. 6 mo prior to our lease end we have DAILY calls inquiring what our aims were in lease end (we're purchasing a car and NOT funding it together ) we told them. They proceeded to call each day occasionally to ask each moment, the same stupid question. I kept requesting them to stop calling and telling them, they'd not even speaking to a supervisor she said because I did not do the optional end review they'd continue to call. The dealer told me to not do you they have more problems with people getting them done than not. In brief renting together with them was nothing but a headache. Addressing a call center. Additionally, when we got our first charge it did not match the contract number by. 10 a month. We determined our time was worth over that overage within the life of the rental and eventually and they fought but it felt super shady.

Jan 12, 2004
Matthew Wilson

Chrysler Capital review

After owning a Car since 2015 Finance through Chrysler Capital I have argued with this Bank every month they refused to send payment information Punctually That They lie on every call placed the payment Advice Stems 10 to 14 days late it shows Clearly being printed Following the due date with late Penalties already assessed when you call in and ask ChryslerCapital where the payment information is That They tell you to make your payment without having any payment documentation from the lender they continuously add late fees to the Accounts knowing that they're not sending the payment Advice the Bill statement on time and Do for over 30 months Horrendous Bank representatives are liars I'll never accept a loan from this bank again if I am approached to sign docs with this bank I Shall get up and Depart All Those Association I am at whatever deal is going on Has canceled immediately I will never involve myself Using this lying cheating substandard a****** Bank

Jan 12, 2006
James Billock

Chrysler Capital review

I bought a brand new Chrysler 300. I loved the car. I had been operating and was making my obligations. I had to resign from my job. I got a bit behind on payments. I phoned Chrysler capital and they said I could make payments on my loan that I did. Everything was good then. Approximately 3 months ago they came and took my vehicle. I called them to find out about getting my car backagain. I had a buddy that went to help me with the money. I talked to them and they told me that because I wasn't working I couldn't get my car back. I asked about paying it off and the said no. I received a letter which said my car was going to auction on the 27th of December. I called to get the release to go wash my car out. I called and they told me that has been on the 10th and that the automobile was at auction. Here is the worst experience I've had with a business I won't ever own another Chrysler product . They have lied to me about this whole thing.

Jan 9, 2005

Chrysler Capital review

I'm a new client and sadly our nation was changed with hurricane Irma last weekend and I got an email Stating they customer support office is ready to help out as a result of catastrophic situation we have all expertise together with emotional stress of needing to gather things fast to depart Florida plenty of stress for all Of us and some are worst off than others for certain. The young woman that help me today was really type n comprehension to our situation here in Florida but I must mention that what I find from everything everyone is working together to assist each other and our traffic lights remain outside n food restaurants not completely stocked and it's amazing what I have observed every working and assisting each other and kindness I see around is such a blessing. It took this Irma storm to deliver us lol together in helping kindness spread to make additional show appreciation for one another. Thank you & God bless everyone

Jan 4, 2019
Brian Schumer

Chrysler Capital review

Probably the business to lease a car through. Leased(2016) automobile, in Florida, daughter goes to school in New York city, car rental is up, we purchased an additional car with Dodge (2019) on her Christmas holiday, but not 1 trader would like to take the 2016- car back in nyc, New Jersey region. Whats crazy is that her mother has purchased multiple Jeeps Cherokees in Autoland, Chrysler /Dodge, Springfield New Jersey, and they wont or even leased bought through them, take the cars back. Ive never had a worse experience, its cost me extra insurance and a computer generated invoice, stating I've the 2016 automobile another month past due. This going on 21 days now, with a telephone to Chrysler capitol each 48 hrs. Sadly, its about"grubbers" desiring money, No $395 return fee, since I've a 2019 and the New York /New Jersey dealers didnt make the offer. Chrysler capitol, even got hung up on phoning Autoland for me personally.

Jan 12, 2007

Chrysler Capital review

Everybody talks about the"purchase experience."

The purchase is all on the dealership. Chrysler capital is by far the absolute worst company I have ever had the displeasure of funding a car through. They are customer service representatives are extremely inconsistent. In the three years of owning the car I've just come. My loved ones and I've owned many vehicles. GMAC, ally, Wells Fargo. With that ANYONE which has a chance to buy through Wells Fargo jump onto it. Chrysler capital is awful and it's a shame because the Jeep is such a fun product but the financing completely takes away the excitement of this brand. I hate to say this will be the Jeep I buy only because I am truly disgusted with ChryslerCapital. This instituation is the absolute worst. Do whatever you can to avoid any interaction with this particular financial institution. Truly, they ought to no more have the ability.

Nov 11, 2019
Jeffery Sprague

Chrysler Capital review

A little more than six decades of payments, never missed one and had auto pay. Last payment amount was since I had automobile pay, I tried to tack onto my payment and wasn't allowed ten dollars so. I let it go to the next month when it was due simply to get the system not auto pay the sum because it was smaller then monthly payment before made so they never got the payment and waited until I was over due and searching for my own name before I found this out and the system still would not let me make the payment so I had to do it purchase phone. Since it showed me delinquent I had to pay late payment fees and client services did not care and was like speaking since regardless of what you said, he just repeated the exact same thing over and over again. Poor customer service and poorly managed situation, making my choice to become a returning customer easier to make since I won't be.

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