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Aug 7, 2016
Norm Silverman

Camino Financial review

Friendly, accommodating staff - specifically Victor Lizano, representing our interests and Marisol Loza, our go-to-person for procedural instruction. Communication was always accurate, timely and available. Fortunately, I've got a substantial background and education at"Merchandising for Productivity" and did not require direction for my usage of the funds asked. is in a market that is really competitive and there is, currently amounts of investment funds in the market area. To be successful'Small Business' ventures, I do believe that the firm should show (or professed) a fascination with Mission Statements, detailed Business Plans, prospective benchmarks, and offered opinions regarding the possible demands of future financing and options that may have to be dealt with.

Jan 7, 2001
Mariette Martinez

Camino Financial review

For example an accountant and business consultant, my clients and I develop. When my SMBs require funds to buy new equipment, assets or further scale their companies, I have been lucky to have a lot of chances. However, we have not had the best chance with our neighborhood or large banks. That's when I went searching online and found assignment: Helping Small Firms Grow, Learn & Succeed & that these Harvard Twins with an incredible business model. I have worked as a referral partner together for more than a year and they have assisted several of my customers obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars. I highly recommend you give Camino Financial a chance to see how they can help your business access. Small Business Consulatant, mariette Martinez

Jan 9, 2001
Lucia Pineda

Camino Financial review

I needed someone who can direct me in regards to my financial needs. I had been referred to Kenneth Salas with He came into my company. He's very helpful with filled with advise and knowledgeable of his products they offer. They can supply the sum required with your financial needs. In addition, he referred a known bookkeeper he knows personally I have. It was professional, very personal and very friendly at which I felt comfortable to speak to him. I'd recommend him or his firm using any financial query and/or requirements.

Jan 8, 2004
Juan Viera

Camino Financial review

Total Waste of time.

I really don't believe is considering" Actual" businesses. I presented a strong a complete financial and business operation and they reply once I fill up this program, you do not qualify in a email less than 24 hour. I my modest opinion is much more interested on business without option and try control the interest Not good in any way. Not Good

Jan 9, 2008
Austin Fernandes

Camino Financial review

I came across Camino Financial at the Valley Economic Development Center Summer Expo held at the Universal City Sheraton.

One of their financial agents,Tarek was very professional in advising me of my options of funding my organization. I was introduced by him to one of the founders of Camino who took the time. I was amazed by their sincere desire to assist the small business man.

Jan 12, 2004
Claudia Fileto

Camino Financial review

Camino Financial is an incredible asset to any company. Our firm has been in a position to benefit from their wealth of knowledge in small business lending. They are accessible and prompt in responding to our company needs. Best of all, Camino Financial genuinely cares about establishing a relationship with their clients as an effort to better understand our needs as a firm.

Jan 10, 2001
Adrian Suarez

Camino Financial review

Worth's Business They Ever send an email Stating you are approve they even send Provisions interest rate and monthly payments so they Could collect all my Advice for funding expecting to Obtained the loan they send and email declined the application so Becoming approved was a fake way to get all my personal and bank Data now I Am afraid they'll used my identity

Jul 12, 2015
Lia Hirtz

Camino Financial review

I've been advocating CaminoFinancial non-stop. Why? Their one-on-one service and attention. That is rare nowadays. Yvette managed to help me all the way through the process. Speaking of which, the procedure was quick and easy. Other firms asked me for a whole lot of paperwork and info, but Camino managed to execute easily and fast. Highly recommended!

Jun 8, 2016
Travis Mecure

Camino Financial review

Yvette and Marisol made my enterprise loan experience! They're both professional, knowledgable, kind, and patient with me. Being new in the business loan match, I was a bit anxious about the whole procedure. These two could not have been improved! I would HIGHLY recommended and will be doing business with them. no question.

Jan 12, 2000
Wombi Rose

Camino Financial review

Camino Financial is amazing. They worked tirelessly on our behalf, even working the lender all via a Saturday. At the end they have everything done we expected and more, and I trust them 100% and would recommend them together with zero hesitation to any small business owner. Best advice in the town and top notch execution. Thank you Camino!

Jan 12, 2004
Sandra Vasquez

Camino Financial review

What I appreciated the most in working with CaminoFinancial was how everything was. As a company owner, time is significant to me. It just took from begin. Perhaps the best part was how the staff was and how friendly they are. It's simple for me to recommend them to anybody who desires funding for their business growth. Thank you Camino!

Jan 4, 2005
Medhat El Shantaly

Camino Financial review

"Mr. / Tarek at was a nice person to take care of. He was very cooperative. He was really reassuring and encouraged me. He made it a simple procedure and it would not occur, I have already recommended 3 other friends, and would recommend to anyone who is in a similar situation. Thank you."

Jan 1, 2003
Francisco Garibaldi

Camino Financial review

A Great Experience to deal with Kenny Salas from CaminoFinancial, he help our company to get funded on a business loan. Very professional and fast, he answer all questions and help us out. We suggest Kenny salas and Camino financial. Feels good to find a firm like Camino financial with people that is willing to help enterprise.

Jul 5, 2016

Camino Financial review

It is easy to say that we had a great experience with Camino Financial when they helped us get our company loan, but this is more than the loan. This group is responsive, and they took the time to understand our company like a financial associate should. We are pleased and plan to utilize them for future financial development.

Sep 8, 2016
Nadia and Mohammad

Camino Financial review

We had a great experience with Camino Financial, Yvette and the entire team was a good deal of paperwork to prepare but worth it,'' They saved us a lot of money, headache and time. Other companies more than promised and never delivered. Camino Financial is the company which you would like to build a connection with.

Jan 4, 2009
Medhat El

Camino Financial review

Glad I met Mr Tarek El Sheikh he Had Been a Fantastic help for me to grow and develop my business, without him it Might never happen he is very supportive well educated good Nature and nice to Handle I Will always Advocate camino financial to my Buddies and other small business owners in my field Due to him

Feb 7, 2015

Camino Financial review

They were very friendly and easy to speak with. No one tries to pressure you if your loan does not get approved and also they do not get frustrated. They find a way to get the capital you want to you. They explain everything. I truly recommend them to everyone who is searching for a business loan.

Jan 2, 2004
Richard Kennedy

Camino Financial review

You managed my customer that I referred. It was a smooth and professional experience working with Yvette Salas and her staff. They kept me in the loop every step of the way. I will definitely continue to work with them on bargains in the future. Richard L. Kennedy Sr.. Trinity Capital Systems

Oct 12, 2015
Joshua Serna

Camino Financial review

As a business owner I did not understand about the corperate world. Especially to get my business to be helped by Capitol. However, altered all that. They take good care of you and help you get what you need to make your company thrive.

Jan 8, 2007
Leonardo Antiles

Camino Financial review

We were impressed with the devotion of Camino's staff - they were in constant communication with us - until closing date. I recommend them to those that value service, and going the extra mile.

Jun 7, 2016
Efrain Gonzalez

Camino Financial review

I never expected following my bank declined my application for financing. CaminoFinancial made believe that there are when banks won't institutions that assist businesses.

Jul 12, 2015
Adan Avilez

Camino Financial review

I was a business thanks to the help of the people at CaminoFinancial. It was a procedure and they assisted me with all. I would recommend them. Thank you.

Feb 5, 2016
Dereck E. Moore

Camino Financial review

My experience was simple and quick. Us walked through the process and made the trade seamless, I enjoyed the experience.

Jan 4, 2004
Alex L

Camino Financial review

Great Company to work with, Camino Financial was able to get us the capital we needed to grow our business and create.

Jun 7, 2016
Joseph Harmon

Camino Financial review

I'd use them over and over.

Camino Financial Business Loans

Camino Financial is a credit marketplace matching small businesses with the most affordable funding option offered by its network of reputable lenders. The Company specializes in originating loans for first-time business borrowers who cannot get a loan from a bank, and provides ongoing credit monitoring and advice to ensure clients improve their business credit in an effort to qualify for a bank loan.



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