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Oct 10, 2017

AmOne review

It was easy and fast. While the rate of interest is very large (I knew this going in and clearly knew this while registering the agreement), you can pay it off early with no prepayment penalties - which is what I am likely to do and the only reason I continued with it. Was fine and helpful, and the appointment was sweet and short. I expected them to ask so much more information out of me but all that was needed was my drivers permit, latest pay stub, and bank account info (for direct deposit). The money was in my account the next morning and my appointment was at 430 pm. SO QUICK. I simply don't recommend this high interest loan if you're thinking about riding out the FULL loan term since you'll end up paying more than twice what you took the loan out for - BUT that is up front when you are applying for it so I would hope most men and women know what they're signing up for.

Oct 7, 2018

AmOne review

The loan officer called me to the phone to cover the approval and provide, rate, payment etc.. We scheduled an appointment for 4:00 that afternoon, After I agreed to terms. I arrived shortly before 4:00 and has been advised that the loan officer was with another customer. The loan officer greeted me and came over and asked whether it wasd OK for a helper to photocopy in. I gave the documentation and agreed to this. Apparently, the appointment went much as the other loan officer ended up supporting me longer than expected. Everybody in the Hemet office was professional, helpful and friendly. I had been perplexed as to why the appointment was scheduled for 4:00 if the loan officer understood she had another appointment booked. I would recommend this office to other people let them plan on spending a bit of time there after you've got an appointment scheduled.

Jan 8, 2001

AmOne review

Not a helpful or useful offering. Talk with AmOne started out as an optimistic experience. Encouraging person that provided up time and help if any portion of the loan process slowed down or stalled, helpful. But finally it was the beginning of a sales process due to their credit card debit assistance (like Lexington Law). I applied for a loan through a few of the"first offers" out of, but never got a response back in any kind from the bank. Asked my AmOne specialist to assist and obtained little assistance. The company serves as an intermediary between borrowers and creditors (similar to Lending ), but it is actually a way to rope in people for the debit assistance part of the business enterprise.

Jul 9, 2018
Madyson Reed

AmOne review

Launched a program online for 5000. Was called back almost instantly. Spoke to somebody, has been told my only option, and answered a few questions was a balance transfer credit card. So it's not unrealistic to locate a loan my score is in the mid 600s. The telephone disconnected partway through the call, and I was nearly instantly spammed with emails from the individual I had been talking to, together with a impolite voicemail essentially telling me to"get the collection off your report (from 3 years ago for less than $1000) or we have nothing to give you. When obviously a collection account runs its course and there nothing you can do about it. Not impressed at all.

Aug 7, 2017
Terence S Gogins

AmOne review

The experience was fantastic. My phone started ringing as soon as I hit the send button. I was sent an email with three choices. I picked the very first on the list. I wish so I could see who had the better deal they could 23, I had an opportunity to select several. But, I did not know if my credit score would be hurt by doing this. AmOne followed up several times to make sure I had been cared for and I really appreciated that kind of service. I believe they would have helped me had I requested it. I blame that on myself. I took the offer but I'm not completely happy but obtained the amount I asked for. AmOne did.

Jan 7, 2008
Trayce Jackson

AmOne review

Very helpful and comprehension of a persons wellness and present status. Receive and willing to help in several ways and beyond working with others to improve credit score reporting a. When I thought there was no way I could be 14, they helped me. They gave me the Avenue to get my life back on course and without making me feel insecure or embarrassed about the position I'd dropped into. Without Amone I would be in dire straits. I recommend them highly for anyone and friends in addition to my family that wants help that might not be able to find anywhere else. Thanks Amone! You're the best by far!

Jan 10, 2002
Sandra Dubrow

AmOne review

After talking to try and help my husband &I to consolidate credit card debt, Allison Mark from AmOne gave us a shot at getting a loan to pay off our debts. She hooked us with DMB Financial and Trish their advisor managed to get us approved to repay our charge cards totaling over $11,000. I was paying my debtors over $500/mo and was always bombarded looking to purchase food or other essentials. Now our payments for those cards was cut in half. I feel so relieved that every month, I do not need to worry. They were honest and answered all our questions.

Jan 3, 2005
Barry Mills

AmOne review

I decided against better judgement to use this company to find a loan company. Hector Rivas called and had chosen one that was supposed to help me in getting the loan. '' I had been told I could not get the loan after going thru the process which took over a wk. I contacted Hector to voice my disappointment. To this day, I still have not heard from him again. How can you have such bad customer service such as this! Not even a response to your emails or phone calls! How do you respect someone that can't even return an email!

Jan 2, 2000
Bianca Valdovinos

AmOne review

My experience with Amone so much has been really great! I've been talking to visit. I don't feel lonely. I felt like I was in bondage & trapped. I feel like it is gon t be ok & I'll get through this although I'm currently trying to repair my credit. I would recommend Amone! Along with talking with Sean has helped ease my mind. I was really stressed out because I'm in debt. He answered all of my questions & was quite patient. I hope I will encourage some one to try out this place although I don't really write reviews.

Jan 1, 2005

AmOne review

Waste of time. I explained that I was searching for a loan and also NOT debt settlement. And during our conversation I shared that I had been through debt settlement which had destroyed me financially. I am dealing with the tax consequences. And was 5 occasions from the creditors that I couldn't settle. So they could not help me get a loan and said they'd move me to an associate who'd help consolidate medical bills and some other debts. I was transferred to a debt settlement business. WTH

Feb 5, 2017

AmOne review

My representative was very beneficial. She made certain I understood that in case the loan option I was pursuing didn't work out, she'd continue to help me with different choices. She made sure I had been well informed about restrictions and conditions of each option. I appreciated her honesty and she had been able to link me with a loan alternative that met my needs. Not only will I refer this company, but I will also use AmOne again for other services. Thanks for all your help!

Feb 9, 2017
Kevin Cunningham

AmOne review

I was needing a procedure done and wanted a loan fast. I contacted and has been greeted by representative Judson McMullen. He knew what he was doing, courteous, and was friendly. After he found a lender I got my amount within only a few days. Because of him, my search for a loan has been significantly shortened. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him or when the time should come back again. Thanks again, Judson!

Feb 8, 2018
Katherine Burgess

AmOne review

I had a very positive experience with AmOne. I went in trying to find a desperation loan, but what I finally needed was help with debt management, which they could join me. If this is what I desired I was nervous at first, but the more I researched and learned, I realized this was exactly what I wanted. I'm glad I called back to learn exactly what AmOne needed to offer because I think I'm finally on a trip to monetary stability.

Jul 2, 2019

AmOne review

Rachel in was unbelievable. She got me the loan I had quick. She kept me updated during the loan process and was organized. She made sure everything was in order before having me take a visit to her location. Rachel was very professional, educated and nice. If you are looking for a loan, AmOne is the place. Start Looking at the Pembroke Pines location for Rachel and her colleges. They're always eager to help!

Sep 3, 2017

AmOne review

This company made you feel comfortable whilst speaking about your circumstance. They didn't judge me and wanted to do everything they could possibly do to help me with getting. I was also connected by them with legal assistance. Each of the interaction I had with them and the services have been excellent. I'd suggest them to anybody who feels they're currently drowning in debt and feels they are in a situation.

Jan 4, 2008

AmOne review did what they were supposed to. They sent me recommendations for loan businesses, and I managed to get financing. I was then called by them and emailed me several times a day attempting to get a hold of me, that was somewhat bothersome, but harmless. I would recommend them as a loan matching service for those who need a service, however warn that they e-mail and will call you times every day.

Jan 6, 2007
John Romano

AmOne review

I will tell you how happy I am that I found AmOne. They had been so helpful with my scenario given for me. My credit is going to be saved and with this program I'll be able to live without the fear of bankruptcy and lawsuits. To not mention anything about the telephone calls from your creditors. This program undoubtedly is the best option for me I didn't even know was out there! Thank you Alison

Jan 6, 2001

AmOne review

The broker was down to ground when looking for solutions and personable. She demonstrated empathy and listened for needing funding which was very touching. You're stsressed, when you have over $ 2,000 in automobile repairs after just purchasing a home and my representative didn't add to this stress. She found me a lender and checked on me during the night to ensure I had found the right lender.

Feb 2, 2018
Jessica Smith

AmOne review

I looked for a loan through AmOne. They were very fast to reach me out , but once I decided to hold off on the loanthey were just as fast to give me options for desire, then cease contacting me. I really love their"no hassle" and also"no pressure" way of business. They respected that As soon as I said not at this time. I will certainly come back when I choose to continue with my loan search!

Sep 3, 2018
Antoinette Gard

AmOne review

AMONE helped me. Not only did they put me in touch with a couple companies that would help fund my loan, but they put me in touch with a business who is currently helping me fix my credit report. My Representative stayed with me and returned my texts, emails and phone calls and answered all of my queries. In the long run One Main helped me and they were awesome as well. Thank you're One.

Jan 7, 2000
Karen Johnson

AmOne review

Started out good and I had been sent to Lexington Law to help with a few things in my credit report however I was under the impression that I would also get for. I have called and emailed my rep at AmOne several times without a reply. Also the Lexington law people wanted me well in my vacation assuming I'd find the loan I guess and was great. However does not seem I am going.

Jan 2, 2007
Ramon Guerrero

AmOne review

I Am very happy with the Help provided by Alison Mark from AmOne.

It had been greater than I anticipated. I had been denied else and thought I could not get out of my debt. Alison Mark understood my situation and I talked together, appeared through her tools and also put me in contact. I am now on my way to being debt free. Thank you very much for everything!

Jan 9, 2003

AmOne review

AmOne was with linking me with the right individuals to acquire financing which was ideal for my situation when nobody else could really helpful. They discovered me a loan with a fantastic interest rate and monthly payments that are reasonable and were very proffesional, quick but thorough! Highly recommend to anyone who is looking to consolidate their debt!

Jan 1, 2007

AmOne review

The individual (Bill Walsh) which called me was quite helpful,and though I was not approved by the one I employed to first your company sent me others to try and that I was approved almost instantly so thank you not only for helping me but for which makes it extremely easy, I did not have to jump thru hoops like other folks I know have had to! Thank you Theresa Deaton

May 9, 2019
Maheeniee Sandhu

AmOne review

I had been looking for something to help me and was getting into locations. This company was one of the many I'd tried out, they reacted after a day or two, reviewed my background and issues with me and joined me with EXACTLY! This place was an reply to my prayers, they had been Genuinely type and trying to help. Super Grateful for them. God Bless!

Jan 6, 2000

AmOne review

I love the fact that they referred me to lenders that are valid. I contacted 3 and proceeded with OneMain (they had better speed for a 630 fico). followed up with me to make sure I had a satisfactory experience. Hopefully 1 day they will expand for those of us into a car dealer network referral and mortgages with credit. Great business.

Jan 5, 2004

AmOne review

I had a great encounter with AmOne. The agents was pleasant to converse with and nice and curteous. The Reps made sure to provide infinite possibilities to you till you may find what you're looking for. They will send text messages, emails, and also make phone calls and also I liked the idea that they work for the consumers. Thank you AmOne.

Jan 6, 2018

AmOne review

Figuring out that the online application, filed it, came in only a couple of minutes with 3 offers having a higher likelihood for approval. I picked the offer that looked like a best match for me. They had me accepted by afternoon and money deposited to my bank account until 8 am the next day. I would recommend channeling through AmOne even.

Jan 9, 2006

AmOne review

This is my first time. I was given an explanation as to the reasons why, Though I did not get the amount I had been planning on getting. Perfectly understandable. The agent I talked to listened when I explained each of doubts and spoke and could not be polite. My payments couldn't be more convenient. Thanks Gracie @ Aurora branch office

Oct 1, 2017

AmOne review

AmOne came thru for me in a big way. Cody, their representative, kept me by phone and email. As a consequence of one of the suggestions, I was able to link w/ a company to get financing. I also prepared for surgery, although I was already stressed. Everything came thru at the nick of time. Such a blessing! I can't thank you.

Oct 3, 2018

AmOne review

I appreciate the heads up on my credit and what I want to do to make it work for me. Was to start with it revealed one loan for 4100 and I was told of areas for this. 00 for 158. 00 per month for 35 weeks. But when I got too deep it was longer and payments the loan. But of course I had got involved with financing firm.

Apr 1, 2017

AmOne review

I applied for over 24 hours and a loan was approved. The office staff I dealt with (Denver office) was quite friendly and helpful. I don't have the credit - so I knew my APR would be greater - which is how the story goes for everybody. I am just grateful they could help out when I needed. Nobody was able to help me.

Jan 6, 2018

AmOne review

This service was great. It helped me get matched that I was unaware even existed. Not only was I able to obtain a loan for my job, I had been offered! This ceremony was wonderful and things lover much faster than I anticipated. Thanks for the work you do in helping we all obtain financing quickly and efficiently.

Jan 3, 2008

AmOne review

I got a call from Onemain exactly the same day that I was denied prosper and by avant. Amone was the link that made me approved to what I asked for. I am happy about the encounter, it waa fast and easy. Would utilize Amone again in a heartbeat and I would refer them to friends and loved ones. Thank you Amone!

Jan 4, 2005
John M

AmOne review

The acceptance process was effective, quickly and without difficulties. My Loan Rep was helpful, very friendly and professional. I would recommend AmOne's Loan Matching Service to anyone needing financing. Thanks for the speedy and dependable service. My hat is off to the Manhattan, Kansas Team. Thank you

Jan 6, 2003

AmOne review

I had been a in a circumstance. I could not find any relief then anywhere stumbled upon AmOne online. All of my variables are reviewed by them, and paired me to a provider who was able to help me. Because it lessened the stress of hunting for a loan provider based in my desktop, I am so grateful for this.

Jan 8, 2005

AmOne review quickly gave me several loan business choices. I was approved to. The whole procedure was weekly, start to finish. They saved me time by advocating companies they understood could accept my loan and exploring for me. Tricia provided help and updates until I had an approval. Highly recommend!

Jan 12, 2003

AmOne review

Maxwell went beyond and above to direct me in the right direction. Also and I was connected to help with my credit report a company to consolidate my bills. I was sent several mails asking how it was going and approaches to increase my credit rating. I am with my financial situation at ease

Jan 1, 2001

AmOne review

I'd have to rate this company 10 not a lot of paper work we're quickly with repaying the loan and that I like the setup to choose the loan amount together with payment great way in letting the customer picked the payment would recommend this company to any Thanks again Very happy. Client

Jan 6, 2000

AmOne review

AmOne provided multiple options for my financial requirements to me and proceeded to follow up until I achieved. In addition my AmOne representative was willing to brainstorm about all my options. I felt very supported throughout the procedure. She was supportive and very professional.

Jan 2, 2001

AmOne review

I had a loan to be carried out. AmOne contacted me instantly with lendors and called to make sure what I wanted for the best rate of interest. Within two weeks, I had the loan deposited into my account and may last the remedies. The staff was quite helpful and I'd recommend them.

Jan 7, 2008

AmOne review

I was very happy with the service provided to me by Communication is crucial with any trade and that has been attained to the fullest. I applied for a loan and before the end of the day I received an answer. It was quick and painless. I will suggest my friends to all.

Jan 3, 2001

AmOne review

Worked with LendingUSA as we worked through the loan approval process and they had been patient. I was tied to one person and so as to receive my loan approval Cecilia was great at keeping me up to date and also the essential things to complete. Very smooth from begin to finish.

Jan 1, 2000
Theresa Phillips

AmOne review

Sean Krinkle was really valuable in leading me in the right way to help me move ahead & get financial aid together with the options that he was able to indicate to me personally. It was a pleasure to have someone help me, & never feel as though he was misdirecting me at any time.

Jul 6, 2017

AmOne review

My credit score is due to age of diversification and file of charge types. This loan increase my score and to increase my portfolio was needed by me. They were helpful all the way through the process and followed up with me via telephone. I'm very happy with their services.

Jan 7, 2004

AmOne review

AmOne matched me with a lender who may meet my needs and my needs. They followed up with a phone call and many mails to be certain my financial needs had been met. I am pleased with the one stop loan shopping service that they provided. I will certainly use them again!

Jan 9, 2005

AmOne review

Everything worked out perfect. Perfect representation from your broker. Was there to answer questions after loan has been finished. Rate that was Greater then I wanted but that's on me and my credit score. This is a great way to rebuild credit rating. Thank you!

Apr 11, 2016

AmOne review

Jud was really valuable in working with a vendor for my approval. He was able to match me with a fund company and I managed to apply and pick up the loan the day. So that other credit inquiries can be monitored by them Additionally, I enrolled with Lexington Law.

Jan 7, 2005

AmOne review

Am One matched me and I was able to get a loan. Because of my debt ratio it was different from what I anticipated. The loan pro got me accepted for greater than what I asked and alleviated some of my debt and I'm paying out less each month. Thank you Am One.

Jan 6, 2007

AmOne review

Well after almost giving up I tried AmOne and was pleased to have been referred to a finance company. I was approved for online and when I got there I ended up getting the 9k. Quite happy with these results and also this particular service. Thanks AmOne!

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