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Jan 9, 2000
Richard Williams

Unbolted review

I've been investing with Unbolted and about a dozen other Peer to Peer lenders for 10 months, and Unbolted is giving me the very greatest returns of 8% pa. They split investments over countless different"pawnable" things like high-end watches, jewelry, gold, and functions of art. Because Unbolted has possession of many of these items, if the borrower defaults then the item can be sold to recover the capital and interest due without much trouble. The site is simple to use though photos of these objects would be nice and the listings of your own investments are comprehensive. I utilize the Autolend attribute and am very happy with itThere can be cash-lag (time taken to allocate your deposited cash while it is not earning interest) so if you're switching from an interest-earning bank account it's a good idea to maybe invest #1,000 and check how fast your cash is allocated. Completed Unbolted.

Jan 11, 2004
Chris J

Unbolted review

Terrible sent in my pricey Chanel watch. They returned it with diamond missing out of one of those links on the bracelet. Photographs were taken by me on my iPhone of the watch before sending it. When I recieved the watch back then photos. So I actually have proof once I submitted it off the watch was in excellent condition. When I contacted them to tell them, however they were t interested it'd be damaged by them. Not only that I had to cover them to return it to me personally. Now having to pay to have a the diamond substituted. Altogether 400 what a joke. Avoid this company. I with them and also there dishonesty. Taking them.

Jan 12, 2007

Unbolted review

Unbolted offer simple hands-off investing, in various'bling' things - jewellery, paintings etc.. Expect returns of around 8%. You can auto-invest about #100 to #200 a week (your money will be spread over many tiny loans), or select some larger loans that appear from time to time. It looks to invest.

Jan 6, 2004

Unbolted review

All appears ok at the moment been investing for 12 months together, would be useful if they told you the percentage of interest you were getting to date. Does seem a little dated compared to other platforms but other than that all great. Below do you know it was to Chris J you doughnut!

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