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Jan 11, 2019
Dominic Saville

ThinCats review

My business has been using the ThinCats platform. At an important time when banks were not providing any service for SMEs although their advertising said otherwise - what a surprise - we seemed for a serious, professional and well sponsored Peer to Peer lending installment and was highly recommended to me a major law firm. P2P as a notion was and continues to be the lifeblood for smaller businesses seeking to develop, without sacrificing control and ownership. My business is television sales & manufacturing and throughout the fantastic, over 150 P2P lenders who continually supported all our loans from the beginning in 2014, which provided the production costs for programmes, on account of this TV and SVOD services extended term payment terms, frequently 3-6-12-18 months after conclusion (Netflix possess a 36 month payment term btw) so these nameless individuals supported us, watched our work, and helped me construct the organization's library of fully owned IP and programmes, and improve the overall value of the business enterprise. Many programs you see on TV are made by the BBC, ITV or independent co. that are fully financed - but retain no rights. Our goal was long term possession of programmes which we'd be able to license internationally far into the future. Thus,we secure pre-sales from established stations. The yield for the creditors was good the ability for us to fund our production price and 8-10 percent was worth this cost. So everybody was happy. I guess at any business there is always potential for things to not work. If you contribute to receive 8 percent yield and there was 0 danger then everybody would do it. The yield will be minimal as interest rates shrink if you put your cash stocks and shares there is danger. There will be failures. But from my perspective for a debtor which I provide everything I have as a guarantee, ThinCats & ESF and our sponsor F&P have been inventive, knowledgeable and encouraging whilst at the exact same time scrutinising all facets of our enterprise and requiring detailed monthly reports - sometimes I feel as I am listed company with the detailed levels of paperwork perform and loan covenants. But this is good practice for the two sides since it promotes long term planning to get this scrutiny. I continue to work together. I am hoping to do more in the future. Thank you, CEO 3DD Entertainment

Sep 6, 2019
Chris Walsh

ThinCats review

I've been investing with thincats for 6 years. Until ESF took over they were neighborhood, great value and responsive. I am looking at reductions of 4-8k on investments of #30k. They refuse to accept that either they haven't had due diligence on loans and / or they are useless at regaining assets when I contacted them recently. I have been told that 2k of my investments could be sold to the market since the rest are in certain issues. Is there a method that we investors can take ESF to court or get the ombudsman to take on the instance.

Oct 11, 2018
Clive Wilson

ThinCats review

I have been with Thincats since 2012. They used to be a seriously good investment system. While there were necessarily failures, they had been managable and even with write-offs, was 8% p. a. However, Thincats were taken over a few years back and since that time, the degree of defaults had gone through the roof. I took a 4 figure loss on my own investments tax season. Very disenchanted. I wonder the quality of their due diligence.

Jan 4, 2004
Financial & Trading

ThinCats review

Probably the best P2P platform in the UK so far.

Secured loans to business are a minefield in the greatest, however TC has managed to provide with very excellent returns (approximately 8% in my case) year after year after year. Their platform sucks, but they are an excellent investment. Not sure what to make of their owners ESF, but we'll have to wait and see.

Jan 5, 2001

ThinCats review

Watch out for high rates of interest BUT loan failure Speed Poor that is very Large due diligence Much of the Safety is difficult to Apply Some loan prospectus provide an incomplete / inaccurate picture of risk They have had a large number of loan failures overall negative returns

Jan 9, 2000

ThinCats review

Was OK but maybe not anymore. Already money confront losing another # 4500 and since loan payable. Have sold all loans that I could and draw repayments. Where they deal with any defaults fairly and openly moved them to Assetz funds. I have yet to eliminate money.

Jan 4, 2003

ThinCats review

Thincats are a dishonest and immoral organization. I do not write these remarks without consideration.

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ThinCats is a leading alternative finance provider dedicated to funding growing and ambitious SMEs. Filling the gap created by the banks’ inability to service much of the commercial finance market, ThinCats specialises in secured loans from £250k up to £15m. ThinCats combines strong institutional backing with access to diverse pools of funding and has more than £800m of committed capital to lend against assets and cashflows.



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