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It's free and won't affect your credit score.


Jan 5, 2014
Jennifer Katz

Personalloans review

I needed a loan to do some remodeling and I understood that going the conventional route through a financial institution could be nothing but complex, and I wasn't sure my bank would lend to me personally (my charge is good but not good ). This was simple. I called the customer service line to make sure I do it right and they talked me. I was approved right away and have to pick my own loan in the choices presented to me. The money was available the morning after. Would recommend.

Jan 5, 2007
George Kaufman

Personalloans review

I'm very pleased with how the procedure was and the speed of this service. I got my loan within a few hours and filled out the form in 15 mins. I chose on the creditor I am very delighted with the loan I picked and myself from the choices provided. Everything was simple and I knew the site was safe, which was very valuable to me. I would recommend this to absolutely anybody. Better than the bank!

Sep 6, 2014
Hilda F

Personalloans review

This site does exactly what it says with no strings attached and no fuss. You fill the form out, you receive a choice of lenders to choose from. It is all easy and your data remains secure. I picked on a loan and got accepted. So I like this website. This was more easy although I wish I could have turned into a bank loan but I could not. I'm happy.

Jan 5, 2003
Joan Lia

Personalloans review

This is a great way to get a loan if you don't need to do it or can not. I read of the information on the website and read a good deal of reviews and was content understanding how the process was and I felt comfortable giving them my personal information. They gave a loan that was fantastic to me and I would definitely use this service again!

Feb 9, 2014

Personalloans review

I will definitely use this company again if I need a loan in the future. I needed something to help with my home renovations and I had not been accepted. This helped move things along with also the prices and the renovating were fair.

Jan 9, 2006

Personalloans review

I have positive things to say about personalloans. com. Everything was pretty simple to understand and I felt safe using the lenders. My sole complaint is the exact same day that I did not get my loan.

Oct 10, 2014

Personalloans review

I am really pleased with how efficient and prompt this procedure was. I had a loan right away and they connected me with a lender who could offer the capital immediately. Thanks again, guys!

Jan 7, 2003
David Gehring

Personalloans review

I was overall pleased with this website for my loan. Prices and method that is effortless, no hassles actually. Customer support was great.

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