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It's free and won't affect your credit score.


Mar 10, 2019
Kevin Poole

New Silver review

Good hard money business. New Silver Lending needs 100% financing that way they don't loose developers to other banks that will offer clients 100% financing. NewSilver should learn to roll everything so that the developer can do deals. Then, the programmer's monthly interest payments must be deferred until the property is sold, In the event the developer must come out of pocket to close the agreement. This can help to make all programmer stay with NewSilver for many deals. As a result of this, I am negotiating.

Mar 10, 2019

New Silver review

I completed my first of several loans. The procedure was fast, clear, and honest. I worked together with Alex and he was amazing. I strongly recommend them and I've spoke with each lender on the market and New Silver is your ideal. They get your deal done.

Jan 4, 2000
Guy Neumann

New Silver review

I have been ordered working with for several years now and have used them to finance many deals. The approach is efficient and smooth. Great customer services. I recommend.

Jan 4, 2000
James Macchio

New Silver review

Service was good, procedure has to be cleaned up a little. Overall experience was great and money was delivered in time.

Mar 10, 2019

New Silver review

The Team is professionally manicured, thorough, efficient while quickly.

Jan 4, 2000
Andrew Dionne

New Silver review

Fantastic and instantaneous customer services!

New Silver Business Loans

New Silver is a hard money lender founded by entrepreneurs with experience in lending, flipping and tech. New Silver created a technology and data driven approach, with a simple online application process and an online approval in less then 10 minutes.



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