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Apr 1, 2018

Lendini review

Lendini is a joke! Their VP Nick is a lying snake who threatened when we did not take our final review down he would not approve our loan (have text) They lie about every aspect & each"customer service" rep feels that they can speak with you any ol way. Erica Dougherty abandoned a 5 Star review if fact left 1 of their employees, a 1 star review. Pretty sad once you're hard up you & that grimy gotta have your staff write a review about your firm that was filthy. When brought up into the Vice President Nick laughed it off & said I & Quote"let us not talk about bs" (have text) Bottom line stay clear of those POS!

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endini is a leading provider of alternative funding solutions and cutting-edge technology accessible to businesses in the United States. Lendini is comprised of a team of seasoned finance professionals that work with honor and responsibility.



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