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Jan 6, 2001
Jason Whitmore

Lending Matchup review

I desired startup funding that wouldn't require income verification and began a company that was new 2 months ago. Every lender I found needed at least 6 months in business or said no startup financing. Eventually I discovered a few startup lenders that didn't require either income verification or period in business, but when I tried asking what sort of charges were involved I was told 15 to 25 percent by most the creditors I talked with or $5,000 minimal no matter how much funding was received. After more research I discovered LendingMatchups site and filled out a prequalificaiton form. The next day I got an email saying that I prequalified for the startup line of credit application and I would be receiving a call from among LendingMatchups partners. The same afternoon I got a call in one of the partners telling me I was eligible for around $70,000 in startup funding at 0% interest for 12 weeks. I inquired how old my company had to be and if I would have to show income verification and was told no income docs and my business could be day old and they'd still be able to get me funded. I asked what charges were included and was advised that there were no upfront fees and a fee which ranged from 9 percent over the low end based on income and my credit. So I decided to go through with financing before this I talked with the lowest rate I could detect and 6 additional companies was 15%. They explained that they would get me approved for business lines of credit with 0 percent promo supplies that lasted 12 months on average and that the lines of credit didn't report for my personal credit profile. They said I could use as much as I needed and my personal credit scores wouldnt be changed. The entire procedure took about 20 days and I ended up with $65,000 in business lines of credit. Even though the process took a little bit longer than I had expected, I ended up paying 10 percent of the 65k in the end. If you compare this with the significant lenders such as Kabbage and Ondeck that quoted me rates as high as 70 percent, Im definitely a happy camper. If you will need funding in a day or 2 than I would not recommend these men but if your looking without needing to show tax returns or possess an business than that I think LendingMatchup is your best option available.

Jan 3, 2000
Geoffrey Kalibbala

Lending Matchup review

I needed funds to start an importing company. I moved to the banks thinking Id have no trouble. Incorrect, the banks told me that my business needed to be more than 2 years old, had tax yields, fantastic credit if I had all that I wouldnt need a loan. LendingMatchup got me accepted for $78,000! The lines of credit have been 0% interest for more then a year and they've showed me the way to extract up cash . These guys are extremely honest and understand what theyre doing. They didn't charge me any money upfront like most of these kinds of lenders, rather they let the fees are paid by me after I received the funds from the financing itself with the money. They were the opposite of dealing with a normal bank and recommend these guys. Geoffrey K. Starz Supply Co

Nov 12, 2018
Carol Wade

Lending Matchup review

For the past couple of years I have been carrying high interest company cash advance loans as my credit didn't allow any choices to me. I finally got my charge to the point of being able to utilize it in order to find company financing. I had been told concerning lendingmatchup.com by a friend and decided to try them out. In 3 days they could help me get approved in lines of credit for over $56,000 at 0%! I then used this money to pay off my money advance and interest credit cards. I'm very satisfied with the results and would highly recommend these men.

Feb 1, 2019
Marcus M.

Lending Matchup review

Very Impressed with my results! Was not expecting much since I'd collections on both my equifax and transunion reports. They asked both reports to freeze and rather applied with lenders that pulled at my experian. They were still able to get me approved for 72,000 In less then two weeks! When they lent me they stated 40k and I would of been happy with that, but rather they got me 12,000 more then expected. I'm working on fixing my credit so I can return for another round of financing.

Jan 4, 2005
Jacob H

Lending Matchup review

Denied the very first time for my credit limits being to high. They told me to pay them down to less then 20 percent so that I did this and my credit score shot up 70 points. Applied again and got financed for 39k! They are also getting me another round of funding in 90 days. A business isn't owned by me they did so using my own credit. These guys are very impressive!

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