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Jan 10, 2019
Julia Westfall

EnrichHER review

EnrichHER held an event at our venue recently and we were able to see first hand the power that this community brings to support entrepreneurs that were fellow! Women with strong stories of difficulty and achievement in their careers that bring inspiration and hope for their community everywhere and here in DC! Really a community of women supporting women - nothing better!

Jan 8, 2009
Heather Barnes

EnrichHER review

I moved to my very first EnricHER event shortly after I jumped to the startup world. The occasion was invigorating & I met with a great deal of wonderful like-minded girls who invited me to keep fighting the fantastic fight. From the webinars and ATL startup scene data to the team , a massive need is currently filling in the market to enable and promote women in business.

Jan 7, 2006
Catalyst Investment

EnrichHER review

EnrichHER provided exceptional resources and information that has helped enhance our business and there's a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. The procedure for developing the business, for obtaining capital was straightforward and fast. Highly recommend!

Jan 7, 2006

EnrichHER review

Fantastic ENERGY!

I finished the procedure and all their follow-ups via email and phone were agreeable. They supply their mastermind conversations and resources are all amazing! I learned a lot doing the training and it had been inexpensive!

Jan 8, 2019
Evelyn Asher

EnrichHER review

I found my contribution in the room that validated the subject of conversation was articulated. How pleasant to be heard from leaders and people that they attract that"get it".

Jan 7, 2006

EnrichHER review

I like ienrichher.com because they quickly tell me what loans that is available to me after answering just a couple of questions like my revenue and fico score.

Jan 7, 2004
Total Dominion

EnrichHER review

The process was extremely efficient and transparent. As a small business owner having valued and a stressfree experience is important! Thanks, EnrichHER!

EnrichHER Business Loans

EnrichHER is a lending platform that connects revenue generating women-led businesses with up to $250,000 in affordable capital and a network that helps women-owned businesses scale.



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