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Sep 8, 2018
Mary M Painter

Credit Acceptance Corporation review

I had a car loan through them for 10 months was really nice when I phoned them until my car was totaled then kept shifting payoff amount and explained one price so delivered a money order in and they called and told me that I had been $1. 14. Short so that I contended that I was advised to just send so they said rather than being the quantity which was on moneyorder. Paid away that my loan could be thought to be a settlement so when I checked my credit score shows that I owe $27. 00. So will be calling them back on that matter but I left my automobile payments on-time every month. I will never get a car loan through them again and they have high interest rates of 20. 5%

Jan 10, 2006
Perry Sarluca

Credit Acceptance Corporation review

Very I called! Unprofessional, looks like they hate their jobs! They told me three times they don't have a legal section once the woman I had been working with was IN the legal department! They're still in business is beyond me. I absolutely HATED calling them for anything because I knew that I was likely to be talked to like an idiot or a kid.

Jan 5, 2008

Credit Acceptance Corporation review

We have been very satisfied and have been using them for a while now! Quite friendly and everytime I call!

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Since 1972, Credit Acceptance has offered automobile dealers financing programs to help them sell vehicles to consumers, regardless of their credit history. These programs are offered through a nationwide network of automobile dealers who benefit from sales of vehicles to consumers who otherwise could not obtain financing; from repeat and referral sales; and from sales to customers who come into the dealership believing they have credit issues, but qualify for traditional financing. Further, we report to the three national credit reporting agencies, giving consumers an opportunity to improve their credit score and potentially qualify for more traditional financing.



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