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Jan 1, 2018
Steve Rubenfaer

Confirm Capital review

I had a horrible experience with them. I received just $19,800, although we agreed that the loan amount would be $22,000. When I pointed this out they confessed it was true and gave me an additional $750, and I am taking them to court for the remainder of what they owe. Don't do business under almost any circumstance with these folks.

Nov 10, 2017
Klaus Schneegans

Confirm Capital review

My contact Tyler is among the very professional people in this enterprise. He was fast, friendly, knowledgable and persistent. The acceptance process was incredibly easy and fast - literally over night. We could not be happier and will only recommend Confirm Capital.

Jan 9, 2001
Ray Marchuk

Confirm Capital review

Excellent- ConfirmCapital and Tyler Seislove were responsive.

I would recommend their services that are lending to companies who want working capital but do not have a credit line.

Nov 10, 2017
Hendra Wijaya

Confirm Capital review

They have a great customer services. Tyler has been very beneficial and they try very difficult to fix your finances issue.

Jan 7, 2005
Jennifer Cartwright

Confirm Capital review got the cash I had before time ran out on my chance to me. Thanks Again

Jan 7, 2008
Lauren Black

Confirm Capital review

Fantastic company! I got a credit line. I have funding whenever it is needed by me.

Oct 8, 2017
Carey Martin Drinkard

Confirm Capital review

We had a terrific experience with confirm capital. It was a really fast turnaround.

Jan 7, 2000
Tim Wyrobek

Confirm Capital review

Good, timely, attention to information during our expertise.

May 12, 2017

Confirm Capital review

Tyler works for his customers and is great to use!

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