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Jan 10, 2008
Patty Guerra

Commercial Funding review

Hi, we've been working for a year accept or give now with Transfac. We have had great communication with your staff. As my contact individual Stephanie Harper is very considerate, friendly and helpful when I have questions, concerns or just simply. She has been here for me personally. As of today we have worked very well with each other and have great communications skills. As for me I can not say anything negative about your staff or the company. Thank you.

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The foundation of Commercial Funding can be traced back to 1942, as a small cooperative was formed to bill and collect thousands of transportation invoices on a weekly basis. Since then, the company has paved the way toward modern accounts receivable financing. Transportation continues to play a big role in Transfac’s success. However, our company now boasts the distinction of being a proven specialist in financing a growing number industries. Currently, Transfac offers accounts receivable financing services to hundreds of companies nationwide, including startups. If the past 70+ years have proven anything, it’s that Transfac is constantly improving upon itself. From the services provided to the industries served, Transfac is always finding innovative ways to deliver financing to our nation’s business owners. It is our pursuit towards excellence that has made Transfac one of America’s preferred providers of accounts receivable financing, and this same reason is why we’ll continue to lead the pack for many years to come!



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