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Jan 9, 2000
T Falcon

Baker Street Funding review

Dan and Baker Street gave help to me that nobody else could. My husband Mike was abandoned in a permanent vegetative state because of medical negligence and without Dan I could have never got him where he could obtain therapy and the care. Dan provided me with the funds while waiting on my settlement cash I had. Had it not been for Baker Street I would not have been able to get he couldn't have received the care he needs and Mike into a middle. I am thankful and grateful to everyone over at Baker Street because of their aid. Folks at Baker Street and they not listened to me, had been fair, and guided me. It was life-saving and quick and simple.

Jan 7, 2019
Fatima Coleen

Baker Street Funding review

I'm sooooooo happy with the lawsuit loan! I got my funds on Friday and wan t say thousand thanks guys! I think that the 20,000 you gave me should be enough until my settlement is obtained although I obtained 50,000 in credit to carry out! Don't look elsewhere these guys are legit!

Jan 5, 2001
Chris Sojidi

Baker Street Funding review

I'm very happy with the loan. Dan from Baker Street Funding was helpful and professional. I got cash back and got funds again. My case is settling thanks to them. I highly recommend them!

Jan 5, 2004
Janet Goldstein

Baker Street Funding review

I was quite pleased with the service. Dan made sure I received my money. Thank you Bakers Street! I would strongly recommend your services.

Jan 10, 2009

Baker Street Funding review

They are recommended by me! I was funded by them and I am rather satisfied with the company! Really good job! Do not look anywhere else!

Jan 5, 2000
Achiva Blas

Baker Street Funding review

I didn't get evicted I was helped by them months ago. Gracias señor Dan. Si necesito más los llamo.

Jan 7, 2004
Chris P.

Baker Street Funding review

I obtained funds that are quick and had a great experience! Thanks guys!

Jan 9, 2009
Joanne Walters

Baker Street Funding review

Fantastic service. I a very thankful me get through a tough time.

Dec 5, 2019
Cimone Parker

Baker Street Funding review

Fantastic service

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