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It's free and won't affect your credit score.


Jan 6, 2000

Ablrate review

4 stars just because I would like to wait for two years or more to evaluate more. Pros: - sign-up, deposit, withdraw all smooth and quick for non-UK resident - liquid pools of secondary markets with low minimums and nice reductions (= large return of >13%) - great credit reports from third parties - besides conventional property, you will find diverse unique offerings that you won't see on other platforms (e. g, airplane disassembling, energy improvements (incinerators), collateral of large car lots. ) That alone is a great learning experience Disadvantages: - reduced price flow means your money drag If You Would like to diversify - most of the loans are from several companies, meaning dangers are more focused than they guy seem Overall I'm glad I've spent and I'm excited by their next offerings

Jan 2, 2008
Sameena Ahmad

Ablrate review

I've been in P2P for more than 2 years now and can say that of my main platforms, this one has been consistently good concerning information provided, communication and an extremely user friendly site with a"authentic" secondary industry. Others have been my preferred platform but have developed troubles. Nothing flash, but could do with a broader range of borrowers as loans are linked although this has been steady. Especially, they are normally easy to contact by phone if necessary; residue can be produced using a debit card in real time, and they've consistently been instantaneous , although withdrawals aren't as speedy as eg Moneything. The best of the return that is greater platforms.

Jan 6, 2000

Ablrate review

I started P2P lending across 5 different platforms approx one year ago and am slowly growing my portfolio of loans with ablrate.com for the following reasons: - the platform works - rates are attractive - the secondary market is active and functions . - they make me feel appreciated as a customer and communicate proactively and very efficiently. Thank you and keep up the good work.

Jun 6, 2018

Ablrate review

The loan selection procedure seems to be capable and the guys seem to come down hard on defaulters, fast. It's reasonable to say that they lack a variety of too many loans and borrowers are with the borrowers, but all in all I would make it my next favorite P2P lender and I would recommend it to folks who wanted a next one.

Jul 9, 2018

Ablrate review

Joyful, good support. Have been using for a while because IFISA can say they've been put on, simple to use and fantastic yields and began. Continue the fantastic work thanks.

Nov 9, 2019

Ablrate review


Been with them. No loans that are bad. Service and interest payments always on time. Upgrades and overall website demonstration is outstanding.

Jan 3, 2005
Peter Newsham

Ablrate review

This company always appears to be seeking to add new features and offers. Would highly recommend.

Feb 8, 2018
Stephen Mark Jackson

Ablrate review

Excellent service, superb communication, superb interest prices. Bravo!

Ablrate Business Loans

Ablrate is a business lending platform that brings lenders together with borrowers to provide asset backed finance to a diverse range of businesses. Initially launched to service the aircraft leasing sector, the platform quickly grew to finance other asset backed transactions from property to commercial assets. The company began operations in July 2014 and became fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in March 2017. Approval as an ISA manager followed from HMRC and we launched our Innovative Finance ISA in August 2017. We have completed over £47 million in our primary market of which £37 million has been traded on our secondary market.



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